My heart knows update Tuesday 26 October 2021


My heart knows 26 October 2021: Anupriya reveals family that Kalyani is Atul and Madhuri’s daughter. Aao saheb hears that and feels drowsy. Anu holds her. Kalyani thinks this family knows her father from before. Aao Saheb asks Anu why did she like that Kalyani’s mother was her friend, how can she lie. Anu holds her legs and says she lied as she did not have courage to face her and pleads to forgive her. Aao Saheb says she may not trust her from hereon. Aparna pulls Anu and throws her in front of Ganeshji’s idol and asks to tell truth in front of god, she left Atul long ago, then why she reconciled with him. Kalyani realizes that Anu is married to Atul before her mother. Aparna continues yelling.

Aao saheb warns to stop. Rao Saheb says Aparna is right. Aao saheb says everyone is right, only she is wrong, she did a mistake by letting Atul’s daughter here. She picks temple lamp and puts hot water on her palm. Anu pleads not to punish herself. Aao saheb says this punishment is nothing in front of what she did, how can she meet cheap Atul. Kalyani shouts why she is blaming papa, Anu is the culprit. Aao saheb she does not know what Atul is. Rao saheb stops her and says it is not Kalyani’s mistake, she does not know anything. Aao saheb continues to scold Anupriya and says she cannot stay in this house now and she leave with Kalyani. She walks away ordering.

Aparna picks Anu’s bag and drags her away. Atharva stops her and says he does not know how is maayi related to Kalyani’s father, maayi served this family selflessly since years and this is what she is getting. He asks his jijaji and sister if this is what maayi deserves, he will not let Maayi go. Pallavi snatches bag from him and drags him in. Aparna throws Anu and Kalyani’s bags and closes door. Anu pleads to open door. Aparna yells not to come back again. Anu picks her bag. Kalyani thinks why she is feeling bad seeing Anu being insulted, she should be happy instead. She tries to leave. Anu stops her and says she cannot leave her for 6 months. Kalyani says she came here to tell her truth to her family, she does not care and will not stay with her.

Malhar walks in and says she cannot break law even if she wants, else he will send her to juvenile jail. He tells till her hostel opens in 2 days, she will stay in his house with maayi. Anu says Aao saheb will not like. Malhar says he respects Aao saheb, but takes his house’s decisions himself. Anu says Sampada will not like. He says it is their collective decision. Kalyani thinks if she does not agree, he will throw her in juvenile jail.


Kalyani goes to Malhar’s house and thinks she has to stay here till hostel is opened, else Malhar will send her to jail. Anupriya walks in. Kalyani angrily yells what is she doing here. Anu says Malhar has only 1 guest rom. Kalyani grins and keeps Madhuri’s photo on table and says plays recording where Atul says Madhuri is most beautiful, he loves her. Anu burns her hand trying to light temple lamp. Kalyani taunts her that she does not know why Aao Saheb let Anu live in her home even after knowing of Anu’s affair with married man Atul. Anu says she should not comment on what she does not know. She runs out hearing Aparna shouting.

Aparna yells at Malhar for letting Anu stay in his house and trouble Sampada, she will not let Sampada stay here under tension, what will happen when Aao saheb will come to know about this. Malhar says he and Sampada are happy to help Maayi during her bad days. Aparna then yells at Anu that because of her, she had to leave her husband’s house and stay in her parent’s house. Malhar warns Aparna if she troubles Anu, he will forget that she is his MIL. Aparna leaves fuming.Aao Saheb sits sadly. Rao Saheb suggests her to cry and clear her mind and says Anu was at mistake and not Kalyani, so she should not have thrown Kalyani out of house.

Aao Saheb says Kalyani’s mistake is she is Atul and Madhuri’s daughter.Kalyani increases fan speed and thinks why Anu is not reacting. Anu lowers fan speed. Kalyani as usual increases back and says she likes sleeping with blankets draped around her and high speed fan. Anu walks away. Kalyani leaves. Atharva on the other side asks Pallavi and her husband how is Maayi related to Kalyani’s father. They both warn her not to ask which should not know. Atharva goes to meet Anu and asks same question. Anu feels tensed, then asks him to find out Kalyani as she left home. Atharva finds her sitting on garden chair and frightens her with weird voices. Their nok jhok starts. She return back home with him.

Anu meets Atul who asks about Kalyani and asks her what to do when Kalyani gets angry. Anu reveals that Aao saheb came to know that Kalyani is Atul and Madhuri’s daughter, so she will tell rest of the truth. Atul emotionally blackmails her and pleads not to reveal truth, else Kalyani will shatter.Back home, Kalyani opens window. Heavy gush of air makes Madhuri’s photo fall. She finds Anu’s photo behind Madhuri’s photo and is shocked to find out Anu is married to Atul, shouts how can Anu marry her father and harm Madhuri to get Atul.

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