Unfortunate love update Wednesday 3 January 2024

Unfortunate love 4 January 2024: Rishi hugs Neelam asking if she is fine, she replies her son has come back and she knew that nothing of the sort would happen. Rishi asks what is she doing because if something happened to her, she already worries a lot for everyone and what would happen to him, Neelam replies that nothing is going to happen to her as he came back but she felt bad when he left as he not cared for her, Rishi replies she really felt bad but when she asked him to choose, he was not able to think of anything and felt he is doing it in his senses but he was wrong, he just left holding the hand of Lakshmi.

Neelam replies that Lakshmi has completely ruined his senses and is in control of his mind, which is why he did not think of his own mother, Rishi asks what is the need to not eat, Neelam replies she was not able to live so that he would come back but if he did not return then she would also die, Rishi asks her to not talk like this as he has come back, Neelam says he has proved he loves her a lot, she warns him to not leave her otherwise she will die. Rishi asks the worker to go and make the favourite juice of his mother, Karishma says she is glad that Rishi did not break the trust of his mother as he proved he loves her a lot, Rishi tries to talk of Lakshmi but Neelam warns him to not talk of that women as he left his own mother because of her, Neelam says that Rishi will neither go back to that girl and leave this house. Rishi asks Mukesh to come quickly, Karishma asks Rishi to make Neelam drink the juice with his own hands so that she breaks her fast, Karishma asks Kiran to see how Bhabhi managed to bring back Rishi and would even do the second work which is the marriage of Rishi and Malishka.

Neelam says she is glad that her son has returned and is in front of her eyes, Dadi asks Neelam if she is thinking about Rishi as he did not come back, Neelam is shocked asking Mummi je if he didnot come back, Neelam says he is just joking and hiding outside, she asks Mummi je to wait and see how Rishi will come and call her from the door. Neelam going to the door calls Rishi asking him to come inside and stop teasing her s she is already very tensed and has cried a lot, Neelam says she can see him and even hear his voice, Neelam turning says that this boy never listens, she is shocked to see Virender looking at her and asks why are the looking because they just heard that Rishi is calling her, she goes to Karishma asking if she heard Rishi call her form the door. Neelam even asks kiran if she heard but they donot reply, Neelam starts crying saying she can hear her son call her name but why are they not hearing it, she wonders no one is able to hear or see him which means he has not come back. Neelam going to Virender says he went to bring him back but then why did Rishi not come, she says she gave birth to him but he forgot her and is giving preference to the girl whom he has just met, Neelam says that he gave her a lot of pain on the day he left and today has cut her into pieces, ending the love while she was really confident of her love and upbringing but he ruined everything. Neelam says that Rishi proved she is not worth anything in his life, Neelam sits down after being emotional when Dadi and Virender try to help her stand up, Malishka rushes down with Sonal mentioning Virender uncle came back meaning Rishi has also returned, Kiran asks Malishka to look at the condition of Neelam and she will get her answer, Malishka thinks that the clever Lakshmi would not have let Rishi come back.

Neelam while walking upstairs gets dizzy and is about to fall but Malishka seeing her face blesses her before getting unconscious, they all ask her to bring Neelam to the couch.

Aayush is driving the car saying he is glad that Rishi and Lakshmi Bhabhi have started a new life and so he is really glad, he gets a call from Shalu who asks where is he, he replies that he is coming if she has given the right location otherwise he does not know where he is going, Shalu tells him that Bau jee came to their house, Aayush gets worried asking if Rishi bhai went back, but Shalu replies that he stayed back with Lakshmi di, Aayush is really glad. Shalu is worried about the decision of Neelam aunti, Aayush says he cannot understand why did she do it. Aayush says that he is going to reach her very soon, he is praying that Virender uncle is able to handle Neelam mami.

Malishka quickly brings the medicine for Neelam aunti, Karishma thanks Malishka for supporting Bhabhi and taking care of her, she turning to Virender asks him to see how Malishka is taking care of Bhabhi even when she cannot be the daughter in law of this house but her own son Rishi did not come back, she says Virender should have slapped Rishi to bring him back. Virender asks if she has said enough, explaining it is the mistake of Neelam because no relation can be forcefully made and Rishi knows if he returns then cannot ever go back to be with Lakshmi.

