Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 22 February 2024

Strings of love 22 February 2024. Simran tells Sahiba if she will feel bad if she eats cake’s flower part. Seerat says why would Sahiba feel bad when she doesn’t even like cake. Simran says Sahiba will have cake as Angad ordered her favorite pineapple flavored cake.

Sahiba smiles at Angad and says let’s cut the cake. Angad feels stomach upset and tries to leave. Sahiba holds his hand and asks him to tell where he is going. He frees his hand and rushes towards his room. Seerat follows him and asks what happened to him. He says nothing and closes room door. Japjyoth says it looks like Angad got a stomach upset. Gurleen and Santosh suggest home remedies to clear Angad’s upset stomach. Veer asks them to stop as he can’t have cake now.

Angad returns. Sahiba asks where was he. Angad says he will not spare her. She says later. She cuts cake and shares it. Simran enjoys cake. Seerat tries to befriend Simran, but Simran says she doesn’t talk while eating. Simran asks Angad if he got a gift for Sahiba. Sahiba says he gave her a surprise birthday party. Angad says there is something more for her and asks Veer to bring it. Veer brings a box. Sahiba thinks Angad and bought her a gift, but she misunderstood him. Angad asks her to open the box.

Sahiba opens and sees a beautiful diamond necklace. Everyone praise it. Keerat says Sahiba would have bought similar gift for herself, it looks like Angad knows her choice now. Simran s ays it would be more beautiful if Angad fixes it in Sahiba’s neck. Gurleen says a kid knows better than them and asks Angad to go ahead. Veer asks Angad not shy away to fix a necklace in his own wife’s neck.

He plays a romantic song. Sahiba apologizes Angad for troubling him. He asks if this is also her prank. She says no.

He dances romantically with her. Manveer, Seerat, and Jasleen look jealous while others feel happy. After performance, everyone clap for them. Simran tells Sahiba that her necklace looks very beautiful, even she wears her mamma’s locket. She finds the locket missing. Sahiba, Angad, and Veer search for it in the house. Inder finds the locket and gets emotional recalling gifting it to his girlfriend Gayathri. He recalls quality time spent with her and when he learns about her pregnancy, he demands divorce from Manveer, Akaal interferes and denies divorce permission in his family. Manveer warns Inder to stop his affair.Inder breaks his ties with Gayathri.

Out of flashback, Inder tells Gayathri that fate united him with his daughter. He asks Simran if she is searching this. Simran happily hugs him and says it has her mamma’s locket, she kisses him and says he is too good. Inder pampers her. Simran asks if he is sad. Inder says he is very as she is here. Simran asks why? Inder says because he is her.. Sahiba walks in searching for Sahiba. Inder hides. Simran says one uncle found her locket. Sahiba asks whom she is talking about. Simran searches Inder and says he left. Sahiba thinks who he must be.

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