Trinayani Zee world: Full story plot summary casts teasers

Trinayani Zee world centres on Nayani’s extraordinary capacity to glimpse into the past and predict coming peril. She can communicate with spirits as well. The ghost of Gayathri converses with Nayani and advises her to watch out for her son Vishal. To protect Vishal from a threat, Nayani marries him. In the meantime, Jasmine and Thilottama carry out diabolical schemes to sabotage their love. How does Nayani work to keep Vishal safe from evil?

Trinayani Zee world full story.

The narrative of Trinayani centres around a woman from the Mukkantipuram hamlet. Nayani is the granddaughter of the pandit who oversees the local temple. The annual Radhotsavam honouring Goddess Visalakshi in their village is well-known. When Nayani was little, her father passed away. Her grandmother, mother Shayamla, and younger sister Sumana are her immediate family. She’s had the ability to foresee the future since she was little. She doesn’t remember the events in their exact order. They appear as a few visionary snatches of the event. She always has the ability to predict negative outcomes before they occur. The villagers do not view Nayani’s gift in the same way even though she uses it to stop evil. Then she is forcefully married to Vishal in circumstances and more problems arises for her.

Trinayani Zee world Casts

  • Shruti Das as Trinayani Basu aka Nayan.
  • Gourab Roy Chowdhuryas Driptobroto Basu aka Dipu.
  • Jasmine Roy as Jasmine / Jessi, Nayan’s rival, Driptobroto B asu’s ex fiancee, obsessive lover
  • Debjani Chattopadhyay as Sanjukta Basu Dripto’s step-mother, Topobroto’s second wife.
  • Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee / Sourav Chatterjee as Vicky Deb – Sanjukta’s younger brother.
  • Siddhartha Banerjee as Dr.Devdut – Eye specialist and also Nayan’s well-wisher.
  • Yuvraj Chowdhury as Jasmine’s husband.
  • Moyna Mukherjee[5] as Kalpana Basu – Dripto’s late mother.
  • Kaushiki Guha as Trinayani’s mother.
  • Priya Malakar as Kumu: Trinayani’s Sister.
  • Mita Chatterjee as Kripamoyee Basu- Dripto’s grandmother, Topobroto’s mother.
  • Bodhisattwa Majumder as Topobroto Basu- Dripto’s father, Kalpana and Sanjukta’s husband.
  • Pushpita Mukherjee as Protima Basu – Dripto’s aunt, Topobroto’s younger brother’s wife, a drunkard.
  • Aditya Chowdhury as Piku Basu – Dripto’s half-brother, Sanjukta-Tapobroto’s elder son, Rangana’s husband.
  • Rii Sen as Rangana Basu, Piku’s wife.
  • Indranil Mallick as Jeet Basu – Dripto’s younger half-brother, Sanjukta-Tapobroto’s younger son.
  • Debaparna Chakraborty[6] as Sudha.
  • Rohit Mukherjee as Tarun Karmakar, Sudha’s father and police inspector who loves Trinayani like a daughter.
  • Neil Chatterjee as Jayanta- Jasmine’s Elder Brother, Sudha’s Husband.
  • Nandini Chatterjee as Durba- Topobroto’s younger sister, Dripto’s paternal aunt.
  • Ratna Ghoshal as Suhasini Lahiri.
  • Abhijit Guha as Aniruddha Lahiri – Suhasini’s first son, Korok and Koli’s father.
  • Arindam Chatterjee as Aniket Lahiri – Suhasini’s second son.
  • Dwaipayan Das as Anil Lahiri – Suhasini’s younger son.
  • Sanmitra Bhaumik as Korok Lahiri-Suhasini’s Grandson, Aniruddha’s son, Koli’s brother.
  • Deerghoi Paul as Koli Lahiri-Suhasini’s Granddaughter, Aniruddha’s daughter, Korok’s sister


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