The Rules of Love update Thursday 29 February 2024

The Rules of Love 29 February 2024: Maitree and her family are watching TV. Maitree’s father is more focused on the news. Maitree asks her father, what happened? Her father says that he told his team about some drug gang and now he’s looking at the news. He watches the news. Nandu and Ashish also watches the news at their house and gets surprised. Ashish gets a call from Meet, and she tells him to meet her at Saraswati Ghat urgently.

Nandu and Ashish are waiting for Maitree. Nandu is impatiently waiting for Maitree. Maitree shows up and asks Maitree that, why did she called them here? Maitree tells her that she called them here, she couldn’t tell them the news at their house. Nandu asks, what? Maitree gives her golgappe and Nandu gets excited. Ashish starts smiling and asks Maitree that how did she know that Nandu is craving for golgappe? Nandu tells him that they are best friends, she understands her feelings. Maitree gets worried and thinks that how can she tell Nandu about Saransh. Saransh was passing by and Ashish calls him. Maitree gets tensed. Saransh goes upto them and greets Ashish. Saransh tries to take some golgappe, but Ashish interrupts him and advises him to go and take a walk with Maitree.

Maitree and Saransh are sitting together. Maitree asks Saransh that why is he marrying her? Saransh replies, because of London. Maitree gets confused. Saransh explains her that after his father’s scenario, her mother was alone here, so she called him to stay with her and gets married here only. Saransh turns her head backwards and wonders of Maitree got to know about his drug addiction.

Maitree asks Saransh that why was he sweating at the time of their wedding, and his hands were also shaking. Saransh gets worried and tells her, he was sweating because he’s used to London’s weather. Now, Maitree asks him, why is he wearing sunglasses at night? Saransh remembers that why did he wore the glasses, and starts laughing. Saransh tells Maitree that he’s allergic to dust. Maitree asks Saransh if there is anything that nobody knows about him, and requests him to be be honest because she hates secrets.

Saransh gets tensed and tells her that there’s something that nobody knows about him. He tells her, at the time of photoshoot he wasn’t picking up roses and takes out a box of earrings, he tells her that he got these earrings too. Saransh firmly puts the earrings on Maitree. Saransh thinks that Maitree is very innocent and dumb, and it’s also very easy to fool her.

Ashish and Nandu shows up and takes their photos while Saransh was put the earrings on Maitree. Saransh and Maitree and gets nervous. Ashish asks Saransh that why did he stop? Maitree tells Saransh that she has a lot of doubts about him, and was thinks thinking that he was making a lot of excuses. But now, after meeting him, all of her doubts are cleared. Saransh thinks that Maitree knows all of his excuses and lies, and will fool her again easily. Ashish suggests that they should go back to their houses because it already midnight. Nandu asks Ashish that why is he worried? Let Saransh decide. Ashish says that they also have to attend mehendi function. Saransh gets excited and shakes his hands.

Maitree is looking over all the decorations and telling everyone to work properly. Maitree says that the “chowki” isn’t decorated properly and is very boring. Saransh says that the chowki is boring, but the bride is very interesting. Maitree becomes shy. Maitree asks Saransh to get something for her. Ashish was also working there, he gets up and agrees with Maitree’s order. Maitree gets surprised to see Ashish working there. Sona comes in and asks Maitree that why is he making Ashish and Saransh do everything?

Everyone is ready for the function and enjoying it. Nandu is applying Mehendi on Maitree’s hands. Nandu tells Maitree that she will write initials of all three of them including Ashish. Maitree asks, why? Nandu explains her that if she writes the initials, their bonding will get stronger. Sona asks DJ to play her favourite song, or else, she will start singing it. Ashish is standing at the DJ and gets a call from officer. Ashish ignores it. Sona gets angry after seeing Ashish and Saransh working. Ashish goes upto her and tells her that they are from Maitree’s even management company, checking if everything is alright.

People with Ashish agrees with him. Sona starts scolding Ashish and Saransh. Maitree also agrees with Sona and says that they should punish them. Sona denies and says that every guy has the leave this place. Maitree requests her to let them stay and enjoy, because this function comes once in a lifetime. Sona agrees with her and asks Saransh if he also wants the same. Saransh also agrees with her. Sona agrees with them, but says, no men is allowed at the place mehendi rituals are being done.

Officer tries to call Ashish but he ignores it. So he decides to the wedding.

Everyone is enjoying and dancing in the function. Sona getting angry and tells everyone to stop. Sona says that this not proper way to dance. Sona asks DJ to play her song and says that she will show everyone how to dance properly. Sona starts dancing and everyone joins her.

Police shows up and Saransh sees them heading inside and gets worried.

