These Streets update Tuesday 23 November 2021


These streets 23 November 2021: Ridoy says I have the surprise for you. Lights turn off. A guy comes in. Thaku ma says you here. Shan recalls he is Puchki’s father. Nandanin says papa.. Nandani hugs him and says I knew you would come. Shan says in heart Puchki hated her dad. Ridoy says in heart what is happening. Beauty says you hated each other. He says we are father and daughter. asmita comes in and says papa.. She looks at him in shock. Asmit says your dad? Thaku ma says he is there for her.

Asmita says I knew you would betray but this soon. Thaku ma says what are you talking about. He says thank you thaku ma you got my daughter such a good guy. Nothing is more important than her. Ridoy leaves in anger. He says Shan keep my daughter happy. Ever since she came back to my life everything got better.Asmita comes to her room and cries. She says how can he do this. He betrayed me again. Ridoy says calm down.

aSmita says I shouldn’t have trusted him He sold us in sona gachi. You asked me to trust him once again. You took me to him. He said beti. Asmita said dont’ call me beti. You sent me to those streets. Do you even know what life there is like. chanda and my mom made me who I am today. You left us there. You were never my father. I only had a mother. You are a demon. He said I am your sinner Forgive me. I didn’t have a way. Please forgive me I know you can’t pardon me. I want to do something for you. I want to tell everyone you are my puchki. ASmita says you would never be mine.

He said ridoy told me everything. Asmita said I can’t trust you. Ridou said asmita please we have to trust him to expose nandani.Asmita says I shouldn’t have trusted him. He is a liar. He comes upstairs with thaku and says I didn’t lie. Nandani is my daughter. She is my stepdaughter. She is the daughter of the woman I married when I left your mom. I married her mother. she died and left me a lot of wealth. I took care of nandani in return. I won’t’ even let you take Shan from Nandani.

Thaku ma says won’t you do that for your step mom? Ridoy says how low can you stoop. He says this is our family matter, Asmita says don’t say that word. I won’t let Nandani have Shan. I will fight to get him back. I will also avenge my mother’s tears. You can do what you want. No one can part Shan from his Puchki that is my challenge.Shan is outside He recalls what Nandani did. Shan says how can Puchki love her father? She hated him.


Is it all part of a conspiracy? How could she forgive him? These dots don’t connect. Shan recalls his moments with Puchki. Shan’s head hurts. He says where have I seen Asmita before? He holds his head in pain. Nandani comes and says shan are you okay? Nandani says are you fine? He says my head hurts. Nevi says all guests are waiting for you in the reception. Nevi says shan can never recall anything. He has to be Nandani’s so Asmita is only Ridoy’s.

Moushmi says this celebration is for Shan and puchki. He married his childhood frined and her father is here too. I would call Nevi here for a performance. Nevi dances on the stage. Everyone applauds.Ridoy says asmita let’s go downstairs. You can’t give up. I won’t let you. Asmita says I am a human too. I know it was all my mistake that I asked you to trust him. But this time is to make your love win. you can’t give up. Shan is yours and you have to be there for him. Ridoy says this love me junior from RIdoy again.

Bua comes and says God comes when something unfair happens to humans. You are fighting against yours because they wronged you. You are shan’s puchki. You two are made for each other and you can’t give up. Asmita says you are right. Our love is God’s blessings. I am ready. Ridoy says then let’s promise we will expose them today and unite Shan and asmita. ASmita says yes I will remind him today I am his Puchki.

Nevi says now Moushmi, neel, bijoy and beauty would give a performance. They dance on tu ne mari entry. Asmita comes downstairs with ridoy. Lights turn off and on. Ridoy comes on stage. He says this is Shan’s reception. It would be incomplete without my performance. Ridoy dances on ek haseena this. ASmita coms in white saree. Shan recalls seeing her in white saree. Asmita dances. Shan sees his blurred memories.Shan’s head hurts. Asmita wears all the dresses she has worn with Shan. Shan sees his childhood.

He holds his head. They play the scene where Ridooy tried forcing asmita and Shan came to save her. shan’s head hurts. Shan sees those flashbacks. Shan screams Puchki.. Everyone is shocked. Asmita smiles.

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