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This is fate 23 December 2023: Preeta asks what is in this photo that proves Arjun is karan, Shristhi explains she is going to zoom the photo, Shristhi explains that karan had the same chain so this proves he is karan. Preeta agrees that karan used to have the same chain but this doesnot mean he is karan, Shristhi accepts that he doesnot have the same face but all his other characteristics are like karan, Shristhi placing Preeta’s hand over her head asks if she never felt he is karan, Preeta recalls all those moments when she felt the same so replies she indeed feels it sometimes,

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Shristhi exclaims she wants to prove the truth and was doing this for Rakhi mom but is now going to do it for her, she requests for just two days to prove if he is karan or Arjun.Anjali shows the security guard the video of Preeta and Shristhi, she advises him to call the police if they try to enter the house, Anjali thinks they both are suspicious about Arjun and the only way to end is by finding out the truth, she vows to not let them find out the truth.Preeta runs to her room and is crying, Shristhi coming questions why did she run and s crying, because she is her secret keeper and they have shared it since their childhood, Preeta asks why is Arjun doing this all because she knows karan would never stay away from his family, Shristhi is not able to understand, Preeta explains she feels the presence of karan in Arjun which is why she always stayed away from him because he made her remember karan so she was not able to do anything properly,

Preeta thinks if it can really happen, when she informs both of them have a lot of similarities, she explains karan used to tear her dupatta unconditionally and she used to blame him for being the enemy of her dupatta, Preeta explains Arjun also did the same, she asks if it can be a coincidence, Preeta mentions it is their feeling but they are different from facts so they have to prove the truth. Rakhi explains that both of them would be able to find out the truth very soon, she is sad explaining everyone is thinking she is depressed after losing her son, and the entire family thinks why is he hiding his true identity, she exclaims they have to prove if he is actually karan but she is sure she is not wrong and the thing which hurts her is that she has to give proof of him being her son, Rakhi mentions it is nothing to be worried about because she will do it, Preeta replies that there is way since the professionals can inform after checking the handwriting, and even after using fingerprints,

Rakhi exclaims they should first find out if he is even in the house, Shristhi mentions she has a way,Shristhi calls Vishwas who mentions that it s enough because he is now in the police force and this doesnot seem right, Shristhi asks if he is not her friend then should say it on her face that he cannot help her, Shristhi says she would also tell everyone that they should not trust such people because it is not nice, he agrees to call her when Arjun leaves the office.

Shristhi getting excited mentions he is her best friend, Vishwas replies she is the worst friend. Preeta questions why she is making him do something which he doesnot want to do, Shristhi explains he is her friend and she helped him pass the exams so if she helped him then, he should also help her now. Rakhi explains she doesnot have anything to do in the house so can she accompany them, Shristhi immediately agrees but Preeta replies it is not suitable since she is more emotional than all of them.

Shristhi gets a call from Vishwas who informs Arjun have left for home, Shristhi is shocked exclaiming it is not the time, she requests him to keep an eye on Arjun, Vishwas replies it is not possible since he would have to follow Arjun and if that happens then he will not be able to focus on his job, Vishwas explains he called Arjun informing they have caught the person who raided his house and want his signature so Arjun explained he is going back home after twenty minutes, he says they both should handle it from now, Preeta and Shristhi leave.

Arjun reaches the house asking Dadi if they came, she doesnot understand when Arjun reveals that a police officer was about to come and take his signatures regarding the fake raid on their house, Dadi informs even Anjali got a call after which she ran out of the house, Arjun is shocked when he hears the door bell ringing, Arjun invites both Preeta and Shristhi, they mention they brought his suitcase which was in their car, Dadi informs it doesnot belong to him, Shristhi and Preeta start acting as if they did not know about it so made a mistake. Preeta requests Dadi to make them a tea since her throat is aching, Dadi is however hesitant when Shristhi and Preeta start asking if there is anything missing in the house,

Dadi assures they have everything, but there is no servant, Shristhi explains that Preeta di makes very good tea and Arjun knows how well she makes it, Dadi inquires when did he drink the tea which Preeta made, Arjun recalling when he went to her house reveals to Dadi, Shristhi requests that Preeta di doesnot know where are all the things so can Arjun can go to help her. Shristhi thinks now Preeta di should get his fingerprint on anything, Dadi mentions she is feeling a bit weird, Shristhi apologizes for coming unannounced.Arjun in the kitchen starts informing Preeta about where are all the ingredients need to make tea, he explains there is even ginger she requests him to give it to her. Preeta asks where the knife is, he questions why would, she need it to make tea. Preeta explains she needs it to make tea. Arjun asks her for water, she replies she has had it in her house but he says he meant for tea,

