Faltu starlife update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Faltu 15 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw, Ayaan introducing Faltu to his family. Tanisha sees her and gets jealous. Siddharth notices this.

Faltu reminds Ayaan about his promise to coach Anmol. Ayaan agrees. Faltu dances with joy. Pappi along with Faltu’s family reach the mart. Ratan says that today Pappi will deal with the situation and not them. Pappi mistreat Faltu and slam her in front of the entire village. Charan warns Pappi not to utter a single word but Ratan stops him. Faltu says that they are not married yet and hence she will do what she feels like.

Ayaan says why are they making a mountain out of the mile. Pappi is about to slap Faltu but Ayaan holds his hand and stops him. Pappi asks him to leave his hand. Ayaan says that had he consulted a doctor because those who lay hands on a woman are not men. Faltu’s mother grabs her by hand and takes her home. Ayaan is shocked to find out that they are marrying Faltu to Pappi.

Faltu’s family scolds her for being with Ayaan. Ratan says that there are rules for ladies of the village and she has violated them. Pappi says that he will set her right once he gets married to her. Faltu says that he has already got married four times. She says that she will return his money in the next three days and will not marry Pappi at any cost.

Ayaan recalls his advice to Faltu about supporting her family in every situation. He decides to help Faltu. At home, the Mittals are preparing for the lady’s sangeet. Siddhart comes and dances with Tanisha. They dance on a romantic track.

Tanisha calls Ayaan and asks him to take their marriage seriously. Ayaan promises her that he will be back soon. Siddharth bribes Pappi against Ayaan.

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