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At home, Preeta thinks Karan is suspicious over Prithvi only because he cares for her. She doesn’t eat a bite from her food and leaves to meet Karan.

March teasers, This is fate

Rishab’s secretary gets him information regarding Prithvi. Sherlin hears this from the room. Rishab was angry at his secretary for not being able to find anything against Prithvi. He says its about the life of Preeta, and he wants to break her engagement with Prithvi. He recognize Prithvi very well and sense something is wrong. Sherlin decides to go out of washroom and pose she didn’t hear anything. She records Rishab’s video in her cell phone. Rishab turns around at once and asks what is Sherlin doing here? She hides her cell phone at once and apologizes for using his washroom, her hair got the cake. Rishab says he had seen her in the mirror and wants to talk to her. Sherlin wonders if he would check her cell phone now.

Rishab sends his manager away while he speaks to Sherlin. He warns her not to hide anything from him, he had seen her in the mirror. He could notice the reaction that she stared at him angrily. Sherlin was speechless. Rishab says he realizes he was shouting at his employer, she must be tensed watching her temper. Rishab says he is with Karan in matter of Prithvi, it feels there is something wrong about Prithvi. He doesn’t appear to be a good match for Preeta. He says in Kumkum Bhagya fire incident he didn’t come to save Preeta once. Sherlin thinks if Rishab thinks Prithvi is zero and only he and his brother are heroes.
Shrishti thanks Kratika for helping her. She says that Sherlin ruined her decoration. Kratika says she must be cautious that next time she doesn’t get caught and winks at Shrishti. Sameer also comes appreciating Shrishti for what she did. Shrishti asks if they three of them think alike. They cheer. Sameer stares at Shrishti for a while and smiles; Shrishti shies.

Rishab discuss with Sherlin about his concerns regarding Prithvi. He confirms if Sherlin agrees to him. She replies positively and was happy that Rishab holds her opinion as important. Rishab goes to get ready and points some more paint on her hair.

Karan thinks about calling Preeta, then thinks she would again begin her lecture. Preeta comes into her room then, she was guilty and says she isn’t happy about whatever happened in the mall. She was helpless there because Rishab was there, she says Karan is grown up and Rishab shouldn’t have slapped him, she will speak to him about it. Karan enjoys it, then innocently says his cheek is even painful. Preeta places her hand over his cheek, he holds it while they share an eye lock. Rishab was passing by the room and comes in the meet Preeta. Preeta tells Rishab he didn’t do anything right, he shouldn’t have slapped Karan as he is grown up. His younger brother is so broken.

Karan laughs at Rishab and makes faces. Rishab tells Preeta to look behind her once, but Karan poses innocent. Preeta insists on Rishab to make him a little up. Rishab tells Preeta that he came to Karan’s room and apologized him; but he wouldn’t have told Preeta about it.

Karan turns his face around this time, Preeta fumes while Rishab enjoys this time. Preeta curses Karan and says she has cursed herself since morning out of guilt. She leaves the room annoyed. Rishab scolds Karan while Karan calls Preeta as a dumbo. He thinks Rishab would fume if he knows how they held each other’s hands.

Sherlin tells Prithvi about Rishab’s consent regarding him. She calls him helpless person not good for anything; this is what Rishab thinks. Prithvi was furious and says Sherlin must have appreciated him in front of Rishab. Sherlin says he was helpless there. She tells him to prove himself good in front of Rishab, else he will get his and Preeta’s marriage broken. He will tell Sarla that Prithvi might not be able to protect Preeta. Prithvi calls her nonsense, as no one breaks a proposal for such insane reason. Prithvi asks Preeta if she also thinks the same for him as Rishab.

Preeta walks past the hall and slips over the decoration clothes. Shrishti comes to her, Preeta shouts and curses herself for being an idiot. Shrishti mentions Karan, but Preeta shouts at her that it seems she likes Karan a lot these days. She may tie a Rakhi at his hand this time. Shrishti tells Preeta to go aside. Preeta was shouting furiously and says Shrishti would only call Karan as nice and handsome and would never agree him as an idiot. She leaves still fuming.

Kratika comes from behind and discuss with Shrishti that something is there between Karan and Preeta. Both were happy about the thought of getting rid of Prithvi. Prithvi discusses with Sherlin that he must show some heroism to Preeta to prove himself. Sherlin says he must stake his life and save Preeta.

