Anupama starlife update Friday 17 May 2024

Baa tells Babu ji that she has sprayed on his feet and says him to sit for sometime. She takes her phone and says so many messages were coming. She tells that she got call from Jamnagar and picks the call. Pakhi sees the video and says I knew it. Dimpy says life was difficult without Samar, and tells that now People will taunt me and will kill me, and says they will not let me breath also.

She recalls Baa’s taunts, and says she got the reason now to stop me from going out. She says Baa is unwell now, I can’t fight with her. Dimpy’s students tell that they will put on their social media handle that the video is fake. Dimpy says nobody will listen that it is morphed. Tapish tries to console her, but she pushes him down, and says you are not just Tapish by name, but by means too and says you have burnt my respect, life, career and everything. Tapish gets up and turns to go. He sees Anupama coming. Anupama looks at him. Tapish goes.

Pakhi shouts calling Baa. Romil tries to stop her and says Baa is unwell. Pakhi says Baa shall know. Baa and others come there. Pakhi shows the video to them, and says I told not to keep Dimpy on their heads, and asks her to see her krantikari bahu’s doings. Romil says the video is fake and asks why you are saying this. Pakhi says if it was fake, then it wouldn’t have been viral. Romil says you are talking like illiterate. Babu ji says it is fake. Malti Devi says both are young and tells that she has seen youngsters falling in love in her Guru kul. Pakhi taunts Dimpy saying she is pregnant and having an affair. Barkha says she didn’t expect this from Dimpy. Babu ji says enough. Baa goes from there.

Anupama says you are not wrong. Dimpy says that the society will not let her live. She says they were taunting her when she was having gol gappa, and says if she was not pregnant then she would have died. Anupama says enough and tells that this society raised question on my character when Anuj and I were friends, and says I fought with them as I was not wrong. She says you have to fight with them always, and says people needs a chance to taunt. She asks if she is afraid of Baa and says I will fight for you. She says everyone is standing with you and knows that you are not wrong. She gets a call.

Babu ji asks Baa to have water and medicine, else her BP will increase. Baa takes the medicine and says that’s why I was stopping her from working outside, and asks her to see what has happened? Babu ji says there is no guarantee that if anyone sits at home, then it is not assured that everything will be fine. Baa says now they have to sit at home hiding our face. Babu ji says our Dimpy is not wrong. Baa says people will trouble Dimpy and her baby, and says I am not anyone’s enemy and that’s why stops others. Babu ji says if I fall down on the road, then you will say that I shall stay at home.

Baa says now see which medal, your bahu and beti have got. Jhanak calls her and asks her not to lose strength. She says you was with me during my bad times and now I am with you. She says don’t think that you are alone, your Jhanak is with you always. She says she will come and meet Anupama and her. Anupama tells Dimpy that the friends are with her. She tells Dimpy that people are doing bad with her, and that she has done wrong with Titu. She says you have put all blame on him, and tells that he has many fan following on social media, and asks her to think about his respect. She says even men have respect, and tells that he has worked hard and earned his name and respect.

She tells her that the real fight will start now, and asks her to get ready to hear the people’s taunts. She asks her to come home. Baa lights the diya and does puja. Barkha tells that Anupama has a family which she shall be ashamed of. She says Vanraj and Toshu had affair and Pakhi had eloped to marry, and Kavya is having her ex husband’s baby. She says Dimpy is doing the rest of thing. Malti Devi says Anupama teaches morality and values to others, but she don’t see that her own kids are mannerless and having bad values. Barkha tells that Anupama went there, when they were here, so that nobody asks her. Malti Devi says it is Anupama’s family, but why my son has become their slave. Barkha tells that they take Anuj’s advantage.

Baa hears them and asks them to let her pray with peace. Malti Devi says then you would have stayed at your house. Baa says Anuj has called us here with respect. Barkha tells that Anuj was forced as you people used to call Anupama there often. Baa says we did a mistake, we will go in the morning after informing Anuj. Malti devi asks her to leave without telling Anuj and asks her to go and handle her bahus who are cutting their nose. Anuj hears them and calls Malti Devi. Malti Devi gets tensed.

Anupama tells Dimpy about the guys harassing her, and then coming to the academy. She says when they said nonsense, Titu had beaten them. Anupama says this means they have made your morphed video to take revenge from you both. They see people watching the video standing on the road. Dimpy sees the goons who made their video, and tells Anupama. The goon asks if she liked the video. Anupama takes the belt kept in the shop. The goon says there is a rowdy waking up in the aunty and asks the other to make the video. Anupama starts beating him and makes him fall down.

The other goon tries to stop her, and Anupama beats him too. She tells Dimpy that if she gets afraid then they will scare you more. She asks them not to be afraid, and fight with them, and says I will not be with you always, you have to fight your own war yourself. She says the woman is not weak, asks the goons not to think woman as weak. She says you had fought before also, and had won. The goon is about to attack Anupama. Dimpy beats him. Anupama smiles.

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