Twist of fate written update Monday 25th February 2019


Simonika comes to meet Pragya in the night. Pragya says sorry and feels guilty for doubting her. Simonika says it’s okay and says she came to talk to her about something.

She says you should not tell anyone about Munni or Pragya’s matter and says if your enemy comes to know this, then they can harm Munni. Pragya says you are right and thanks her.

Simonika says you gave me a job, it is my responsibility to take care of you. She thinks trust is to break and comes to Sangram’s rooms. She wakes him up and says she came for pitch reading about tomorrow’s final match. She tells him tomorrow is a special day for her, as she got married to her husband on that day and will kill Abhi and Pragya on the same day. She says she will give her husband his death anniversary. Sangram asks what is her plan? Simonika
says I will blast the house tomorrow.

Sangram says then Disha will also die? Simonika asks him to let her die. Sangram thinks he has to do something and save Disha. Simonika says there will be bomb blast here tomorrow.

As Pragya writes on the paper about the arrangements, Abhi gets happy and says tomorrow is 11th of March. Pragya says it is a usual day and tells that she is going for shopping with Disha. Abhi thinks Pragya doesn’t remember the special day of his life. Pragya thinks I want to make it extra special for you. She tells him that Dadi reminded her that tomorrow, a tailor would be coming to take their measurement and asks him to let her sleep. Abhi asks her to sleep and thinks she can’t be his fuggi, and thinks Dadi and his family members will wish him happy birthday.

When the clock strikes 12, Pragya comes near Abhi and wishes him happy birthday, and goes back to the couch. Abhi wakes up and looks at her. Dadi and Dasi pray to God for Abhi’s long life and happiness. Sangram thinks Simonika has planned his death and I am going to buy the stuff of his death.

Abhi wakes up wishing himself happy birthday. He thinks everyone forgot the rockstar’s birthday, he sees Pragya sleeping and thinks she must be keeping a gift in her hand. He tries to check Pragya’s hand for the gift. He turns her towards him and checks for the gift. She wakes up and asks what happened? Abhi says he held her from falling down. He says you are forgetting many things. Pragya says thank you for reminding me and tells that Dadi told her about the prauer and she has to make offering. Abhi gets upset. Pragya thinks he is a child.

Pragya comes to the jewellery store to get Abhi a bracelet. The Manager assures her that it will be ready. The Saleswoman brings the bracelet. The Manager says it will be artistic and stylish. Pragya asks him to pack it. The Manager says some work needs to be done and it will be sent before the cake cutting. Pragya says okay and goes.

Mitali and Purab talk about the decoration. Abhi says it is the best and gets glad thinking Purab remembers his birthday. Purab asks if Disha will like it? Abhi says why her? Purab says it is her birthday today.
Dadi shows Disha’s big pic. Simonika comes to the jewellery shop wearing burqa and asks for the jewellery bag. The Saleswoman says they don’t give bag without purchase. Simonika says they have purchased it last week.

The Saleswoman gives her the jewellery bag when she says she wants it to keep her jewellery. The Manager gets doubtful about her and checks what she’s writing on the note through the CCTV footage. He thinks why did she write happy birthday Abhi on the note? Simonika thinks Mehra family’s trusted shop will get them killed!
The Manager tries to stop her, but in vain.

Purab tells Pragya that he has tackled Abhi, but he was upset. Pragya says she’s enjoying pulling his leg. They laugh. Abhi thinks why are they happy, there is something surely. Pragya sees Abhi listening to them and signals to Purab. She asks what is he giving Disha? Purab says saree.

Abhi gets upset and calls Pragya. Purab asks Pragya to go. She comes and asks what does he need? He says knife and says he is not getting his stuff. He asks her to search for his stuff. Pragya asks him to manage. Dadi calls Pragya and asks her to come downstairs. Abhi gets upset.

Simonika asks Vikram to fit in the bomb in the gift box. Vikram says how? Sangram says it will be caught in the security check. Simonika says they will not doubt it thinking Pragya bought it for him. She asks Sangram to take the bomb via the Kitchen door. Simonika threatens him and says once Abhi dies, she will treat them on a double party. She asks Vikram to pack the bomb.

Pragya gets Manager, Neeraj’s call and he tells her about the Burqa clad woman who took a jewellery bag and wrote happy birthday Abhi on it. Pragya gets shocked and drops the phone. She tells Purab and Disha about Neeraj’s call. She cries worrying for Abhi. Pragya says she might have gotten the bomb fixed in it. Purab tries to stop Pragya. Pragya goes down and checks the gifts sent by the fans. She asks Purab to get all the gifts moved away from there. Purab takes her with him. Sangram hears them.

He feels helpless and thinks how to get Disha? He thinks he won’t let Disha die and will save her, even if Simonika kills him. She will be out of thr house before thr bomb explodes.

Tanu also sees Pragya and comes to Aaliya. She tells her maybe Pragya is cancelling the party as she had a fight with him.
Aaliya asks her to tell Abhi and end her last chance. Tanu says last chance is yours, not mine.

Purab tells Pragya that they can’t cancel the party since it’s only in the party they would be able to catch the woman. Pragya says we can’t risk Abhi’s life. Purab says she might use any servant, decorator, and so on. He says we have to keep an eye and catch the criminal.

Purab says that woman will come here to check and then will try to leave before the bomb explodes. Pragya asks Disha to check the CCTV and don’t tell anyone. She calls Simonika. Simonika thinks if she is doubtful about my plan and then thinks surely 10-15 people will die.

Abhi thinks what to wear today for Disha’s birthday and thinks to wear clothes of his choice. Tanu comes there and wishes him happy birthday. Abhi says I know you well and asks her to leave. Tanu says you are so rude, your birthday shouldn’t be celebrated.

Simonika comes to Mehra house, and thinks Dushyant will get revenge today! She keeps the bomb in the car and goes inside to check. Pragya asks her to go and change the clothes, says she has kept clothes for her in her room. Disha asks Pragya to relax and not to express her worry. Dadi tells the guests that they have planned a surprise Party for Abhi and told him we are celebrating Disha’s birthday instead. Disha tells Pragya that there’ll be tension when Abhi comes to party.

Simonika comes dressed in the clothes kept by Pragya and thinks evil of Pragya. Purab shows gift bags to Dadi and Dasi and says he has brought gifts for Abhi. Simonika thinks Abhi will die today. Purab tells Pragya that they will check the gifts and get the device to detect the bomb.

Aaliya and Tanu comes to the party. Aaliya asks her to feign fake smile. Simonika sees dancers and thinks it will be easy to get the bomb here. Abhi thinks I should go or not go for the party? He then thinks he has to go for Disha. Simonika comes to her car and takes the bomb gift bag.

Vikram asks Simonika to be careful while holding the bomb. She asks him to set the time to 9 pm. She then thinks she will keep the bomb safely. She tries to go inside and sees a metal detector. She is stopped by the security guy and he asks her to come.

Simonika gets saved by the servant, who asks the security guy to check the guest and not the family member! Everyone enjoy the dancer’s performance. Abhi comes to the hall and thinks Disha’s birthday party is good, and thinks to enjoy it. Dadi tells Mitali that she will wish Abhi, Happy Birthday! Dasi stops her.

Abhi sees Disha and asks if she liked the surprise? Disha says which surprise? Abhi says birthday party. Disha says yes, she liked the surprise of her baby. Dadi and Dasi stops the guests from wishing Abhi happy birthday…


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