Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 24 January 2024

Strings of love 24 January 2024: Doctor treats Kiara and informs Jasleen that Kiara had an abortion due to stress. Jasleen asks if she can meet her daughter and when can she take her home. Doctor says tomorrow. Jasleen goes to meet Kiara.

Angad asks Sahiba if they can discuss about whatever happened. Sahiba looking aside says a lot happened, but there is nothing to discuss about. Angad says she can look at him at least. Sahiba says she had looked at him when his family questioned her character. Angad apologizes her for questioning her character while she was trying to save his family’s dignity and asks why didn’t she inform him about it beforehand.

Sahiba says he is blaming her even now and asks if he would have forgiven her if she had questioned his character. Keerat calls Sahba and asks if she is fine as they learnt from Veer that she in a hospital. Sahiba says she is fine and will talk to her later. Angad thinks he did really wrong with Sahiba by not trusting her.

Angad, Sahiba, and Jasleen take Kiara home. Akaal says he is ashamed of Jasleen’s wrong upbringing and her children who got them into humiliated position. Jasleen says she didn’t want to bring Kiara home. Hansraj says he thought Jasleen wouldn’t return home after so much humiliation. Angad says they should stand by the family in distress like they stand by them in happiness. Garry walks in with Seerat and says he is ashamed of Kiara and doesn’t want to see her face. Jaspal says Garry also did lots of sins and is daring to talk to him looking at his face, he should feel ashamed of himself first. Sahiba says family should help Kiara move on and suggests Jasleen to support her daughter as she needs her support most.

Jasleen says she doesn’t need her suggestion. Seerat hugs Kiara and says she can seek her help whenever she wants to and murmurs in her ears that she is her DIL from Shimalpuri.

Akaal says Jasleen should be thankful to Sahiba instead of criticizing her. Japjyoth says Sahiba proved that she is a perfect DIL. Akaal says Sahiba wouldn’t have paid attention to Kiara if she was working at her shop, she should think about it. Manveer yells at Sahiba that she would have informed them directly, but she wanted to shows her greatness. Kiara says Sahiba didn’t want inform them at all and wanted Jatin to meet them and marry her normally.

She says she wants to shift to London for some time to get out of her sorrows. Angad asks Veer to book London tickets for Kiara. Kiara hugs him emotionally and asks him to take care of Sahiba. She then hugs Sahiba.

After some time, Angad takes Sahiba in his car. Sahiba asks why is he going towards her shop while he said he is taking her to her parental house. Angad asks her to wait for a minute. Sahiba closes her eyes and says she can’t see her burnt shop. Angad asks her to meet the people who are waiting for her at least.

Veer brings Ajith, Santosh, and Keerat there. Angad shows their house and takes them in. They are surprised to see their shop turned into a goldsmith’s workshop. Angad says he is no one to return Ajith shop back to him, but he did whatever he could. He makes Ajith sit on a boss’s chair and says he should for Sahiba’s sake as Sahiba grew up seeing him designing gold jewelry. He continues to talk emotionally and says Ajith will design jewelry for Brars from hereon. Sahiba and whole family get emotional seeing Angad’s pleasant surprise.

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