These Streets update Tuesday 26 October 2021


These Streets 26 October 2021: She says he used to come to sona gachi. Please don’t send my daughter back to sona gachi. She wont have a life there. Asmita says I promise you wont let anything happen to your daughter. The girl dies. Asmita is dazed. Asmita says I wont let you suffer at all little girl.

Beauty says to Neel we have to keep an eye on Asmita. She will try to come back there. Neel says no one will let her. Beauty says I will give this house an heir so everything is mine.Shan wakes up. Baba says are you okay? He says something wrong is happening. Baba says everything is fine. Don’t worry.Ravindra tears all papers of beauty. He says you wont get anything from this house. Nevi says Ridoy.. I feel like he near me. Ridoy.. SHe goes out. Nevi opens the door. It’s asmita.

Asmita says she is Ridoy’s daughter. Everyone is dazed. Nevi says Ridoy.. Is this true? Are you her mother? Asmita nods. Nevi takes the baby from asmita in tears. Beauty says she is such a drama. Another game. Take her from here. Asmita says I am not talking to you. She says Nevi she is Ridoy’s last thing. Nevi takes the baby. Beauty says she is fooling you. Asmita says i can take care of her but she has every right to be in this house. Beauty says stop this drama. If you can’t handle this baby then go and give her to sona gachi. Nevi says shut up. She is my Ridoy’s daughter. she will live with me in this house. If you have a problem you can leave this house.

Nevi says to asmita you can also live here. Asmita takes the baby inside. Beauty says this is Shan’s sin not Ridoy’s daughter.Shan recalls his childhood with asmita. He drowns in bath tub. Baba says what are you doing. Baba says she has gone back to Mazumdar house and they accepted her. Shan says wow they accepted her back? There must be some reason.Beauty says she didn’t let Ridoy touch her. How is she Ridoy’s daughter? It is Shan’s sin. Asmita says enough. Moushmi says we know where you are from. When did you have a relation with Ridoy? Girls like you do thee drama a lot. Asmita says after accident I was with Ridoy.

Bua says she lived with Ridoy as a wife. Stop this all. A daughter came to our house and we are doubting asmita? Ravindra says why shouldn’t we doubt her after all she did. Asmita says you can get DNA test done.Nevi says yes get DNA test done.Neel says what if DNA test comes positive? Beauty says we will kill that child. That asmita is alone now. No one can save her from me now. Shan comes ome. He looks at the photos.

Shan sees photos and his face cut from all. He says this family never owned me.
Asmita comes with the babby. Shan hides. Asmita says my baby. See photo of your papa. Shan runs out. He says asmita and Ridoy’s child? This can’t be possible. How could this happen? He drives in anger.Asmita says I have to lie for this child’s life. Those people will ruin her life. I wont let that happen. Shan says Puchki you got everything. You made my family hate me and got back there? I hate you. I became criminal and you were making love with Ridoy? I hate you. But now you have to pay for what you did.

Doctor says its impossible to match her DNA with Ridoy’s since we dont have the samples. If we take Shan’s samples, we will be able to know if she is from your family. Can we get his samples? Nevi says that wont be possible. Doctor says then we can’t do this. Asmita says I will get shan’s samples for this child’s right.Shan slaps a bar owner. He says you cann’t do this business of girls here. He plays music. His PA asys sir you are a villain and you look like a hero. Shan says villain is the true hero. Asmita says villain is a villain. He says this is my place not police station. Are you in wrong place? She says i want to talk to you.

Shan says someone tell her way out. Asmita says its some very personal and important. He says take an appointment from my PA. Asmita says Ridoy’s daughter needs your help to prove if she is Ridoy’s daughter. He says yours and Ridoy’s daughter? Pathan baba comes. Asmita says you here? Baba says he needed me. shan says enough. She is asking me about her and Ridoy’s child? Do you have any shame. Asmita says she is daughter of Mazumdar family. Asmita says I need your DNA smaples. shan says now you want my blood too? You would get all the wealth with the girl right. Asmita says there is no such thing. I need your sample. He says yes I would give blood samples but you will have to do what I ask.

Asmita says what are you saying. He says that’s my condition. Asmita says you have stooped so low. He says yes I have. Asmita says you know I don’t give up. I will accept your challenge.

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