Strings of love Starlife update Monday 14 August 2023

Strings of love 14 August 2023: Santosh insists Sahiba to accompany them to Brar’s party. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to visit arrogant and superegoistic people and thinks she doesn’t want to send them either. Santosh says once Seerat gets married in a rich Brar family, she will find alliance for Sahiba also. Sahiba says she wants to stay away from rich people’s show-off life. Keerat says she is right. Santosh says if they don’t marry a rich boy, their lives would be like her. Sahiba says she wants to be self-dependent, earn money and spend it on her cute mother and beautiful sisters; she wants to spread her art in the whole world. Santosh says enough now as its getting late. Seerat says she doesn’t want to go in an auto.

Sahiba offers her money for a cab drive. Santosh prays hod to not let her visit go waste and fix Seerat’s alliance in a rich family like he sent passes.

Santosh with Seerat and Keerat reaches party venue. Senior security guard asks his team not to let anyone inside without passes. Santosh standing in queue starts boasting about herself that her daughter doesn’t attend any party, but couldn’t deny when Brar’s sent them passes with so much love and affection. Seerat uploads her photo in social media and says her makeup with fade away due to sweat. Santosh asks guard to arrange an AC there as her daughter’s makeup is fading away. Guard asks her to show her passes. Santosh finds passes missing.

Taiji tells Sahiba that Santosh and Seerat left all the stuff unattended. She offers food to Sahiba and asks her to take care of herself. Sahiba says her taiji is there to take care of her. She notices Santosh forgetting passes at home and rushes towards Brar mansion. Santosh gets tensed not finding passes. Guard sends her aside. Seerat live streams a video on her social media account and feels excited seeing a celebrity. She then asks Santosh to get the passes out soon. Santosh says she left it at home andtries to convince guard to let them in. Guard humiliates her and sends her aside. Keerat gets angry on guards, but Santosh stops her.

Angad discusses his plan of opening a luxury mall. He hears Santosh fighting with other guests and trying to snatch their passes. He orders security officer not to let anyone in without passes. Guard pushes Santosh away. Seerat starts crying and blames Santosh for humiliating her in front of her fans. Santosh acts as speaking to Brar’s and tries to enter in, but guard stops her again and pushes her out unable to bear her drama. Sahiba walks in and protects them. Guards identify her and ask why didn’t she inform them that they are with her. Santosh scolds guards and walk in.

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