Virender recalls when lakshmi requested Rishi to go back who asked his father when he says he does not know, Rishi asked if his father thinks he has made a wrong decision to leave the house then Virender said he is going back, he asked Rishi to call him if he needs anything and their farm house is empty. Lakshmi still pleaded with him to take rishi but he asked lakshmi to at least think about her for once as everyone has come with their Bhagya, so he will go back and handle everything. Rishi hugs his father who even hugs Shalu and Bani, while finally leaving after blessing Lakshmi.

Virender asks if Karishma realized the reason Rishi did not come back because he knew then he would be asked to forcefully marry Malishka, and the truth is that Rishi left this decision on him, Karishma asks if Rishi would do what Virender says, he asks if Karishma doubts it when Virender replies that he allowed Rishi to stay here, even when Lakshmi tried her best to convince Rishi to go back, he says that Karishma always curses lakshmi but she is still worrying about Lakshmi even when staying there, and Karishma is the one who cannot see it clearly, he asks Karishma to not worry about Neelam promising that he will take care of his wife Neelam.

Lakshi asks Rishi what is the reason to worry now when he is not going back to stay with his mother, she once again pleads with Rishi to go back and stay with his mother since there is no luxury in this house and he will only stay worried, Rishi replies he will never be worried till the time he has the support of Lakshmi, otherwise he would never go back alone to that house, and only with Lakshmi by her side.

Sonal tells Malishka how she feels her marriage might be in trouble because first Rishi did not come back and now Neelam aunti is so ill, Malishka questions why does she always so such bad things as they tend to be the truth, Malishka stops Sonal saying she can understand her words but she should never say these things in front of her mother as she cannot bear them, Sonal agrees explaining she is just worrying as her friend.

Neelam slowly starts waking up when Virender tells his mother, Karishma also comes to her side asking if she is fine, Mummi je instructs Neelam to first take care of herself as her blood pressure rises, Virender asks Mukesh to bring the juice but she stops him saying she does not want to eat anything, Virender replies Neelam should listen to him as she is his wife and he cannot let her become ill in this problem, Virender explains they have to take care of Rishi and understand his feelings with love, as they can solve anything with love, he once again tries to give the juice to Neelam but she still refuses.

Shalu tells Lakshmi that she has prepared the list for all the things needed in the house, Rishi comes asking Shalu where is Aayush since he has to go for office, they all get worried when Rishi replies he cannot ignore his office but would only work there as an employee. Aayush runs into the house, he greets both lakshmi and Rishi explaining he is glad that Rishi got the live with lakshmi Bhabhi, Rishi says he will give the money to Aayush after some days but Aayush says he needs the money right now, Shalu and Bani ask if he is joking when Aayush says that he would talk with Rishi in the same manner as he is doing, he explains that he will take any money which Rishi gives him, he explains he is the brother of Rishi so has brought these clothes with his own earned money, Aayush says that this house seems empty when Rishi says Aayush should look it with the eyes of love, Aayush says he forgot Rishi is living with Lakshmi Bhabhi as there would always be love in the place where lakshmi lives, he says that Virender uncle came so what did they talk about, Rishi says that left after understanding the truth himself, Aayush informs Rishi that Neelam aunti brought Malishka back into the house and as the daughter in law of Oberoi Mansion, Rishi and Lakshmi get tensed.

 Ayush telling Rishi about Neelam going to Malishka’s house and bringing her home. He says so now Malishka is Oberoi family bahu according to Mami. Rishi says its ok, if Mom brought Malishka home as her bahu, but I have accepted Lakshmi as my life partner from my heart, even if I don’t marry her. Ayush asks him to talk positively and says you will marry Lakshmi Bhabhi only. Bani says the marriage would have happened if Di had agreed. Ayush says yes and says scold her. Lakshmi says stop it. Ayush says finger on the lips, and says have to bring home stuff. Shalu says Bani and I will bring it and set the home. Ayush says I will also come with you, and asks Rishi to take the stuff as gifts from him. He says even my time will come and then I need your help, as I have to run

away from home the same way, as my Mummy will never approve the girl I like. He says our choice doesn’t match. Shalu says how I will bear him. Lakshmi says she will go to get the stuff. Ayush says what is the problem if we buy. Shalu says Di wants to buy stuff with her money. Ayush says our money is same. Lakshmi says mischievous. Shalu says we shall go now for shopping. Bani says I have to push you both out. Ayush hugs Rishi and Lakshmi and leave.

