Mismatched update friday 28 January 2022

Mismatched 28 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shaan asking Anokhi to leave, she shouldn’t stay where she has no respect. He says pack your bags, I will drop you to Aastha’s house. Anokhi goes to her room and cries thinking of Shaurya. Naina….plays… She packs her bags and sees Shaurya’s pic. She comes downstairs. Shaan takes her bag. Everyone looks on. Alok says she is leaving, but she doesn’t want to say sorry to me. Anokhi says I m sorry for all my mistakes, but I won’t apologize to Alok, I didn’t plan to frame him. She leaves from the house and recalls her grahpravesh.

Ahir asks Babli not to worry, talk to the lawyer. Vineet comes and creates a scene. She asks him to leave. Vineet and Ahir argue. Babli stops Ahir. She says I knew you will do such a cheap thing, I was also prepared, stay here. The people gather to see. She gets the divorce papers. She says I have signed on the papers, sign on it and get lost. Vineet throws the papers. He says I won’t sign, you want me to sign, you want to enjoy with your lover. She says you will sign right away.

She shows the pics and says you had tortured me, I will defame you, did you forget what you did with Shaurya and Kanchan in Goa, if I go to court, then I will get good alimony, I just want freedom, pick the papers and sign it. Vineet signs the papers. He warns her. Babli and Ahir ask him to leave. Ahir says congrats for your freedom. Babli smiles. The lady says its done, now we are waiting for your marriage. Babli goes home.Aastha hugs Anokhi and says you did good to come here, you should have spoken to Shaurya first.

Anokhi says I wanted to talk, but he wasn’t there. Shaurya asks how did you all not stop her from leaving. Devi says we don’t want to see her face here. Shaurya argues with them. Shaan says I will talk to Shaurya. Anokhi says no, he didn’t trust me like you did. Shaurya says I trust her a lot, she can’t do this with anyone. Tej asks what about the recording. Shaurya says Alok’s recording was also there, but you all are just believing Alok and I m believing Anokhi, this recording is fabricated. Alok and Shagun worry. Shaurya says my heart knows that Anokhi isn’t lying, she can protest and fight for others’ right, but she can’t conspire like this. He claps for them. Anokhi cries and says I have decided it now, I will never return to that house.

Shaurya says I will come back when I prove Anokhi’s truth.Aastha calling Shaurya and scolding her. Shaurya says give me time till the evening, please I will talk to you later. She asks did you plan something. He says I can’t talk right now. She says I wish you aren’t like others. Shaurya says why did Priyanka lie. Peon comes and says sign on this paper. Shaurya checks. Anokhi gets her certificate. Ahir comes. He says your well wisher has filed a complaint, I will need you there, come. Everyone meets in the board meeting.

Tej asks why is this investigation happening. Shaan says it doesn’t matter, truth should come out. Ahir says yes, that’s why we have come here. Shagun asks Priyanka not to get scared, don’t take Alok and her name, else she won’t get admission in any college. Ahir asks Priyanka what did Anokhi tell her.Alok asks didn’t you hear the recording. Ahir says let me talk. Priyanka says Anokhi asked me to frame Alok. Ahir says she was in her class at 11am, we have witness also, why are you lying. Priyanka says I don’t remember the time well. Shagun says you are making her nervous. Ahir says you look nervous to me, let me do my work, don’t interrupt.

Ahir says I will make you listen to something. He plays Anokhi’s speech. Anokhi says its my inter college debate competition speech. Ahir says yes. He plays the other clip. He says this second recording is fake, its prepared by her speeches and voice calls, it has happened in this college, people don’t do this work in personal computer, we checked here in cyber cafe, we found it in deleted files on a computer. He asks Priyanka to tell the truth. She says trust me, I m not lying. Shaurya shouts on Priyanka and asks her to say the truth.

Shagun says we should end the case here, it doesn’t matter now. Alok and Tej say I also feel we should end it here. Ahir asks Priyanka are you sure that no one influenced her, her new statement will be taken, she may go to jail. Peon comes to Shaurya.Shaurya asks Priyanka if there was no pressure on you, then how did your brother get this teaching job, how did an under-qualified teacher get a job here. He says when I was checking Priyanka’s documents today, I got to see Vivek’s documents. He asks the peon to go to the address and find out the relation between Vivek and Priyanka, nobody should know about it.

He says we have Alok’s signs here, he has appointed Vivek. He asks Priyanka why did she lie against Anokhi, strict action will be taken if she doesn’t say the truth. Ahir says yes, tell the truth, else you may come into trouble. Priyanka says Anokhi is innocent, Alok has really harassed me, I m really sorry, I don’t know how I got trapped into this. Tej and Shaan scold Alok. Shaurya says this is ridiculous, you harassed Priyanka, you framed Anokhi. Alok says no, I m not at fault, Shagun has planned all this to frame Anokhi.

Shagun says I didn’t do this. Shaurya scolds her. He says you hate Anokhi, you framed Anokhi by taking an advantage of Priyanka’s weakness. Shaan says you are terminated from the job. Shagun worries. Shaurya asks Alok to sign on the apology letter right away. Alok signs it. Ahir says I have to record Anokhi’s statement to punish Alok and Shagun. Anokhi says no, I just had to bring the truth out, I don’t want anything, I don’t want to file any case. Ahir says you both should be ashamed, she wants to save you. Shaan says thanks for bringing out the truth. She also thanks Ahir. Ahir says its okay, take care. He leaves. Priyanka says really sorry, don’t rusticate me.

Shaurya says we should be sorry to you, students already struggle for their studies and career, we can’t give them a safe atmosphere here, we suppress their voice and use their helplessness against them, sorry, we won’t take action against you, we will try to give a placement to your brother. Priyanka thanks him. She apologizes to Anokhi. Tej says Anokhi, you can join the college back if you want. Shaan asks Shagun to just leave. Shagun cries and goes. Everyone leaves. Shaurya says look Anokhi…. Anokhi leaves.

Shaurya packs his bags. He says I m going to my Anokhi. Tej says get her back, we have no problem with her.Shaurya says there is no love here, Anokhi is trying to be a good bahu, we just gave her taunts, she wanted educated, a job and independence, what’s wrong, we just care for traditions and rituals, it unites a family, but what’s the use if there is no love, no one is happy, Gayatri, Kanchan, Shaan, Anokhi and I are also not happy, you just care for your traditions, you all just care for the family name, nothing else. Tej gets sad. Devi asks Shaurya to sit and talk. Shaurya asks will you tell me your favors, or how much you love me, sorry, I really realized that your love was selfish, I m thankful for all the love, you wanted such a son who becomes your puppet, I respect you both, but I want to live my life my way. They cry.

Shaurya says I don’t know what will you punish Alok, I can’t stay here where a cheap man like him stays, there is no need of another Shaan in this house. He leaves. Devi cries.

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