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These streets 25 October 2021: Asmita receives a gift. It is a cactus. It says time to deceive you the way you did to me. Now its your turn to live life like a hell. Asmita says shan.. This means he is out. Asmita says I dont’ know what to do.

Shan says to pathan today is to celebrate. I will ruin her life. she taught me how to hate. Pathan baba says you loved her. Shan says I only hate her now. I will ruin her life.
Asmita throws away the card. She picks it and says I will keep it with me.

Bua calls Asmita and says pandit ji is here for the pooja you did for the family. Asmita says glad he is there. Bua says you care for this family a lot. Even after they kicked you out. they misbehaved with you so much.

Ridoy’s pooja is going in. Beauty says he was such a good guy. ASmita comes in. Nevi says go from here. You don’t have any room in this house. You are a curse to this house. You are responsible for his death. You did this. You will never be happy. Beauty says kick her out. Asmita says I will do Ridoy’s rituals and then I will leave. She does prayers. Someoen came there. Bua was recalling how asmita was kicked out.

Scene 2
Asmita dances with little girls. A girl says I want to be like you. Asmita says I hope no one is like me. The girls says brother is coming today. Asmita wonders who brother?

The girls come back. Shan comes to them. He gives gifts to the kids. asmita says who is this guy. She couldn’t see his face. Pathan baba says you have such a big heart. Shan says our money should be spent on good. Shan plays with kids.

Beauty reads in paper Mazumdar family did pooja? Bua says our DIL did it. Nevi says she isn’t our DIL. She is a shameless devil. Bua says she is doing all rituals a DIL should do. Ravindra says she took both my sons from me. Bua says I told you Shan and asmita are made for each other. She is a diamond and you can’t respect her.

Shan does pooja. He says enough of tolerance. I have only hate to give now. I want to hate her as much as I loved her. She made my heart of stone. Asmita comes there too. Asmita says why do I feel like Shan is nearby. Shan says I will ruin her life. I loved her more than anything. Asmita prays and leaves.

Beauty and Moushmi come there. Beauty says God give me a child so I can never be kicked out of that house.
A woman says to asmita I want to to talk you. Constable says asmita sir is calling you. The girl has a baby with her. asmita says I am coming back.

Scene 1
Police stops a car for inspection. Shan is in it. He runs. Asmita stops his car. She sees Shan inside. Asmta says show us your car. He opens the trunk. There is cash in the car. Shan shoves Asmita and then holds her hand. Asmita puts gun on him. He says you have no reason to arrest me this time. Other officers come. Asmita says there is cash in his car. They check but there is nothing now. asmita says check properly. Shan says what happened. You made a mistake? HE leaves. Shan says apologize first. You wasted my time. Asmita says I wont apologize. We did what was our duty.

Asmita leaves. Shan says it will be fun. This animosity will be interesting.
Ravindra says to Neel this is the first time I am facing loss in club. Beauty says how is it Neel’s mistake? Clubs don’t work anymore. Ravindra says when shan used to work it never happened. He leaves. Moushmi says will Ravindra bring shan back. NEvi says he is in jail. Moshmi says he is out. BEauty says I saw asmita today. Nevi says what are you saying. Bua says i hope hey unite.

Two kids are fighting and playing. Asmita asks them not to fight. Shan comes there and says what are you doing there? asmita says only you can be here? Whatever you do to pretend how good you are it wont change truth.
Shan plays with kids.

Asmita comes back to police station. Someone is following her. Asmita sees a shadow and takes out her gun. she says who is there. Come out. Asmita sees someone with face covered. Asmita says who are you. Show me your face. It’s the same girl who came to police station to meet Asmita. She coughs. Asmita says you came to police station too. Is everything okay? Asmita sees a baby in her lap. The girl faints.

Asmita takes the girl to doctor. She says this girl wont survive. Asmita says what happened? SHe says let me call your family. Who is this girl’s father. The girl says she is Ridoy’s daughter. Asmits is shocked.

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