Virender asks Neelam to have something. Malishka asks her to think about her and have something. She says my life is dependent on you, and says God forbid if anything happens to you, then what will happen with me. Neelam says I am doing this so that Rishi returns for you. Malishka says everything will happen if you stay fine and asks her to drink juice from her hand, regarding her as daughter. Neelam says my daughter is saying and that’s why I will drink juice. Malishka thanks her for keeping up her respect. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he has to go for meeting. Kashi Aunty comes there and gives mosquito net to Lakshmi to tie on the window. Rishi says he will do and says first measurement needs to be taken. He asks her to tie handkerchief as he is allergic to dust, and then he will tie the mosquito net. While Lakshmi keeps the net on the window, Rishi fixes it using nail and hammer. He hurts his finger. Lakshmi blows on his finger. Dil Jhoom Jhoom Jaaye plays….Lakshmi asks if he is feeling pain even now. Rishi says pain is gone long back and says he liked the way she was blowing on his finger and says I will hit hammer on my hand again and again to get your love. Lakshmi says I will do the remaining work. Rishi says no, I will do, man doesn’t feel pain. Lakshmi pinches him and asks him to go. Rishi asks her to tell if she needs anything. Lakshmi says ok, my Aaqa. He asks her to say again. She gives angry look. He says he doesn’t like it. Lakshmi says bye and then stops him, and takes out handkerchief and makes him wear jacket. Dil Jhoom Jhoom plays….Lakshmi asks him to go. Rishi says bye. Lakshmi tries to fix the mosquito net/mesh and hits hammer on her finger. Rishi comes and blows on her finger. Song plays…..

Lakshmi asks why did you come back? Rishi says I know you are accident prone and asks her to do the work carefully. Lakshmi asks him to go. Rishi goes. Lakshmi thinks Rishi is good, he has left his home and luxurious life for me, he is not returning to his mother for me, and asks God not to give him any sorrows.

Malishka tells Karishma that Rishi couldn’t become a good son and should have returned for his mother atleast. Karishma says Lakshmi is not letting him return and is playing a big game. Malishka agrees that Lakshmi is doing everything, but Rishi is not a small child to obey her. Sonal says it is Lakshmi’s ploy. Kiran says virender was telling that Rishi was living in a small house in poverty. Sonal says then Rishi will return. Kiran says until he has Oberoi surname, Rishi can get house and anything. Karishma says you want to say that the Oberoi surname privilege shall be snatched from Rishi. Kiran says yes, if the rights and privileges are snatched from him, then only Lakshmi will leave him and then Rishi will return.

Rishi meets the client who tells that he wants the sign on the deal. He thinks he has to go home to take Dad’s sign. Kiran asks Neelam not to blame Rishi and tells that Lakshmi is guilty. She goes. Rishi comes there. Malishka hugs him and says he has returned, she is very happy. Neelam looks at him. Rishi asks Neelam, how is she? Neelam says you have done a favor by returning. Malishka says it is good that you identified the betrayal Lakshmi. Rishi says he has not returned home and has come home as an employee. He asks Virender to sign and calls him Sir. Karishma says Sir and taunts him for breaking relation with them. Neelam is upset too and says it is good that you told. Rishi says when I have left home, I had decided not to use the Surname. He talks to Virender about the client and takes his sign. Virender signs on it. Rishi says he wants to invite them for his wedding with Lakshmi and asks them to come. Virender says he will come and is waiting for that day. Dadi says my blessings are with you. Malishka asks Rishi, how can you do this, and says I am staying here and you want to marry Lakshmi. Rishi says it is your decision. He is about to leave. Malishka tries to stop him, but Rishi leaves. Malishka asks Virender if he didn’t hear that Rishi broke relation with them. Karishma taunts Lakshmi. Dadi asks her to say with true heart. Malishka thinks argument never ends in the house and goes behind Rishi. Karishma thinks she went behind Rishi.

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