While getting ready Preeta thinks about Karan and thinks their closeness might create misunderstandings between them. There, Karan decides not to look at Preeta the way he does, anymore.

Preeta also forbids herself look at Karan, otherwise everyone will misunderstand and he doesn’t want to lose a good friend. She says Karan is a nice and innocent person who is good at heart. She is lucky to have a friend like him. She decides to clarify everything tonight, so that there is no confusion between their friendships.
Karan decides not to confess to her that she is the best, because either she will show him attitude or be annoyed. What’s true is that none is better than her. Shrishti comes home.

Preeta tries to speak to her but Shrishti was already stressed. She apologizes for scolding her there at Luthra’s house. She says she was furious over Karan and poured the frustration over her. Shrishti tells her to forget about it, Preeta has a right to scold her. Preeta agrees that even youngers have a value. Shrishti says Preeta always scolds Karan and this isn’t done, as Karan is the best. Preeta denies doing this. Both laugh. They hug each other, then find Sarla crying at a corner. Shrishti teases Sarla who was emotional at the love between her daughters.

Rishab comes to the hall waiting for Preeta. Kratika comes behind and asks who he was looking for. Rishab says Preeta… then stops himself for saying any further. He says he was only complementing the decorations. Rishab asks Kratika about Akshay, Kratika says he is in Dubai for two months. Rishab says they must appreciate Shrishti’s efforts for the decorations and walks away from Kratika. On a side Rishab says his siblings seem to be his spies. As Karan comes towards him Rishab begins to explain him pointlessly that he didn’t say anything. Karan calms him down. Sameer comes to tell them that Preeta and family are coming with Prithvi. Karan and Rishab begin inquiring why he had called Preeta. Sameer finally says he called Shrishti. Kratika joins in to tease Sameer for Shrishti.

Mahesh also joins the group. Sameer tells him they were discussing that Preeta’s family got late. Mahesh says women take a lot of time to get ready. Rakhi comes hearing this but Mahesh and everyone denies having said a word against women, Karan grabs Kratika’s neck from behind to stay on their side. The family share some good chit chat. Later, Kratika takes Dadi’s permission to get henna applied on her hands. Rakhi takes her aside to inquire about what men were talking.

Karan comes to speak to Kratika and brings her keys for Rishab’s car. Kratika was excited and asks how he did this. Karan boasts about being The Karan Luthra. Karan notices Kratika’s expressions and asks if she told Rakhi? Kratika says yes she did and apologizes. Karan let go of it, as the time has gone now. Rishab joins the conversation and hear Karan tell Kratika that one has to wait for the perfect moment to do everything.

Rishab agrees to Karan as well. Karan says there is always perfect time for everything, even proposing the girl. Rishab listens to him for a while, then asks even if the girl is engaged? Karan says only a person must have guts.

Rishab asks what if there is some normal guy somewhat like him, then. Karan tells Rishab to focus on his projects and meetings, it’s not worth him to get a girl. Rishab was hurt and wonders why wouldn’t Preeta be happy in his company. He gets a call from his manager, inquiring to fix a meeting in the morning. Rishab scolds him for calling him about petty matters on the day of his mehndi.

Sherlin’s family arrive for the function. Rishab comes to introduce him with Sherlin’s aunt and her best friend. Natasha calls Rishab lucky to get such a pretty girl. Natasha takes a selfie with Karan and demands his number. Karan says he is never hesitant to share his number and flirt with any girl but she is the best friend of a girl he dislikes the most.

Kareena brings Sherlin to stage for henna. Rishab comes to take a leave from Dadi for a while. He was leaving the hall when he finds Preeta and her family arrive. He warmly greets everyone, then notices Preeta didn’t move. Preeta requests Rishab to take Janki to some room where she can rest, there was heavy traffic in the way. Rishab takes Janki’s wheel chair towards the guest room.

Rakhi welcomes Sarla and family. Preeta meets her warmly. Kratika calls Preeta and Shrishti to join her and get henna applied. Kareena complements a lady for her necklace. The lady was boastful about the quantity of her jewelry. She taunts them for wearing light jewelry even in the function. The henna lady asks if she must write full name Rishab or only an R in Sherlin’s henna. Her mother tells her to write R only.
Prithvi comes to meet some goons.

