This is Fate Zee World – Saturday 15 December Written Update


Beeji comes to calm Sarla then Shistri. Shistri takes the glass of Daadi’s drink and gulps it, then feels relaxed and agrees to stay in the house for a while. Preeta is shown coming out of the hospital after rejection from a various hospitals. She watches Karan having an argument with a girl, he leaves the girl halfway and drives away.

Preeta comes to the girl and asks Sania if Karan misbehaved with her and what it was about. Sania explains he wanted to force her but she didn’t let her. Preeta says they must teach him a lesson and takes Sania.

In the police station, Sania is reluctant to file a complaint against Karan because she loves him. Preeta insists that no matter how huge or rich a celebrity be, he must be taught a lesson and prevent him from doing this to others. Preeta comes to the inspector and asks to file a complaint against Karan Lutra. She compels Sania not to hesitate.

In the practice court, Karan comes to book his time with two girls who bet for his game. Later, Karan is with the two of them. One of them is upset, while the other is happy. Just then, Karan receives a phone call. The girls argue with each other. Karan promises to reach and takes a leave from the girls as he has been called at police station.

Karan arrives at the police station. The inspectors there ask to take a selfie with him. The lady inspector arrives and informs Karan strictly about the complaint against him that a girl has filed the report of molestation against him. She points towards the girl. Karan could only see Preeta speaking to Sania.

Karan watches Preeta and recognizes her as the one in his car. He thinks she want a revenge from him. He comes to her and asks why is she doing all this. Preeta says this is to teach him a lesson and this is a huge matter for a girl. Karan laughs at her to get a teacher somewhere. Preeta says she wants him behind the bars.

Karan calls her a drama queen and asks how much money she needs. Preeta asks if he is bribing her. Karan says he left a date after her. Preeta says he only recognizes a single language and Karan warns her not to insult him. The lady inspector asks him about the charge, Karan calls Preeta a liar and says when she had an accident, he already paid the money. Preeta tells the lady inspector to ask who complaint against him.

Karan finds it interesting to see Sania there. He comes to flirt with her and make her up saying they had lovely moments with each other and they are really precious for him. Preeta comes to push Karan away from Sania and demands to shut him behind the bar. He gets a call from Rishab and tells him about being in jail. Preeta forces Sania to tell the truth to the inspector.

Sania says she only had an argument with Karan, and she met this girl on the way who brain washed her. She apologizes to Karan for her mistake. Karan asks to leave with Sania, he boasts about having his security and assures he would leave comfortably by himself.

Preeta explains to the inspector that the girl herself was crying. The inspector tells the girl to stay away from Karan Lutra, as he is a heartthrob and had he called a press conference they would have to arrest Preeta for this. Preeta leaves the police station irked and is cursing Karan to be such a show off and egoistic and loses her balance.

Karan holds her in his arms in midair. He says she acts well for slipping and he knows a number of girls who pose to get his attention. He adds that the girls come into his parties but she came into his car, then she wanted him to notice her by filing a complaint against him.

He forbids her to now come into his house, in which he has already sent five girls to jail. Preeta tells Karan that he isn’t someone handsome to die for and she either doesn’t need a handsome lad. Karan clarifies he is handsome, but forbids her get any close to him. He leaves with Sania. Preeta calls from behind that she isn’t a psycho and isn’t behind him at all. Since it was raining already, Karan moves the car from near Preeta with a speed and water fly over her face.

At home, Sarla is still furious as the conflict between she and Srishti keeps rising when Srishti shows constant interest in Tanu and her mother-in-law Beeji convince her not to consider the girls as hers, they belong to a different city and were brought up in a different family. Sarla agrees for not misbehaving with the girl but she was furious over Tanu.

She decides to apologize to Shistri, but Shistri comes there and misbehaves with Sarla saying she hates all mothers only because of such a behavior. Sarla slaps Shistri for speaking rudely about mother’s. Preeta arrives only then.

Sarla says they can’t live in the house with such an attitude and they must find another house for them till tomorrow even. As Beeji and Sarla turn to go into the room, Preeta asks Shistri what happened, Shistri shouts that she can’t live with such a lady and it’s better their father kept them away from a mother as all mothers are unbearable like her.

Preeta calms her down thinking they have no money and no job as well. Sarla wonders if all girls who live without mothers think the same, she also has two lost daughters.

Rishab thanks Abhi for coming over. Abhi says Rishab sound so worried on call, and remind him that they aren’t only business partners and hold a friendship relation after the concert. Karan returns home, Rishab complains to Karan for not receiving his call after getting stuck in police station.

Abhi takes a leave but Daadi comes there. She stops Abhi to sing a song and she slips on the staircase. Everyone run to help her. Kareena aunt comes scolding Daadi for being in such a hurry in spite of her ankle pain. Rishab discuss with Abhi that his Daadi has ankle pain and she doesn’t agree to get treatment from any hospital.