Everybody is dancing and enjoying in the wedding. Maitree sees bandages on Saransh’s arm and asks him, what happened to his arm? Saransh tells her that those are just some wounds and starts dancing again. Police starts heading inside the event and Saransh gets worried to see them. Saransh stops dancing and the police officer puts if hand on Saransh’s shoulder. Everyone is the wedding gets confused. Officer congratulates Saransh for his wedding and walks towards Dinesh. Saransh gets relieved. Officer takes Dinesh with him to have a talk. Ashish tells everyone not to worry because Dinesh goes through this everyday, and follows the police officer.

The police officer apologises to Ashish and Dinesh because he interrupted their wedding. Ashish says, it okay. Officer tells Dinesh that he got some to proofs regarding the last case. Nandu and Maitree also comes in and asks, what is happening? Ashish tells them that Dinesh asked him handle the drug burst case as lawyer, so they are talking about it’s evidences. Saransh watches them from the door and gets scared because Ashish is handling the case as a lawyer. Maitree asks Dinesh if it’s really important? Dinesh tells her that he has catch the person behind all this. Ashish asks the officer to play the security camera recording.

Ashish spots a person wearing sherwani, and asks him if he knows him? Saransh gets worried. Officer denies that they don’t know about that person. Dinesh asks officer to check how many weddings were performed yesterday. Officer says, that they are already onto it. Ashish tells that it’s really hard to get that, it’s the wedding season and most of the people wears Sherwani. Ashish spots Saransh at the door and asks him, what is he doing? Saransh says that he just wanted to know if everything is fine? Ashish tells him that everything is fine, and advises him to not get worried. Saransh starts shivering and tries to hide his hands. Maitree watches him. Officer gets up and Ashish thanks him.

Ashish tells him that they have to catch the person in Sherwani because he’s the only one who’s odd. Nandu tells Ashish that they have to go out, because Sona is very angry, and if they don’t hurry up, she will start to scold everyone. Ashish tells her to go and they will be there in few minutes. Dinesh tells the officer to lead the case. Saransh gets tensed after getting to know that Ashish is handling the case as a lawyer.

Sona is angry because police interrupted they event and is now scolding everyone. Ashish apologises to Sona and she forgives him. Saransh thinks that he cannot function properly without taking drugs. Ashish calls Saransh tells him that Sona forgave them and now they can enjoy again. Ashish asks the DJ to resume the music and everyone starts dancing again. Saransh is stressed because he didn’t do any drugs. He accidentally falls down and Maitree grabs him. Everyone gets scared. Maitree’s mehendi gets spoiled because she grabbed Saransh with her hands.

Sona sees Maitree’s mehendi and says that that’s enough! She already told everyone to not let guys be at this event. Sona tells everyone that it’s now a bad omen and starts scolding everyone. Nandu tries to calm her down, but she instead starts disrespecting her and Nandu starts crying. Maitree interrupts Sona tells her that it’s all done because of her. Maitree tells her that there’s a generation gap, and says that she only tried to help Saransh. She consoles Sona and tells her that she will do a fast for fixing bad omen. Nandu is upset and Sona turns back at her. Sona tells Maitree that she knows how to handle a situation and tells her that she will also do the fast with her. Saransh thinks that he cannot even stand properly without taking drugs. Sona tells that they will continue the enjoyment in the next event.

Later Kusum struggles to breathe thinking about how Sona scolded nandu. Ashish sees her mother’s state and helps her by giving inhaler. Om comes there and asks what happened. Kusum tells them she is feeling bad seeing the way Sona humiliated nandu and nandu may think I didn’t support her. Ashish says nandu won’t understand so don’t feel bad. Kusum asks him to manage nandu. Ashish says Maitree will manage nandu.

Maitree asks nandu to not take Sona’s words seriously. She asks if she is missing her mom Vasundhara. nandu says I’m not missing her as she didn’t even talk to me till now. She leaves. Maitree understands nandu is missing her mom. She decides to reunite nandu and her mom in her marriage.

The client waits for Vasundhara. Vasudhara comes there preparing food for her. The client asks Vasundhara to clear his name from the drug case. He offers her a hefty amount. Vasudhara says he can’t buy her. She says she already saved him once and denies taking the case. Vasudhara’s brother asks her whats the problem in taking the case and asks if she knows who is the public prosecutor for this drug-related case. nandu’s mom asks who is it? The guy says it is Ashish Tiwari. Vasundara gets surprised hearing this. Vasudhara accepts the case. She asks Netha hi to take back his money and says defeating Ashish is her fee. Netha ji thanks her. Vasudhara sees nandu’s photo on wall. Ashish makes nandu eat food. Sona does Suddikran to Saransh.

She asks Ashish to take the same water to Maitree as she has to use the same water. Saransh says it’s all happened because Ashish accepting the case so ask brother to leave the case. Ashish asks how its related. Saransh says police came there because if you and I don’t want you busy in my marriage. Sona asks Ashish to leave the case. Ashish denies.

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