Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 24 January 2024

Faltu 24 January 2024: The boys of the family bring the murti of God. Dadi explains the importance of the lotus flowers. Govind and Janardhan tell that it will be difficult to find more lotuses in the day of Akshay tritiya. They ask the girls to take care of it.

Here, Faltu eagers to join the worshiping in the Mittal family for once, but Ayaan forbids to enter in the house.Meanwhile, Dadi and others members of the house notice that all the flowers are destroyed. Sumitra starts her drama, she explains may it’s not God’s wish that she will be worshipped in this house. Janardan feels outrageous and asks Sid to check the camera. But Sumitra tries to handle the situation following her own way. Sumitra days that is the sign of ominous thing.

Suddenly, Sumitra pretends that she has realised the reason of this bad indication.

She blaims Faltu is the cause of all this tantrums. Faltu is the not the lakshi of this house. Dadi rebukes her. But Janardan again aske Sid to check the market and bring the flowers by hook and crook. He also asks to check the cctv footage. Here, Faltu promises herself anyhow she will bring the flowers for Mittal family by herself, she only cares for that.

Ayaan and Faltu go to the market to search for the Lotus flowers, but no one get the flower. Ayaan asks Faltu to come in the home, but Faltu is reluctant to back in the home. She asks a individual where she would get the Lotus. He indicates a pond where many Lotus are there, but there are many snakes in the water. Faltu, in the shore, how would she proceed to the water. Finally she starts to pluck the lotus one by one.

Here in the Mittal family all the members get tensed that no one is getting flowers anywhere. Govind also confirms that he failed to arrange lotus flowers. Now, Sumitra again emphasizes the fact Faltu is not right individual for this family, she also blames Tanisha and Kanika. Now Jamana rebukes Sumitra for her dramatic behaviour. Meanwhile, Tanisha and Kanika ready there and triggers off the situation. Tanisha advised Sumitra in the past to spoil the puja. Sumitra also understands the gesture of Tanisha.

Here in the pond, Faltu is busy to plucking the Lotus suddenly she feels something odd in her surround, but she pacifies herself thinking of Matarani. She prays to God to help her, and again she continues plucking flowers. Finally, she has completed her task but suddenly she feels a wound in her leg. She fears whether any snake has bitten her, but ignore this fact and proceeds towards the home.

Here, Ayaan doesn’t find Faltu anywhere, and searches for Faltu. In the way, Faltu feels aches in the leg but she have to do haste and she runs. Here, Brahmin also asks Dadi to do hurry as the time is running. When Dadi asks the Brahmin to start puja without Lotus, Faltu appears in the door and says she has plucked the flowers which makes the evil jealous. Aryaan notices there is something wrong in her gesture, after sometimes, Faltu confesses she has bitten by the snake and losts her sense.

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