Abhi suggests him to appoint a physio at home and offers to give contact of one he knows, that she is PG at his mother-in-law Salar’s house. Roo had reached home in party dress, Kareena calls her to apply an ointment over Daadi’s feet.

Abhi come at Sarla’s house. He notices the worry on his face and he assures Sarla that Pragya is fine. Sarla goes to get the headache medicine for Pragya, saying she will feel better by it. Shistri comes outside and cheers watching him. Abhi stops Preeta and asks what is going on.

Just when Shistri is about to tell Abhi about it, Preeta clutches her hand and says she is looking for a job. Abhi tells Preeta he found a job for her and she must go at home address on the card and needs to take care of a Daadi.

Kareena scolds a servant to make her wait while it was Preeta’s mistake. She tells him to send her as soon as he reaches. Preeta reaches Karan’s house and the servant asks Preeta why is she so late, she says she might only be two minutes late. Preeta goes towards Kareena and Kareena greets her by strictly telling her to give her a facial massage. Preeta wonders what a physiotherapist has to do with facial massage.

Kareena appreciates her moves, Preeta says she can fix every bone well and introduces herself as the physiotherapist and asks about a Kharoos Daadi, if she is that?. Kareena is irked to be called as Daadi and sends her upstairs. She thinks Beeji herself would throw the physio away from the house.

Upstairs, Preeta enters the room on left side and wonders where would Beeji be. She turns around when Karan comes out of bath looking around for towel. Both scream looking at each other. They have an argument as they both keep having unpleasant encounters with each other. Karan says this time he would call the Police and makes a call at Bandra police for filing molestation case.

Preeta angrily slaps the phone shut and calls Karan a shameless man. He tells her to leave his room as he has to change. Preeta leaves the room. While Sarla is working at home, another lady comes to her complaining about her lost ring and suspects Shistri has stolen it, saying the girls need money right now. Sarla says she doesn’t think Shistri took it and promise that she will still look into their luggage as they aren’t home.

Sarla skims through the luggage and finds Raghubir’s photo and photo album in the suitcase. She cries thinking she couldn’t even recognize her own blood, these are her own daughters and have finally reached her. Shistri comes behind Sarla and asks if she was checking their luggage?. Sarla kept looking at Shistri and thinks she has grown up so much, as she was so little the last time she had seen her. She recalls a time when Shistri used to draw fake moustache over her face and chased her, she laughed as Shistri was afraid.

She remembers Shistri was always stubborn and wish to hug Shistri. Shistri tells Sarla she found Janki’s ring over the window at the kitchen, and she must go and get her eye sight checked as Sarla can never judge people right.

Sarla recalls how she used to speak the same way even in childhood. She touches Shistri’s face but Shistri jerks her hand away and tells her to stay away that she has begun to suffocate here and will leave by tonight.

Sarla recalls how Shistri said she hates her mother the previous night. Sarla shows Shistri the album and asks about her mother. Shistri says which mother and then blunt out that she has died for them. Sarla wipes her tears and leaves the room crying and also decides to not tell the girls that she is their mother.

At Lutra’s house, Beeji is in the room sitting with a singing group of ladies and suggest a verse of hers own. She cheers over her poetry, the ladies appreciate her sense of music.

Preeta comes at the door and hears Daadi upset that she can’t dance over her own song. Preeta calls from behind that she will dance for sure once she allows her to treat her foot. Daadi turns around and both recognizes each other from hospital incident.

Daadi tells Preeta that she can’t allow her treatment. She goes calling for Rishabh. Daadi and Karan come downstairs. While Daadi talks to Rishabh, Karan notices that the same girl has come to his house now. Karan and Preeta argue again.

Rishabh tells them not to create a ruckus and thanks Preeta for convincing his Daadi to get treated at the hospital. Preeta leaves after the conversation. Sarla calls at the house and Aaliya picks up. She asks her to give the phone to Pragya and Aaliya hands it over. Sarla and Pragya talk about her duties towards her mother. Pragya curses Aaliya for getting her stuck here.

Preeta walks on the road and watches poor kids selling balloons. She has only Rs 30 left but decides to get the balloons as the kids will get some food. The kids thank her and tell her that her problems will be solved with these balloons. The balloons fly off to Karan’s car and he wonders whose balloons are these.

Karan tells her not to wander around him. She tells him that he is not worth spending time on. Rishabh also gets balloons for his Daadi as she agreed to get treated. Sarla on the other hand tells Pragya who is disguised by Munni, to ask for advice.

She tells her she found her two lost sisters. She tells Pragya about how she found them. Beeji tells her that Sarla has already fought with them. Pragya says that her mother Sarla may allow them to stay for a few days.

Preeta stops by the hospital and thinks about asking for a job. She sees Daadi’s ankle has twisted and then helps her out. Rishabh offers her the job she wanted and also pays her cash in advance. Meanwhile, Daadi thinks of how she will get her out of the house and Preeta thinks about how she will teach Karan a lesson.



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