Strings of love Starlife update Friday 23 February 2024

Strings of love 23 February 2024: Simran tells Sahiba that she found her locket. Simran says she didn’t come here, then how did she find her locket her. Simran says an uncle found it and searches for Inder. Inder hides and thinks if he should inform Sahiba that Simran is his daughter as she brought Simran to this house.

He tries to walk to Sahiba but hides again seeing Angad coming. Angad asks Simran if she found her locket. Simran shows her locket. Angad says let’s go and have dinner. Simran says she wants to use washroom before that. Sahiba takes her to washroom. Simran from washroom says Sahiba’s washroom is so big and beautiful. Inder walks to her. Sahiba asks if he came to talk about Simran, Simran is a very cute girl and she and Angad will make sure that nobody faces any trouble because of Simran.

Inder asks her to listen to him once. He accepts that he is Simran’s biological father. Sahiba is shocked to hear that.

Simran walks out of washroom and tells Sahiba that this uncle found her locket and even showed her mamma’s photo in it. Sahiba stands shocked. Simran asks why she looks sad. Sahiba says she is not. Simran insists to tell what happened. Maid informs Sahiba that Angad is calling her and Simran for dinner. Sahiba walks out with Simran. Inder insists to talk to her.

Sahiba sends Simran down with maid. Inder takes her to a room and describes how he fell in Gayatri’s love and Simran was born; he wanted to marry Gayatri, but due to his cowardness and fear of creating issue in family, he separated with Gayatri; Gayatri didn’t want Simran to know about him; he learnt recently that Gayatri passed away 2 years and since then searching for Simran. He says he can’t see his daughter in trouble and hence went to orphanage to get her, but warden lied to him; it’s god’s wish that Simran stays with her papa instead of any orphanage.

Sahiba asks if he will reveal truth to Manveer and Angad. Inder says no. Sahiba says she can’t hide truth from Manveer as she has right to know. Inder says he himself will reveal truth to Angad and Manveer and needs time. Sahiba asks how to trust him after knowing all this. Inder says she should trust his tears and promises to reveal truth to everyone soon. Sahiba thinks she should trust Inder once and fears Angad and Manveer’s reaction. She walks down to living room and sees Angad playing with Simran. Seerat feels jealous of Sahiba’s fate and tells Sahiba that everyone should get a good fate like her that she gets everything without asking. She tries to join Simran and Angad. Simran stops playing. Sahiba asks Simran to have dinner now. Simran says she ate lots of cake and can’t have dinner. Angad says she can’t skip dinner.

Simran says she used to have 3-4-day-old stale food in orphanage and doesn’t mind having stale food in the morning. She say she is tired now but can’t sleep alone in this big house. Seerat says Simran can sleep in her room. Simran denies. Sahiba and Angad say she can sleep in their room. Simran happily accompanies them, leaving Seerat more jealous. She notices a barrier between the bed and asks if they play tennis on bed, even she will. She describes how difficult her life was in orphanage and how much she misses her papa. Sahiba says she slept between her parents in her childhood. Angad says he didn’t as his parents are different. Simran asks if she can sleep between them and asks them to remove the barrier from bed. They both look at each other.

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