Perfect husband update Monday 22 November 2021

Perfect husband 22 November 2021:;The Episode starts with Vidhi coming to the room. Flower petals fall on her. She asks what’s all this. He says you have kept a fast for me, you didn’t have food, I thought to do something for you, I have organized this for your Shuddi, you will get pure by body and heart. He shows a scissor and says wrong instrument. He gets a comb. He combs her hair. She asks him not to do this. He says I like the way you request. He applies her uptan and compliments.

He says just go and change, then have dinner, clean this mess first. He goes. She says its tough to understand his next move.Vidhi gets food for everyone. Rajshri asks her to sit and have food. Pushkar says don’t forget me mum. Rajshri serves her khichdi. Pushkar recalls that he doesn’t like khichdi and added chillis in it. Vidhi eats the food and coughs. He gives her water. He asks her to have it, its her fav khichdi. She coughs and runs away. Maasa says congrats, Rajshri you are going to become a grandmum. Pushkar coughs. Rajshri smiles.

She says we will take Vidhi for check up tomorrow. He says its not possible, Vidhi and I have no husband and wife relation. She asks what. He says I will handle Vidhi. She asks him to swear on her and say just the truth. He says Vidhi doesn’t want to have a relation until she trusts me. She says Vidhi promised me that she will fix up everything. He says I do care for relations and agreed to her, I can’t see tears in your eyes, I will go and see her. He goes.She says I failed in getting perfect wife for my son, the day when Pushkar’s patience ends will be last day for Vidhi here.

Bela says congrats for good news. Meera teases Vidhi. Vidhi gets shocked. Pushkar says you left the table and everyone got mistaken. They all go. He scolds Vidhi for breaking her promise. He says my mum has cried because of you, you did a mistake again, I don’t forgive anyone, you will get punished now. She says if you try to hurt me, I will shout. He says mom got to know that we have no relation, mom can’t tolerate this, you don’t know what I go through seeing her tears. She says whatever happened wasn’t my mistake. He hods her neck. He scolds her and demands respect from her. She struggles and faints. He gets shocked and leaves her.

Pushkar waking up Vidhi. He says I could have lost you because of my anger, I can’t lose you. She gets scared and runs away. She thinks of Pushkar’s words. She thinks before his illness gets bigger, I have to meet Damini. She sees him sleeping. She prays to Kanha and cries. Its morning, Charu taunts Vidhi. Rajshri also gets angry on Vidhi. Vidhi hears Charu and Maasa’s taunts and cries. She cries this will get fine when Pushkar gets fine. Meera comes and asks did you talk to Pushkar. Vidhi says no, you talk to him. Meera says I can’t do this.

Vidhi starts yelling at her. Meera requests her to come along, but she has to meet her BF. Vidhi agrees.Meera and Vidhi make a medical excuse and leave from the house. They come to the restaurant. Meera says you have become my best friend today. Meera meets her BF. Pushkar looks for Vidhi. Maid says she went to hospital. Pushkar tracks Vidhi and says she made an excuse and went to restaurant. Vidhi meets Damini. She says I m fine. Damini sees marks on Vidhi’s neck and asks what’s this, I feel his condition is critical, are you tolerating all this.

Vidhi says Pushkar is my husband, I want him to get fine. Damini gives the medicines and says we have to try that he doesn’t miss any dose. Vidhi says I m hiding this from family.Damini says don’t stress, Pushkar is happy to have a wife like you. Vidhi praises Rajshri and Meera, who love her a lot. She asks what shall I do of Pushkar’s belief, he calls this as love. Damini says this isn’t love, but obsession. She asks Vidhi to give him medicines on time. She goes. Pushkar comes there and looks for Vidhi.

Damini hugs Vidhi and goes. Meera’s BF gives flowers to Vidhi and hugs her. He says Meera loves chocolates, I love her a lot. Vidhi smiles talking to him. He thanks her for help. He says I promise I will keep her happy, she says even I want this, that she stays happy. Pushkar gets angry seeing them holding hands. He goes and stabs his hand. Vidhi gets shocked. The guy screams in pain.

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