These streets update Friday 28 January 2022

These streets 28 January 2022: Nandini waits for Shan on a throne. Shan and Asmita come there. Nandini says stay there. You reached there before time? Are you stupid? Shan says please give the antidote. Asmita says I am away from Shan. What else do you want. Nandini says it makes me so happy to see you both like this. Carry on. Shan says Krishi is like Chahat. Do you have motherhood in you. Nandini says I didn’t feel bad because I did right. I punished Krishi for her sins. She took you from me. I did so much to get you. I even killed my own father.

Asmita says what do you want? We will do anything. Nandini says I have lost Shan. So I want you two to be away from each other. I want to see who loves Krishi move and how much do you two love each other? Let’s do one task. I want life in return for life. Asmita and shan are shocked. Nandni one of you has to jump of the cliff and die. It will prove your love for Krishi. And you will be separated forever. You don’t have a lot of time to decide. Krishi has 30 minutes only.

The doctors are treating Krishi. They give her different antidotes. The doctor says why is nothing working. Shan runs towards the cliff. Asmita says what are you doing. She runs too. Shan says she needs you. Asmita says I won’t let you go. Shan says I can’t be selfish in front of Krishi. I will die. He runs. Asmita shoves him and comes towards the cliff. She says take care of our daughter. Asmita jumps. Shan runs and saves her. He says I have loved you all my life. Let me be punished and rinse my sins. For always disappointing you. Asmita says let me die. Shan holds her hand tight and pulls her back up. Shan shoves her and jumps off the cliff. Asmita screams.. Shan. She sits there and cries.

Krishi comes there. Nandini is scared and shocked. Shan is hanging from the tree as well. Asmita says Shan give me your hand. Krishi is back. Krishi says are you shocked? I told you I have magic. Nandini says I can kill you right now. Krishi takes Krishna’s face. Asmita pulls Shan back up. Amita says are you okay? Shan says yes. Krishi smiles there. A goat cow towards Nandini. she says if I am not alive, Krishi won’t live either. She throws the antidote. Shan catches it. Krishi faints. Asmita says Krishi please open your eyes. Shan gives her the antidote.

Asmita and Shan rush Krishi to the hospital. The doctors treat her. Doctor says she is fine now. The poison is gone. Your daughter is blessed. She is brave. She is a miracle child. Asmita and Shan hug each other.Shan says I am so happy our daughter is fine. I don’t want anything but you two. I love you both. He hugs her. Asmita leaves him. Shan says our daughter is fine. He kisses Krishi’s forehead. Asmita says in heart, what should I choose? Shan or Mr. Shekhawat who always helped me?

The doctor says she is fine. Shan hugs Asmita says I love you. I don’t want anything but you two. Our daughter is fine. Nevi come and says SHan how is Krishi? Shan says is that you asking? Do you even care? Asmita says don’t say that Shan. She is fine. Chahat says papa comes with me. She is fine now. I am taking you to the police station. I want to go to mama. I miss her. Please. I can’t live without her. Shan says we can never go to her now. Chahat says why? Krishi cries and says please. I want to go. If you love me please take me. Asmita says Chahat, Chahat says I am talking to my papa, not you.

Shan says we can’t meet mama. Chahat says bari mama please ask papa to take me to mama. I am really worried for mama. Asmita says Shan, you should tell her. Shan says Chahat.. Asmita says it’s her right to know the truth. Chahat says tell me papa where is my mama? Shan says your mama is no more. Chahat is shocked. Shan hugs her and says your papa is always with you. Asmita says yes we are all with you. Shan hugs Nevi. Nevi says I know how you feel. I know you love Chahat. You can’t see her like this. You have to be strong for her. Chahat faints. Shan and Asmita call the doctor.

The doctor says she is stressed and shocked. Please take care of her. Shan says I did so many sins that’s why my daughters are in this condition. I am such a bad father. Nevi and Moni pray for them. Nevi says truth won today. I feel so bad for Chahat. She has to pay for Nandini’s sins. I will take care of her like Moni. She is my daughter from now on.Asmita caresses Chahat’s face. The nurse gives her an injection. Shan says in heart I can never forgive myself.

Asmita sits tired outside. Shan gives her coffee. Shan says you didn’t tell Chahat Nandini’s truth. You showed some maturity final. Shan says I made many mistakes. Can you pardon me? Our hearts are tied together. We can’t live without each other. Asmita says our paths are different now. We can never be together now. I am Mr. Shekhawat’s wife. Shan holds her hand and says please. We will bring up Krishi and Chahat together. Nurse says ma’am Krishi is conscious.

Krishi hugs Asmita. Shekhawat comes in. He says discharge formalities are done. We can go home. Asmita goes with him. Shan and Krishi look at each other. Shan says stop. Krishi won’t go with you. She will live with her real father. She wants to live with me only. Asmita says don’t do this. It won’t make a difference. Krishi would go with me. SHan says she is my daughter too. I have a right on her. Asmita says stop it. We are going from here. Don’t make it more difficult for us.

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