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Haider and Dua are in the ceremony. Dua tells Gazal that Ruhaan will marry you tomorrow. Haider comes there and asks her to apply mehndi to her. Gazal says she is not writing Ruhaan’s name on my hand. Dua says you are shameless. Haider asks Dua to stop it and do it for Hina, look at her happiness, I don’t want to take it away from her. Just do as Gazal asked you to.

Dua silently cries and writes the name on her hand. Hina comes there and asks why is she crying? did Haider scold you? Haider says its nothing. She is just happily crying. Hina says thank God, she loves our family so much, she goes from there. Haider thinks Dua is a fool, she is following Gulnaz thinking she is right. Dua tells Gazal that I wrote his name on your hand but I promise Ruhaan won’t become a part of your life. Gulnaz thinks I just want to save my son. Gazal tells Dua that I will get married and be happy but it will be with Haider. Dua angrily leaves. Haider sees that. Gazal takes the mehndi cone and thinks I just want Haider in my life.

Hina comes to Rahat and says this marriage is a blessing for me as I got you back after years. Rahat says thank you for forgiving me, he hugs her. Haider smiles and thinks I want my mother happy like this, this marriage is important for that.

Gazal comes to a secret room and its filled with Haider’s photos, she says we will be together in less than 24 hours.

Scene 2

Gulnaz tries to talk to Hina but she ignores her. Gulnaz pleads with her to listen to her. Hina asks what is it? She says Gazal is a bad woman, please don’t let this wedding happen. Hina says you were exposed by Gazal so you are bad mouthing her now? Gulnaz says she doesn’t love Ruhaan. Hina says you burned your own daughter, you don’t care about your kids so stop all this. She leaves from there. Gulnaz says no one is believeing me, whom should I talk to?

Gazal says I hate Haider’s family but I love him, I will destrou his family and will live happily with him. She recalls her moments with him and smiles. She removes the tape from her hand and it removes Ruhaan’s name, she writes Haider’s name on her hand with mehndi. She says we will get married and then no one can separate us. Dua comes there and is shocked to see Haider’s photos there, she glares at Gazal and says I know what you are up to. You have stooped so low but I won’t let you succeed. Gazal says I have done engagement with him so you still you can stop me? Dua says yes and I will do everything in my power, she leaves. Gazal smirks and says she can’t stop me.

Dua prays with God to help her, she says if this wedding happens then this family will be destroyed. Gulnaz comes to her and pleads with her to save Ruhaaan. Dua says don’t worry, God will help us. Gulnaz says you can’t let this marriage happen, nobody is going to listen to me, you are my only hope. Dua says Ruhaan is my brother too, I won’t let this marriage happen, I will do everything to save Haider and Ruhaan. Kaynaat brings Dadi there and she is crying silently. Dua says don’t cry, its time to do what I couldn’t do before, I won’t let this wedding happen at any cost.

Ruhaan is sitting alone and recalls Haider and Gazal together, he screams in anger and says why did Gazal play with my emotions? why did my brother do this with me? I can’t see this happening. He says Haider loves Dua a lot but what about what I saw? I might be wrong, he is my brother. I have to talk and clarify. He tries to leave but the door is locked. Gazal is outside and smirks. She says I can’t let him near Haider for some time.

Haider is arranging vendors for the wedding and is frustrated. He recalls Dua’s words and says she is being fooled by Gulnaz. Gazal calls him and says I need your help, its about my life so please come and meet me. He says okay and goes out. Ravi sees that and says why is he going out? He sees Gazal going out too and thinks if sheis playing a game again?

Dua comes to Hina’s room and sees Rahat sleeping in the bed. She says you both look so nice together, this marriage will destroy the family’s happiness and I have to stop it even if I have to expose Hina’s secret. I am sorry but I have to save Haider and Ruhaan from Gazal. She recalls Gazal’s challenge. She apologizes to Hina and says I have to tell the truth to Haider to protect my family, I hope you can forgive me.


Dua is going to her room but Ravi comes to her and says I saw Gazal going behind Haider, I think she is playing a game. Dua says I will expose her today.


Haider goes to the garden and finds Gazal crying, she says Dua won’t let me marry Ruhaan. she wrote your name in my mehndi, she is blaming me for liking you which is so wrong, she said that I want to marry you, she wrote your name so she could make others believe that. Haider asks her to not cry. Gazal says my life will be destroyed if Ruhaan believes Dua, I am scared for my wedding. Its my only happiness, if I lose Ruhaan then I will lose everything. She hugs him and tells him to save her.