He assigns them to go and demand jewelry from the ladies in the function; at that time he will enter as a hero and will beat them. He wants to impress everyone in the function there. The goons demand him five lac. Prithvi bids 2.5 lac. The goon demands 4 lac, full and final and turns to leave. Prithvi agrees to pay 4 lac, but warns it to be all perfect.

Sherlin shows her hands to everyone upon completion of her mehndi. The ladies appreciate the design. Rakhi says R looks really good in it. Sherlin thinks Prithvi would not like this R at all. Preeta looks around to find Karan and wonders why he isn’t around even when there are a lot of pretty girls in the function. Sherlin goes inside to turn the R to P. She thinks it’s really easy to fool everyone here, and wipes the design to turn R to P. Shrishti comes from the corridor and passes her by.

Sherlin reminds Shrishti that she never forgets anything. Shrishti returns to her and says she will continue reminding her how much she hates her. Sherlin says she will return it to her. Shrishti tells Sherlin that she must chose Prithvi in real life, it would be a favor for all of them. She says Sherlin has worn a beautiful dress, but doesn’t suit her negativity. She must change the dress and her husband to be both. Sherlin was curt and says she and Prithvi will both revenge her and her sister.

Karan look for Preeta in the function. He looks towards her thinking she is so pretty and brings coolness to soul with her smile. Preeta also looks around for Karan. Karan wonders who she is looking for, and was sure it’s him.

Sameer meets Preeta who asks him about Karan. Sameer assures to send him if spotted. Karan who had hidden himself behind the curtain comes out, and teases Preeta with a nearby mirror spotting. Preeta thinks Karan must have gone out to meet some girlfriend. He must have got bored and gone to some happening party. Karan comes running from behind her, Preeta was afraid and screams. Karan apologizes and asks if she had been looking for him. Preeta questions why would she? Karan shouts behind her as a liar.

Kareena brings Rakhi to kitchen and says Sanjana has shown them all the heavy jewelry which she will gift them as gifts. She asks Rakhi about their heavy jewelry. She says she wish to present them with heavy jewelry gifts, she doesn’t want to listen another word from Sherlin’s aunt. Rakhi agrees and leaves with Kareena to get the jewelry from locker.

Karan stops Preeta in the corridor. She was annoyed that he acts as a spoilt child. Karan smiles that it’s interesting in life. Preeta says he has hidden the nice Karan Luthra. Karan says when he wasn’t around, she looks for her in the hall and now she is scolding him. He never bear such scolding of his dad. Preeta apologizes for being angry at him. Karan says he must get him a sorry card whenever he is wrong. Preeta says he will have a huge variety of card then. Preeta was about to tell Karan something when Kareena spots them. She sends Preeta to Sarla and asks Karan to call the driver. They leave.

Natasha asks Sherlin how her proposal was fixed with Rishab. Sherlin says her mother and Kareena are best friends from club. Natasha asks her to fix her scene with Karan. Sherlin says Natasha will have to work for that by herself. Sherlin spots Prithvi and comes to her. Prithvi informs her that the goons will be here soon. Preeta watches them together.

Prithvi poses to be congratulating Sherlin, he comes to Preeta and explains that he was only congratulating Sherlin. Preeta leaves inside. Karan was crowded by a few girls for selfie. Prithvi smirks thinking he will be the hero of this party soon, and he has paid double to the goons for beating Karan today.
Dadi complains to Sameer for not creating some entertainment. Sameer goes towards the mike and brings Rishab and Sherlin to the front. He now calls Preeta and Prithvi. Karan deliberately makes Prithvi fell down by placing a foot in his way.

He helps Prithvi stand up, and silently asks how much will he fell? Prithvi smiles. Karan thinks he is aware Prithvi is severely hurt. Prithvi asks Preeta to come for dance, but Karan says Preeta can’t dance with such a fallen man. He says Prithvi just fell down and must be hurt; he will dance with Preeta. Shrishti was happy while Preeta shows Karan eyes.

Karan and Preeta dance on Dil Diyan Gallaan. Prithvi sat on a table watching them dance curtly.


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