The Rules of Love Zee world update Friday 1 March 2024

The rules of Love 1 March 2024: Saransh pressures Ashish to drop the drug case. He asks Sona to convince Ashish to drop the case as he wants him to attend this wedding. Sona agrees and she asks Ashish to drop the case as Saransh’s marriage is more important.

Ashish refuses to drop the case. Sona angrily says that your brother’s wedding is important, so she drops the case. Saranche tells Ashish that he will not marry unless the case is dropped.

nandu tells Ashish that Maitree and Dinesh want to eradicate drugs from the city and they have hopes on him regarding this case and asks how he will answer them.

Maitree goes to Vasundhara’s house. Maitree greets her and Vasundhara looks at her. Vasundhara tells Maitree, you came to the wrong house, here dogs and your family are not allowed. Maitree says that she came to invite her to the marriage and tells her that she can scold her if she wants. Maitree tells her that she’s like her mother. Vasundhara says she can’t fool her emotionally as she already took the vaccine for it.

Maitree tells that nandu is becoming a mother and she is 8 months pregnant. Vasundhara says nandu married Ashish against my wish so she can also take care of her baby too. Maitree says nandu loves her and she loves Ashish very much. Vasundhara says nandu goes to assistant leaving me, I fight for the case and don’t see who’s correct which Ashish opposes. Maitree tells Vasundhara that you guys have differences in your ethics but trust me Ashish is the best partner for nandu so please reunite with nandu in my marriage and forgive nandu. Maitree requests Vasundhara to come to her wedding. Vasundhara doesn’t replies her. Maitree places the card and leaves.

Maitree gets the message from Nandu and goes to meet Ashish and her at their regular meeting spot. Ashish says, he don’t know why Saransh is forcing me to leave the case and previously he used to help me in my cases. Maitree says Saransh may be feeling alone here so it’s good if Ashish spends more time with Saransh and we have to invite his friends to Sangeet then he won’t feel alone and asks Ashish to fight the case. Ashish agrees with her.

In the evening, Ashish and family members surprise Saransh by inviting his college friends to sangeet. Saransh gets scared thinking his addiction to drugs may get exposed. Friends happily meet Saransh. Ashish tells, it’s the surprise arranged by Maitree. Sona tells Maitree that she is happy choosing her. She gives juice to Maitree and asks Maitree to break her fast by drinking it. Maitree breaks her fast. Later, Sachin starts Sangeet night with his performance with Dinesh and Om. Maitree decides to give anti-allergy pills to Saransh. College friends ask Saransh if he is still using drugs. Saransh sees Maitree hears it and diverts the topic. Maitree gives him tablets and thinks about why she is feeling something is wrong.

Sachin announces Kusum and his mother’s performance. Kusum and Maitree’s mother rocks the stage with their performance. Maitree notices Saransh’s missing and goes to search for him. Saransh receives a call from a drug seller who came to function and delivers drugs to Saransh. Maitree spots them. The drug seller leaves. Maitree asks Saransh who is that man. Saransh says he came to the wrong address. They goes inside.

Sachin announces Maitree and Saransh’s performance. Saransh performs a romantic dance with Maitree. Everyone applauds their performance. Saransh thinks he needs to consume drugs and leaves. Maitree follows him.

nandu says that she will perform with Ashish. Everyone tries to stop her but Nandu doesn’t listen. Sona mocks nandu’s brought up and asks nandu to not perform. nandu says she wants to dance. Ashish stops them and asks nandu to dance to a slow song. He asks Sachin to play a slow song. Sona asks what if something goes wrong? nandu says they will manage and enters the stage. On another side, Saransh injects drugs into his body. Maitree searches for him. Saransh friends go to Saransh and ask Saransh to give them drugs too. Saransh insults his friends saying they don’t have a class to enter his function and tries to fight with them. They push Saransh. Maitree comes there and holds Saransh on time and asks him what happened.

Maitree asks Saransh if he’s drunk? Saransh denies. Maitree says that he can’t even stand up properly and even his eyes are red. Saransh tries to get up from the swing, but falls unconscious. Maitree gets worried.

Nandu and Ashish are dancing together in the even. Maitree is crying and thinks that how will she tell Ashish and Nandu about Saransh’s condition. Ashish starts throwing flower petals on Nandu. They gets back to dancing and Nandu gets emotional and starts tearing up. Ashish asks Nandu that why is she crying? Nandu says that she’s very grateful to have him in her life and cares for her very much, and asks him that how can he do this. Ashish makes a joke that he learned everything in an online course. Nandu and Ashish completes their performance and everyone starts clapping. Maitree is crying and waiting for them. Sachin asks Sona to tell who won the competition. Sona says the boys team won. Nandu feels a kick from her baby in her bump. Ashish asks Nandu if she’s okay? Nandu tells him that their child also liked the performance. Maitree signals Nandu and Ashish to come.

Ashish pours water on Saransh’s face and he wakes up. Nandu asks Saransh if he is drunk? Saransh says, yes. Maitree gets worried. Saransh wakes gets up from the bed and regrets to say yes to Nandu. Saransh thinks that now he has to a new excuse. Saransh tells Ashish that he didn’t do anything on his own, his friends spiked his drink, because they all are drunkards since college days, and that’s why he doesn’t even meet them. Saransh makes an excuse that he was drinking a soft drink and they did all this, and thanks Maitree for helping him. Saransh apologises to Ashish. Ashish takes him to Maitree and asks her if she wants to know anything else? Saransh says, if they don’t believe him, he say this while swearing on his mother. Saransh leaves the room. Nandu gets worried and says that they have to catch Saransh.

Saransh goes upto Sona and everyone follows him. Saransh puts his hand over Sona and swears on her that even after his marriage his priority will always be his mother. Sona hugs him and starts crying. Om asks, what the need for this sudden swearing? Saransh asks Ashish if he should tell everyone? Saransh tells Om that they were talking about how people forget about their mother. He says, even if he dies…

Sona shuts his mouth and tells him to not say anything inauspicious. Saransh tells Sona to go back to home with other family members. Sona agrees with him and leaves.

Saransh tells Maitree, Nandu and Ashish that they know very well that why did he sweared. Ashish tells Maitree that Saransh loves Sona very much and he trusts him. Nandu also agrees with him. Maitree says, she also trusts them and apologises to Saransh. Saransh forgives her. Maitree says, when they lost their uncle because of drugs, they got even more concerned about that. Saransh says that he also hates people who do drugs. They have a lot in common. Nandu asks Saransh that they should leave and Saransh also agrees with her. Saransh thinks that he again saved himself by making excuses.

Dinesh and his wife discuss their house will not be a house without Maitree. Maitree hears their conversation. She tells them she won’t marry if they are trying to separate her from the house. Dinesh asks her to not talk in that way. Maitree says this is always my house number 1 and that house going to be my house number 2. They hug each other.

Vasundhara thinks about Maitree’s words. She recalls how Nandu left home to marry Ashish against her wishes. It was shown Vasundhara slaps Nandu and warns her to never return home. Vasundhara misses Nandu. Maitree thinks she is waiting for Nandu and Vasundhara’s reunion in her marriage. Vasundhara thinks Nandu chooses Ashish over me so I can never forgive Nandu and Maitree.


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