Ravi hears Ruhaan screaming and opens the door. Ruhaan rushes from there.


Haider tells Gazal that Dua is being fooled by Gulnaz but she will come back to her senses. Dua comes there and says she wants to destroy our family. She wants to marry you and not Ruhaan. Haider asks her to shut up, she is crying because she is scared to lose Ruhaan and why would she want me? Dua says there is a reason for her wanting you, a secret was hidden from you but I will tell you truth. The secret is related to you. Gazal thinks I can’t let her tell him. She falls to her feet and says please don’t say all that, it will destroy my relationship with Ruhaan. Dua shouts at her and says you think you can steal my husband? he is mine only. Haider asks her to calm down. Dua shouts that I will tell everyone that this girl is shameless and eyeing my husband, I will tell Ruhaan also. Haider thinks Dua is not understanding that she is destroying my mother’s happiness. He stops Dua and asks her to shut up. Ruhaan comes there and hears all that, he thinks everything is in front of me. Haider tells Dua that I told you to let everything happen as its going. Dua says no one can stop me, I will expose the truth. Haider asks her to shut up and go to her room. Gazal sees Ruhaan hearing all that and smirks. She thinks its time to confirm his doubts. Gazal rushes to Haider and hugs him tightly. Ruhaan is angry seeing all that. Dua pushes Gazal away and says don’t touch my husband. She tells Gazal to go away. Haider asks Dua to leave. She says I won’t leave you here with her. Haider says I am not going anywhere, you are going away right now.

Scene 1
Haider shouts at Dua to leave them. Gazal starts crying and says this is happening because of me, I should die. She hugs him so he asks Dua to stop this matter and don’t hurt her. He recalls Hina’s happiness. Haider tells Dua that I can’t let you take away Hina’s happiness like this. Gazal says I can leave. Dua shouts at her to leave then, stop playing with her relationship.

Haider says Gazal is not going anywhere. Ruhaan hears all that and says Haider wants to use me so he can have an affair with Gazal. Dua angrily leaves. Gazal rushes to Haider and asks him to save her relationship. He says nothing will happen. Dua sees Ruhaan there and tries to talk but he leaves. She says Ruhaan is becoming doubtful. Gazal thinks I will separate brothers forever.

Ravi tries to stop Ruhaan but he pushes him away and leaves. Dua tries to go behind him but he doesn’t listen. Dua tells Kaynaat that Gazal is making Ruhaan jealous.

Haider tells Gazal that Dua is not bad, she is just following Gulnaz. Gazal holds his hands and says I am just worried that she wrote your name on my hand. Ruhaan sees all that.

Dua rushes to Ruhaan and says you are being fooled, there is nothing between Haider and Gazal. He shouts at her to leave him alone. Dua says if I leave then Gazal will succeed in her plan, she is using you and Haider both.. this is all part of her plan to show you all that. He says what are you saying? Dua says Gazal wants to destroy this family and also to marry Haider. She never loved you, she wanted Haider and she is using you.

She has been fooling us all. She won Hina’s trust and stayed in the house. Then she started plotting to get Haider. She used your love to get to Haider. When I tried to throw her out then she lied that she loves you. Dadi knew about her reality and when she tried to expose her then Gazal tried to kill her. When I tried to expose her, she made the family go against me. Even Hina went against me who always believed me.

I was your best friend but today you are not believing me. Gazal is a liar. Ruhaan thinks what about what he all saw? Dua says Gazal wants to make you believe that something is going on between her and Haider so she can separate brothers, she deliberately wants to make you believe that they are having an affair. You are just being fooled by her and make you go against Haider. She cries and says please believe me, she wants to separate Haider from me. Ruhaan says enough, Gazal is a cheap girl. Dua says you are right but Haider can’t understand that she is lying. Ruhaan says you are cheap to hide your husband’s affair, he is having an affair with his brother’s bride? he is so shameless. Dua says Haider didn’t do anything. Ruhaan says I have seen everything, they are both characterless. Dua says he is your brother. Ruhaan says he is not.

Gazal tells Haider that Dua will tell everything to Ruhaan, he will believe her. Haider says I will talk to Ruhaan, he will trust me.


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