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Anuj asks Anupama what is it, seeing the chair with red cloth on it. Anupama makes him wear the crown. Anuj says I have understood that this is a throne and this crown of a king. He asks which fort he has won that she made him sit on the chair. Anupama says you have won my heart and asks how many times you will win my heart, and says I love you immensely. Anuj says you are establishing monarchy in democratic country and now as I have become king can do anything.

He says you are the queen of my heart and says whatever I did is normal and not great. He says people doesn’t think that the girl is great to take care of her inlaws, but tags the guy as great if he even touches his inlaws’ feet. Anupama says you have relieved all my guilts, I was guilty of not taking care of Choti, Baa and Babu ji etc, well.

She says if I had asked them, then they wouldn’t have come and says don’t know how you brought them. Anuj says I gave your promise. He asks her to concentrate on her husband now and don’t roam here and there. She says the door is open. Anuj says if anything happens to me then? Anupama asks him not to say this. Anuj makes her sit on the chair and makes him wear the crown. Anupama says babu ji, laugh at Anuj and goes.

Dimpy checks Kavya and finds her sleeping. She comes to the hall and gets the call asking her if she is feeling lonely, and that if he shall come. She hears the door knocking sound and gets tensed. She stands all night awake.

Anupama tells Malti Devi that Anuj didn’t take her permission before bringing Baa and Babu ji here, though she knows that she wouldn’t have refused. Malti Devi says no problem. She says they must be feeling strange here. Anupama says we shall make them confortable here. She says you must have asked him to bring them here. Anupama says no and tells that if she had told them then he wouldn’t have refused her. Anupama says I didn’t ask him when I brought you here, as he understands me.

Pakhi comes there and asks when Baa and Babu ji have come here. Anupama says in the night when Adhik and you went to the party. Pakhi asks until when they will stay here. Anupama says until they wanted. Pakhi says now they have to hear Baa’s taunts also along with Anupama’s lecture. Anupama says they will be taken good care here. Romil brings Baa and Babu ji there. Everyone greets them. Ankush asks if she got good sleep. Baa says she was waking up in between.

Malti devi says you are habitual to sleep in noise. Anupama says slowly you will get habitual. Barkha asks if they will stay here until they get habituated. Ankush says it is good. Romil says we will enjoy. Anupama asks them to sit. Malti Devi stops Babu ji and says this is Anuj’s chair. Babu ji says sorry, I didn’t know. Anuj comes there and says Malti Devi doesn’t know that the person is respected and not the chair. He says anyone can sit on the chair, even Malti Devi. He asks Babu ji to sit and says elders can sit anywhere. He makes Babu ji and Baa sit on the chairs. He then makes Malti Devi sit. Malti Devi thanks him.

Kavya wakes up and thinks she couldn’t wake up till 9 am. She sees Dimpy sitting on the floor and sleeping. She calls her. Dimpy wakes up holding the knife. Kavya asks what happened? Dimpy tells her everything and says same thing had happened before also. Kavya asks her to calm down and says your pain was triggered due to this.

Pakhi asks Anupama why they are serving Baa and Babu ji. Anupama says she likes to serve them. Pakhi says you have spoiled everyone’s habit and then they call you to Shah house often. Anupama asks what do you mean by these people and says they have cleaned your potty, and made you walk. She says they are your grand parents and my parents. She says you don’t keep the glass also and Baa used to do your house there. She says I take your care more than taking care of them. Anuj asks Pakhi to get up and go to her room, and says your breakfast will be sent there. Anupama asks her to go. Pakhi says early morning, the drama started.

Kavya and Dimpy hear the door knocking sound. Tapish asks if anyone is at home. Dimpy opens the door, moving the furniture from the door. She sees him. Tapish asks what happened, it seems storm had come here. Dimpy asks what is he doing here? Tapish says he has come to take keys and asks if she is coming. Dimpy says she will come. Kavya asks her to get ready and says she will give the keys. She asks Tapish to take care of Dimpy. He asks what happened?

Anuj tells Baa and Babu ji that he is their son and not son in law. Baa thanks him. Anuj says I shall thank you, and tells that Anupama has filled his life with love and care. Anupama smiles.

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