Lost in love update Tuesday 15 August 2023

Lost in love 15 August 2023: Pakhi threatens Sai that if she tries to snatch her identity, even she will snatch Sai’s identity. She looks at Chavans and says she will not get afraid of anyone or listen to them, this is her final decision. Sai says Pakhi is trying to snatch her identity as a doctor and her son, she will make sure she will take back her son from here; its a fight of truth and lies and Pakhi knows who is true and who is a liar here; she honestly treated Pakhi and is wrongly accused for performing her duty loyally, nobody can accuse a doctor like that, she will make sure Pakhi pays for her sins.

Satya reads case file and tells Dr. Survase that it looks like a case of husband, wife, and an outsider. Dr. Survase says its a case on Dr. Pulkit also who is a senior and reputed doctor. Satya says its a case between Virat Chavan’s ex and present wife, Pakhi has filed serious allegations on Sai; he has seen such cases before, Dr. Sai can lose her medical license; its a both medical negligence and criminal case, and if they have get Sai out of it, they need whole medical council’s help. Dr Survase says can’t he help Sai as a medical council member. Satya says he follows truth and can’t be dishonest to himself. Sai enters and says its good to hear that he follows a path of truth. Satya asks if she will say same if she is proved wrong. Sai says her Aabha used to say that they need not worry if they are on a right path and shouldn’t bother about the troubles that come across their way. Satya says she should be ready face unusual questions. Sai says she is ready to face any questions. Dr. Survase tells Sai that he has to suspend her till the case is over. Sai sadly says she’s being stopped from serving people, she will fight the case in court and will prove herself innocent.

Sai walks to her cabin and packs her bags. A nurse feels sorry for Sai and reveals that her case will be handled by Satya and fears if Satya will vent out his grudge on her. Sai says she is not afraid as she is not wrong. She gets out of her cabin. Outpatients there start badmouthing about her. Nurse warns them to go to some other hospital instead of criticizing Sai without knowing truth. Sai stops nurse and leaves from there. Virat calls his lawyer home, explains to him about the case, and says he will give evidence against Pakhi in court. Pakhi hears their conversation, looks angrily at them, and leaves. Sai walks in and taking Virat aside tells him that Pakhi is angry as she is staying in this house, she doesn’t want him to involve in this and doesn’t need his help. Virat says he is Napgur’s deputy commissioner and can’t see injustice in his own house. Sai says she knows how to handle her case and doesn’tn’t need his help.

Sai while making Savi asleep recalls patients criticizing her and feels sad. She promises her Aaba that she will not let anyone snatch her identity. Dr. Satya calls her and asks if she can meet him at the hospital right now. Sai asks at this time. Satya says if she has any other important work other than saving her medical license, she can skip. Sai says she will come right now. Savi asks where is she going. Sai says she has some medical emergency at the hospital and makes her asleep again. Virat gets his lawyer’s call who informs that he forwarded name and address of a medical council officer who is handling Sai’s case. Virat says he will check.

Pakhi says he is supporting his ex-wife against his wife and betraying her. Virat says he was a fool to trust her. Pakhi asks what does she mean. Virat reminds that her what she told when he asked her requested her not to send Sai and Savi out of the house and requests her to take back her case. Pakhi says she is doing this for their relationship. Virat says she is going far away from him with her heinous acts and warns her to reform herself before its too late.

Sai meets Satya. Satya asks how is she related to Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi was her husband’s brother’s wife before who passed away in an accident; and when she left her ex-husband Virat, Pakhi married Virat. Satya says it means she has multiple relationships with Pakhi. Sai says he can say so. Virat enters and says Sai is innocent, his wife has filed false allegations on Sai. Satya jokes that usually police comes late, but be came early this time. Virat says his wife was unconscious and not in a condition to give consent for surgery, so he had given consent to Dr Sai at that time. Satya asks why is he telling him all this. Virat says because he is a doctor who is appointed by medical council. Satya asks who gave him this information.

Virat asks Dr. Satya if he is a doctor who is appointed by the medical council. Satya asks who gave him this secret information, his heroic entry to save a helpless woman will backfire worsen her case instead. Sai asks why is he calling him helpless woman. Satya says he didn’t mean that and in his usual jovial style trie to explain Virat that he is interfering between investigation and worsening the case instead. Virat gets angry. Sai takes him out and explains him that Satya is just doing his duty and asks him to go. She returns to Satya’s cabin. Satya says her ex-husband is acting as if he is her present husband. Sai warns him. He says it looks like she really made a mistake. Sai starts her story. Satya stops her,starts voice recorder, and asks her to now start husand, wife, and outsider’s story.

Satya returns home and falls asleep listening to Sai’s statement. Maddy walks in and hearing voice recording calls other family members. Satya wakes up and finds them all standing in front of him. They all taunt him if he is selecting a girl listening to her voice. Satya feels nervous and says he is investigating a case. They continue to taunt him. Next day, Virat tells Bhavani that he will visit Gadchiroli and gather evidence in Sai’s favor. Savi insists to accompany him to show him directions. Satya meets Sai and asks her to accompany him on his bike to see all the places related to her case. Sai refuses. Satya says its both criminal and medical negligence case and if she doesn’t cooperate, he will direct reach court tomorrow and give evidence against her. Sai hesitantly agrees and leaves with him. Virat notices them going.

Satya continues to pester Sai with his jokes. Sai gets angry and starts walking. Satya convinces her and gets back on bike. He continues his jokes. Savi shows Kankauli’s directions to Virat and asks him not to tell Sai that they are come for a picnic. Sai takes Satya to City Hospital and informs that they brought Pakhi here for surgery. Satya asks her to wait till he finishes investigation. While returning home, Satya stops at a restaurant and teaches its chef to prepare kolhapuri paneer. Sai feels irritated with his behavior. Satya’s aunt video calls him and asks where is he. She notices Sai in the background and asks if they have one on a date. Sai gets angry hearing that. Satya tries to manage situation.

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