Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Strings of love 15 August 2023: Keerat asks Sahiba that she is done with their mummy’s drama, so she should accompany mummy to the party now. Sahiba asks what happened. Keerat explains what Santosh did. Sahiba convince her to accompany Santosh in. Veer addresses Sahiba as heartist. Sahiba asks what’s that. Santosh and Seerat get mesmerized seeing Brar mansion and search for young boys. Santosh notices Angad and asks who is that handsome boy. Seerat says he is Angad, Brar family’s elder son. Santosh sends her to lure him. Seerat walks towards Angad and acts as slipping. Angad holds her and gets lost in her eyes. Santosh gets happy seeing that and then realizes its her imagination. Angad ignores Seerat and leaves. Seerat fumes that he is the first boy who ignored her beauty.

Veer tells Sahiba that whose’s art touches a heart is a heartist, her art is liked by his whole family. Sahiba says even he is a heartist as his voice touches people’s heart. Veer says he justs sings to practice and is just a small singer. Sahiba says his music really touches people’s heart. Veer asks her not to praise him so much and asks why isn’t she coming in. Sahiba recalls Angad ordering her to get out of his house and says Brar’s one son is so jovial and another so arrogant and self-centered. Seerat tries to leave angrily. Santosh stops her and says she is looking very pretty. Seerat criticizes Sahiba’s stitched dress. Keerat acting as listening to a son laughs on Seerat.

Veer takes Seerat in. Seerat asks why don’t he go and join his family. He says he wants to stay away from limelight and asks what art means to her. Seera explains her view and says art is free and nobody can hold it. Veer says he will never forget her words. Gurleen hosts the event and announces that is her grandparents Akal Singh Brar and Javjot Kaur Brar’s 55th wedding anniversary. Reporters question Akal about the success of his marriage. He gives credit to Javjot’s nature and his family bonding. Reporters question about the differences between Inder and Akal. Akal recalls young Inder confronting Akal when Akal breaks his hockey stick and spoils his dream of becoming a hockey player. He says people ignore one’s 1000 achievements and look at one failure, they should look at his grandson who took Brar’s jewelry business to its new heights. Angad tries to convince Inder to attend party, but he refuses citing his Akal’s dominating nature.

Santosh and Seerat’s drama continues. Guests praise prayer room decoration in front of Kiara. Veer tells Sahiba that he will introduce her to the guests. Kiara takes credit of the decoration. Veer fumes and tries to confront her, but Sahiba stops him.

Seerat and Angad dance on stage. Sahiba sees Seerat about to step on a nail on stage, rushes and saves Seerat. Seerat slips, Angad holds her and gets angry on Sahiba. Angad shouts at Sahiba for returning even after his warning in the morning. Sahiba gives him a befitting reply. Seerat refuses to identify Sahiba and asks her to leave. Santosh also shouts from behind at Sahiba to go from there.

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