Timeless love starlife update Thursday 29 February 2024

Timeless love 29 February 2024:  Priya calling Simmy for breakfast. Simmy comes there and says I have arranged your books and stationary. Chitra appreciates her to take interest in her studies. Vidhi says you are a wonderful mother. Priya says Simmy runs away when I teach her maths. Dev says I will teach her maths.

Satyavati asks where is he going? Dev says office, he is fine. He asks Vidhi to come to office today. Dev asks Kaushik what happened about the aircraft update. Kaushik asks Sakshi to check. Sakshi says the mail was in the outbox and was not sent. Kaushik scolds her. Sakshi apologizes. Dev says it ok, and asks her to rectify her mistake. She asks how is your health and asks him to go home and rest. She asks did you take medicine and TT injection. Dev asks how do you know? I didn’t tell even Kaushik. He asks her to say truth. Sakshi says Bimla ji told me. Dev says sorry and asks her to carry on. He thinks he is doubting everyone because of Amba. Sakshi thinks she shall be careful, as her boss is smart, but if she is doing right, one side is generous guy Dev and other side is Jai.

She thinks she is scared seeing his avatar and says if I don’t stay silent then he will kill me. Dev calls Vidhi and asks him to reach office. Jai hears and thinks why Dev is calling Vidhi. He calls Sakshi, but she doesn’t pick the call. Jai thinks what to do. He calls Vidhi to his cabin. He says I talked to Mr. Bajaj and he called us for meeting. Vidhi says I have to go now, and has informed in the morning only. Vidhi asks him to manage. Jai says it is specially your project and says I will get the meeting fixed for tomorrow. He then offers to drop her. Vidhi refuses. He says I will drop you.

Jai takes Vidhi to Dev’s office. He asks what is special? Vidhi says she didn’t come. Kaushik calls Dev and says Vidhi has come. Dev asks Vidhi to inaugurate the child care room. Vidhi inaugurates. Jai says you have done this for baby, let him come first, you will get such a wound that life will become more worst than death. Dev and Vidhi have a hug.

Vidhi bandages Dev’s injury and the antiseptic liquid falls on his tshirt. She says I will give and opens the cupboard, and finds pregnancy chart. Vidhi tells Dev that she is really happy and he is the world’s best husband. She says you will be the best Papa of this universe. Jai searches something on the internet and thinks just few more days Dev, then afterwards…

Contractor comes to Dev’s office, and tells that he has started the final processing so he has come. Dev says isn’t it too early. Contractor tells that he was free as his two projects were delayed. He tells that Jai Shah gave him money to stop Rao ji bhai’s dream project. He says it would have completed it 8-10 days, but he gave me money to delay it. Dev understands why Jai is doing this. Jai asks Shashi to make everyone drink green tea and adds herbs in Vidhi’s green tea. Shashi asks what is it? Jai says you are asking as if it is poison. He says it is good for her baby. Shashi says ok.

Amba comes to Jai’s cabin and introduces herself. She asks him to sit and talk. Jai says I don’t have time to talk for you and asks her to go. Amba asks if you have time to do planning and plotting against Dev. Jai asks what are you saying? Amba says I have become your fan for your boldness. She says you can’t break Dev, as I am specialist and that’s why forwarding helping hand.

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