he opens the bottle pouring the water in the pot, Preeta is making tea while he is just staring at her, he thinks how she stopped him when he was in her kitchen, he is not able to take his eyes off her thinking when he would tease her by talking about his previous girlfriends, Arjun is just staring at her, smiling as she prepares tea, Preeta feels a bit weird so starts staring at him.Arjun stands beside Preeta who is staring at him, she then is preparing tea when Arjun remembers the time when he would tease her the exact same way, Preeta asks what happened, inquiring if he would keep looking at he the same way until she makes tea, he says he just wants to know the secret method which she uses to make it, Preeta spots the kettle but is not able to pass Arjun,

she is behaving in the same way she would do with Karan, Shristhi secretly looking at them both from the corner is stunned when they are staring eacother, she also rembers Karan so leaves after being furious. Preeta and Arjun both manage to stop the tea from blowing, Preeta receives a call from Shristhi who advises her to not look at him in the eyes and focus on his finger, Preeta replies she should not teach her how to do the work, Shristhi advises her to not look here and there but focus on the work, Peeta ends the call. Arjun screams after burning his hand, Preeta immediately runs to him and is pouring water over the burn but Arjun just starts thinking about his past time when they both were together, he assures he is fine.

Preeta then leaves with the tray and Arjun also follows her. Shristhi secretly enters the kitchen, thinking she knew her sister would make a mistake, she manages to pick the cup.Preeta walks to Dadi giving her tea, she wonders where is Shristhi when Arjun replies she would be here and will come, Shristhi comes and they both are quietly drinking tea, Shristhi thinks that she needs to have the cup of Arjun after he finishes the tea, Dadi asks why ae they all so quiet when Shristhi replies because they are busy in drinking the tea, Preeta starts writing a letter when Dadi asks what is she doing, Preeta replies she is writing the letter to the airline so she can give it to them informing that they have left the bag here, Arjun gets the call when Shristhi quickly takes the tea cup,

Arjun talks with Anjali who informs him that both the officials who came to induct the fake income tax raid were Shristhi and Preeta, she informs him this means they are trying to find out his truth, Arjun turns in shock thinking they are trying their best, Anjali informs both of them would do their best, Arjun explains he will talk to her later. Shristhi quickly pours the tea in the other cup and secretly places it in her bag before Arjun turns back, Shristhi exclaims they both should leave and they even refuse to sit, Preeta accidentally hits the suitcase which falls, she is about to pick it but then Arjun purposefully opens it asking Preeta how did her clothes come into this bag, they both leave after apologizing when Arjun exclaims it means Anjali was right.

Shristhi is excited seeing the tea and mentions they would find the truth, Preeta is glad to have completed their mission, Arjun in the house prays they both should not have found anything that will prove his identity, Preeta mentions that Shristhi should call her friend to ask him about a good professional when Preeta explains the entire situation.Anjali is sitting in the cabin when the manager explains he has got the papers of Luthra Mansion, Anjali is shocked when he explains that Arjun controls the maximum shares of the Luthra empire so now he would be the owner of that property,

Anjali calls Arjun informing that she was right about the Luthra’s because Preeta and Shristhi came with a bag proving that it belonged to him so he is sure they are trying to find out the truth, Anjali asks him to come to the Luthra Mansion right now.Rakhi asks Preeta and Shristhi when would they get the reports, Shristhi explains her friend assured that they would get the results very soon, she mentions it will come at around four.Anjali reaches the Luthra Mansion and Arjun also comes there, Anjali asks him to be truthful if he wants to reveal that he is Karan Luthra, he asks what is she trying to say but Anjali mentions he has to make a decision which he would not be able to change,

Anjali explains if he tells them that he is karan Luthra then she would leave him forever and he will take care of all his problems but if he decides to be Arjun then she will stay by hi side, she asks what is his decision when Arjun replies he wants her support, she asks if it means he would not reveal the truth, Arjun doesnot know the truth.Anjali mentions if they do not do it then his truth will come out, she reveals Rishab has take a loan against the Luthra mansion to protect the company, Arjun is shocked when Anjali reveals this is what he desired, Arjun replies he wanted it before the accident, Anjali mentions this is the only way he would be able to secure this mansion.

Sameer asks Mahesh to check the file when Karina comes explaining she got a call from the president of rotary, she asks if it is all the truth. Mahesh explains they have to hide it but Karina questions how they can hide it, Rishab reveals there is no need to hide it and Sameer goes to call everyone. ,Mahesh explains they know the house has been kept against loan, Rishab asks why is he making a fuss of it when it is normal business practice and he wanted to return the loan which is why he is paying the installment but if their practices are wrong then what can he do about it,

Mahesh informs that still two percent share are with someone else so they can do something about it, Rishab explains he is thinking too much, Mahesh replies they all have to think of it.Preeta asks Mahesh papa what happened when he informs that he wanted to have tea with his entire family, Rakhi doesnot believe it asking what the problem is, Rishab assures there is nothing to be worried about. Arjun enters the house seeing whom Rakhi is glad, Mahesh asks what he is doing here, Arjun reveals he came to inform that the promise he made to them seven days ago of taking this house is complete and now it belongs to him, Preeta recalls when Arjun vowed to takeover this business empire, she is shocked while he also looks at her.

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