Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 16 august 2023

Strings of love 16 august 2023: Akal/Darji calls Angad on stage. Garry smiles looking at a girl. Jasleen asks him to focus on his aim instead of a girl, she didn’t get a fair chance in this house, so he should go on stage instead of Angad and act as if he managed everything. He goes on stage and takes mic from Akal. Santosh asks Seerat who is he. Seerat asks how does she know. Santosh says he also looks important in Brar family. Garry welcomes guests and says they will witness a blast today as many celebrities have come. Guests discuss where is Angad. Angad enters with a gold hands with music playing in the background and walks on stage.

He takes mic from Garry and says this is his Darji and Bebe’s 55th anniversary and his Darji held his Bebe’s hand on the same day and at the same time, these golden

hands are a replica of their hands.
He describes a long story of Darji where Darji’s jewelry shop is looted and thief takes only most precious necklace set from his shop and how he took it as complement for his skills. He continues the story describing how Darji’s principles impressed him. Everyone clap for him. Seerat notices stains on his sherwani and comments that she can’t believe he is Brar family’s business head. Santosh says big people have unique thinking. Angad announces his plan of opening India’s biggest mall the Brar Avneue and says his brother Veer Singh Brar will head it. Garry stands jealous. Angad further announces a girda/dance competition with a gift from Brar family for the winner and asks ladies to get their name registered. Darji and Bebe pass by Inder’s room while return to their room and notice him. Akal walks aside. Bebe stops and asks Inder to come out as his Darji left. Inder gifts her a pendant. Akal feels emotional.

Santosh asks Seerat to win the competition at any cost. Seerat asks if she will get a diamond set as trophy. Santosh says her goal should be winning a competition and marrying one of Brar sons. She asks her to imagine sitting among Brar’s as their bahu. Seerat says she will set a stage on fire. Keerat taunts she can’t set a stove on fire and wants to set a stage on fire instead. Santosh scolds her and asks Seerat to watch videos and learn to dance and make sure Angad’s eyes are set on him. Garry messages a lady reporter. Reporter with other reporters throngs around Angad and asks if she can question him. Angad says she can. Reporter says he is a perfectionist and wearing a stained sherwani for his family’s special event. Angad fumes recalling Seerat dropping paint on him. Garry says he told Angad to change his dress, smiling at the reporter. Angad leaves saying no comments.

Sahiba passes behind Angad clashing on him. Keerat pulls Sahiba aside before Angad could see her. She informs that Santosh is forcing Seerat to participate in girda/dance competition. Sahiba says Seerat di doesn’t know to dance. Santosh tells Seerat that of she doesn’t trap a rich Brar boy, she will have to lead a poor life like her. Sahiba enters and asks her not to force Seerat. Seerat asks how did she enter in. Sahiba says Veer.. Santosh stops her and asks her to teach dance to Seerat. Keerat asks Santosh to stop misusing Sahiba’s kidness.


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