Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 25 January 2024

Strings of love 25 January 2024: Angad tells Sahiba that Brar jewelers always need good artisans and asks Ajith if he would like to work for Brar jewelers. Ajith happily nods yes. Angad then pleads Sahiba to forgive him for his mistake. Santosh says why wouldn’t Sahiba forgive him, her whole family will forgive him.

Keerat says when he called her to meet him, she didn’t know he was planning all this; he is really a kind hearted person. Ajith emotionally hugs Angad. Keerat tells Sahiba that Angad is not that bad. Ajith hugs even Sahiba. Keerat clicks their photo. Veer says its a lovely moments and clicks a selfie. Santosh says they got double good news, Angad give them a brand new shop and Sahiba is pregnant.

Sahiba says she is not pregnant. Santosh is shocked and asks if she lost her baby. Sahiba says she hospital people mentioned her name in someone else’s report by mistake. Santosh says its okay, but soon when she gets pregnant, she should inform her first after Angad.

Back home, Sahiba brings sweets for Angad. Angad gets happy seeing phirni. Sahiba asks if he helped her family to gain her forgiveness. Angad says he felt guilty for his mistake and wanted to correct it.

Sahiba says when they repent for their mistake, its called learning and not mistake, so he got a learning from his mistake. She feeds him kheer he smiles. He then asks her to select a color and font on his laptop. Sahiba helps him and asks what is it for. He holding her hand says its a surprise which she will find out tomorrow. Sahiba notices him holding her hand. Angad feels nervous and walks aside. She smiles. She then asks if he informed his family that he renovated her father’s shop and gave him a contract. Angad says no. Sahiba says he should inform them before they find out later and react. Angad asks her to leave it on him.

Jasleen walks to Garry’s room and asks Seerat about him. Seerat says he must be wandering somewhere. Jasleen says everyone forgave Kiara, but they may not forgive Garry easily. She says everyone were happy when they learnt that Sahiba is pregnant and giving them a heir, had Sahiba informed her about it. Seerat says no. Jasleen says now she can also become everyone’s favorite by really bearing a child and giving this house its first heir. She asks her to not just think but grab the opportunity. Garry fumes recalling his insult by Jaspal. Seerat walks to him and says there is a way via which he can regain family’s importance and says Jasleen suggested if they becomes parents before Angad and Sahiba, he will get back his important. Garry gets angry and says he doesn’t even let her touch his things, forget him. Seerat says what is wrong in it. Garry says she is just his wife for the world and not him, so she should be in her limits. Seerat sits crying.

Next day, Angad hosts a 50th anniversary party of their shop. Sahiba walks in ready in a beautiful sari. Angad gets lost in her beauty. Everyone notice that. Seerat holds Garry’s hand and he walks away fuming. Ludhiana jewelers’ president congratulates Akaal for completing 50 years in business and says Akaal took a right decision of making Angad as his successor who will achieve new heights in business. Angad walks to family. Japjyoth praises party decoration. Angad says it wasn’t possible without Sahiba’s help. Japjyoth introduces Sahiba to her guest and praises her. Reporters discuss that Garry also manages business. Akaal says not now. Gurleen takes Sahiba to introduce her to her friends. Angad notices Seerat crying and walks behind her. Sahiba notices that.

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