The Difference between Pragya and Munni in Twist of Fate 2 explained


With the recent introduction of a Pragya look-alike named Munni, fans and viewers of Zee world have been left confused wondering why the duality.

Some are asking if pragya is alive and has returned as Munni. (According to the present timeline of the series, Pragya is presumed dead ). Well the answer to that question is No. Pragya is not Munni and she has not returned.

Pragya as we know her character (the mortal enemy of Aliyah and Tanu and the wife of Abhi Mehra) is presently missing from the show and presumed dead.

Munni who has now been introduced to Twist of Fate is not Pragya. She is a village girl whose path had unfortunately crossed with Tanu. Her goal is presently to seek for a means to get her niece the medication she needs. Even though later she will go on to live and pretend to be the real Pragya after being blackmailed by Tanu and Aliya.

Her character is also portrayed as brave, fearless, fiesty and honest. She had not fallen for Aliyah and Tanu’s bribery when they had first asked her to pose as Pragya in other to steal from Abhi. But later in the series she will have do their biddings through the hard way.


And fortunately, Pragya will later return to the series. And according to the full story and teasers of Twist of Fate, she is in coma somewhere far from the Mehra house.

Also note that the characters of Munni and Pragya are being played by the same actress – Sriti Jha

So in conclusion, fans of Zee world should know about this tactic prevalent in almost all the series in the show. Indira had a lookalike in Iron Lady, Karan also had a look alike in My Golden Home…. So this is common with Zee world and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

When will Pragya return to twist of fate?

Pragya will be out of coma and back to resume her role on the 28 of December. She will go to Abhi’s house on d 30th December. Pragya will find a way to replace Munni without anyone noticing.

Munni will also leave the house for pragya without Tanu and Aliyia knowing the real Pragya is in the house and she will tell Pragya about their evil plans towards abhi.

As time goes on, we’ll understand better…


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