Faltu Starlife update Thursday 9 May 2024

Faltu 9 May 2024: The Episode starts with Neil saying these people will train you. He introduces Faltu to them. Neil praises her in front of them. She thinks he fights with me at home, but he keeps respect in front of outsiders. Faltu gets ready. Tanu says Ayaan didn’t get affected by my drama.

Ayaan knocks the door. He calls her out. She argues. She asks him not to worry about Sid. He says fine, as you wish. She gets Faltu’s pic and smiles. She opens the door and says you find me wrong, look at these pics. She says Faltu has joined hands with Bharadwaj group, she has become a model, you mean I want to prove her wrong, look at her.

Faltu runs on the road and cries. She recalls Ayaan’s words. She says my courage isn’t weak, I will not stop, I will make my name shine. Neil asks where did Faltu go. Faltu comes home.

He says you look so good in these clothes. She says you are praising me, the world will end today. He says very funny. She says I m a cricket player, I went for jog to keep up the body stamina. She sees cricket videos.

He says you like cricket a lot, you told me Ayaan snatched your cricket dream, he should have not done this, you will become a model and then it will help you in cricket dream. They argue for the remote. Dada ji invites Janardhan and family in the party. Janardhan says we will surely come, I was going to call you, congrats, you have done amazing marketing. Dada ji says thanks, I hope our business association goes well. He sees Faltu and asks did you go for jogging. She says keep someone else for modelling, Ayaan and his family will come, if they see me modelling, what will they say, I don’t find this right. Neil says show them your value, they will regret, don’t worry.

Dada ji worries and says I m seeing Neil falling for Faltu, she loves Ayaan, what will happen of my Neil. Ayaan says please give her one chance, she is the best player in the city, Faltu Singh, yes. Tanu hears him. She says he will not change. He asks what’s wrong with you, I told you, Faltu is preparing to become a model. He says its our matter, I did wrong with her, what problem do you have, who gave you a right to interfere in my life. She says you are my best friend. He says I did wrong with her, don’t interfere in my married life, I trust her, you just stay out of it. He goes. She calls someone and says I want every detail about Faltu, no one should know you are on my side.

She says Ayaan’s hopes will end. Neil and Faltu are on the way. He asks her not to worry, she doesn’t look good in stress. They reach the party. The reporters ask Faltu did she leave Ayaan and is she with Neil now. Neil says she isn’t ready, she will answer later. Ayaan comes and claps. He says wow, what a chemistry, you didn’t come to me because you got Neil, I apologized to you, you didn’t forgive me. Faltu asks what nonsense, you said you changed, is this your change. He says you didn’t forgive me, you aren’t my Faltu. He blames her. Neil says enough. Faltu says its enough, not a word more. Ayaan asks Neil what magic did you do on her that she trusts you. Ayaan and Neil start fighting.

She asks them to stop. She says you can never change, Ayaan will always be suspicious, your heart is bad. She asks Neil to come.Ayaan raises hand on her and cries. Faltu’s dream ends. Neil and Faltu reach the party. She cries. Neil asks are you okay, were you thinking of something. She says sorry, I can’t walk on the ramp, Ayaan and his family will make gossip about me. He says fine, sing a song with me, trust me, it will work.

He sings. She sings with him. Tanu looks on and makes a video. He says Ayaan will divorce you and move on, will you stay stuck, I m also stuck in my past, but I m trying to come out, you also try. Tanu smiles and says don’t know what will happen inside.

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