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The Episode starts with Kapalika telling Vikram, Sumitra and others that she will kill them. Vikram and Sumitra ask her to forgive Nikki, thinking her as innocent and childish. Kapalika asks if they are fooling her. She pushes and kicks them, and then she ties them with the snakes. She says she will show death to Nikki’s first and goes inside.

Saudamini is hiding and looks on, as Kapalika enters as the black smoke and then appears infront of Nikki. She says Choti bahurani, I had welcomed you in Bhurangarh, and today I will do your farewell. Nikki starts reciting holy mantras and Kapalika keeps hands on her ears in pain. She then asks if she is done, as Nikki stops. She says inauspicious things happen in Bhurangarh, and says people bend down infront of evil and promotes sin. She says today I will snatch your breath from you. She attacks her with the snake from her mouth and hits her on the walls. She says today you will see my anger and today you will know that death itself is afraid of her, Kapaal’s rani. She says I will not kill you easily and will torture you so much, that the helper has to come infront of me then I will kill her too. She asks what is your truth, and why Baldevi is helping you.

Nikki thinks if that voice is of Baldevi. She says I am a normal orphan girl of Goa. Kapalika says either you don’t know or you are lying, says if you was normal, simple girl then Baldevi wouldn’t have helped you. Nikki says God is with me. Kapalika says don’t take god’s name and says I will take your life. Nikki says life and death is in God’s hands. Nikki moves backwards. Kapalika says here, just God’s name is taken. Nikki smiles seeing Kapalika standing near the cross.

She jumps and takes the axe, and says I will take God’s name 1000’s times, and says bhagwan. She breaks the rope, and the net falls down on Kapalika which is tied with holy stuff. Kapalika feels the burning sensation. Nikki throws Gangajal on her and says it will not let you live. Saudamini is watching everything. Nikki brings the burning coal and says Malik and you have made our family as slave, why? She says you will take me to Malik, else I will never free you.

Kapalika says I will take you to Malik, but first I will kill you, and will drag your body infront of him, and then he will eat you. Nikki asks her to stop worrying about her and instead worry about herself. She asks her to take her to Malik, it is a last chance. Kapalika laughs and flies in air. She shouts loudly and Nikki keeps hand on her ears. Kapalika breaks the net and tells that she is the Queen of Kapalika, and Malik’s Slave, and Nikki is a small ant infront of her. Nikki throws the stool on her.

Kapalika breaks it and asks how dare you. Saudamini gets shocked. Nikki is not there. Kapalika asks her to come out of her hole and face her. Saudamini thinks she shall not move, else Kapalika will attack her thinking her to be Nikki and she will die. Kapalika asks Nikki to come out. Nikki comes there holding the trishul.

Piyush comes back with the Ashwagandha herbs, and calls Suguna. Aarohi takes Nikki’s name in unconscious state. Nikki asks Kapalika if she is searching her and attacks her with the trishul. Kapalika moves and the trishul hits the wall. She attacks Nikki and Nikki shouts Piyush. Piyush hears Nikki calling him. Aarohi takes Nikki’s name. Piyush thinks what did Nikki do now? He makes Aarohi smell the herbs. Kapalika hurts Nikki and makes her fall down. She then drags her with the snake from her mouth and then swallows the snake. Nikki shouts Piyush.

Aarohi gains consciousness and tells Piyush about Nikki’s war with Kapalika. Piyush is shocked. Kapalika then keeps her foot on Nikki. She asks did you see, what is the consequences of my powers and says I am alive since many years, and your God stuff can’t harm me. She says you will die now. She takes her demon avatar and is about to kill Nikki, when Piyush jumps down from the balcony and hits rod on Kapalika’s head. Kapalika falls down. Piyush asks Nikki if she is fine. Kapalika attacks Piyush and makes him fly in air and then pushes him down. He faints. Kapalika holds Nikki with the snake, strangulates her waist and neck and asks her to call her divine help. She says even Baldevi knows that you will die today, if she comes then I will kill them both. Baldev says Nikki is in trouble.

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