Anupama starlife update Thursday 16 May 2024

Baa is working in the kitchen. Barkha asks what you are doing, you have come here to rest. Baa says she can’t sit idle. Barkha says that means you are not unwell. Baa says I am unwell and also aged, and says Shah rukh khan had said in film that who doesn’t do any work is a wonder.

She says you are a wonder too and asks her to cut tomatoes for her. Barkha says her nails will be damaged. Malti devi comes there and says you are ordering the owner being the guest. She tells that my son has brought you here and asks her to rest, if you fell down then. Baa says Anuj has brought us here and asked us to feel this house as ours, but we will not do that. She says she is making food for Anuj and not for herself, as Anuj likes the theplas with chutney. She says we used to come her often, but you are new here,and this way you are the guest. Malti Devi asks if you have made aloo ka halwa for Anuj. Baa says yes, and says Anuj likes it. Malti Devi says she can make it better than her.

Barkha thinks it will be samdhan vs samdhan now, full entertainment.

Tapish is teaching dance to the kids. He asks Dimpy to tell a step which she has choreographed. Dimpy choreographs the dance. The goons are standing out and taking their video. He asks if we shall come inside to learn the dance. Tapish asks them to come inside, and tells that he will show them good dance steps, and says the video won’t be clear from there. Dimpy moves back. The goons come inside and say we want to make madam’s MMS and don’t want your video. Tapish beats them. Dimpy asks him to leave them. Tapish pushes her and she falls. He runs to her and asks if she is fine. The goons go out and make the video again, to ruin their image.

Baa and Malti Devi present their halwa bowl infront of Anuj and asks him to say whose halwa is better. Ankush says he is trapped. Anupama says this will be enjoyable. Anuj finds himself in a fix and tells that he will eat it. He tastes both halwa and says both are same, and it is like my mother used to make. He says both are same and mixes it and eats. Anupama says it is good, but they shall not fight. Malti Devi says I will make gobi for you. Baa says he likes bhareli bhindi. Anuj says Baa knows about me. Baa taunts that Mother shall know, but she didn’t care. Anuj looks at Anupama.

Tapish tells Dimpy that he will do the work and then will drop her at home. Dimpy asks if I am a small girl that will go missing from the way. He says he didn’t mean that. Dimpy asks him not to show care and concern and says I don’t want your sympathy. She says my husband is not here, and that doesn’t mean that I am desperate, and anyone will dance on my head. She asks her not to talk nonsense with her. Tapish says you don’t need to overact and tells that if he calls one girl then 4 girls will come and he is not that kind of guy, who helps a girl for some intention. He asks her not to give importance to herself and goes.

Romil is teaching computer to Babu ji. Anuj and Anupama come there. Babu ji says he has learnt to send email and now trying to search on internet. Anupama reminisces that she was happy when she first learnt it. Anuj says even he felt happy. He appreciates Babu ji and says you are inspiration for youngsters. Babu ji says I will be tech savvy in few days. Romil checks his phone and gets shocked to see the video of Dimpy and Tapish’s morphed video in romantic pose.

He shows it to Anupama and Anuj. Anuj says this is morphed or fake. Anupama says yes. Romil says it is fake, there are Apps to morph the photo. Anupama says if Baa or Dimpy see the video. Anuj says I will enquire with cyber cell, who has posted this video.

Anupama says Dimpy will break down and if Baa sees this, then destruction will happen. Baa gets the message and checks the phone. She finds the video. Babu ji comes there and asks her to bring spray for his leg. He switches off the phone. Baa comes to Babu ji and applies him spray.

Anuj tells someone that they shall get the video deleted from internet and finds out who has done this. Romil says I tried all means, but it is not deleted. Anupama worries for Dimpy. Dimpy watches the video in her phone and gets teary eyes. Tapish says those mawalis are doing this and asks Dimpy not to worry. Dimpy says why I shall not worry, when my self respect is getting viral in people’s phones and I am being discussed everywhere, and my career and life is ending then why not to worry. She cries.

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