Evil Affairs starlife update Friday 10 May 2024

The Episode starts with Tantrik asking Nikki, if she has come. He goes far from her, and sets the fire. He says come on Nikki, I was waiting for you, and knows that you shouldn’t have come. He says Dai Maa had come and she didn’t return, and had died facing Malik’s anger. Piyush recalls Kapalika killing Dai Maa.

Nikki tells that she is ready to face anything and asks him to tell the truth. Saudamini is scared to open the book and thinks she don’t want to steal the pages. She takes out a page without opening the book. She looks at the page and opens the book. The hand comes out and asks if she came to steal its pages. She says I came to return the pages. The hand vanishes and the book becomes normal.

Tantrik says I didn’t know from where Malik has come and who is he, but I know that many eras ago, Malik had made your family as his slaves, and they have to give their lives for their freedom. Nikki asks him to tell, how and when it started. Tantrik baba says this game started 500 years ago, with Gehlot family’s ancestor Vishwajit Singh Gehlot, who met Malik first. Saudamini opens the book and reads about Vishwajit Singh and sees his photo. Tantrik says Vishwajeet’s farm was burnt.

Vishwajeet’s son tries to go to set off the fire, but he stopped him. Nikki asks how did the rasmein is related to this story. Tantrik tells that your husband’s ancestors are not King from always, Malik had made him Bhurangarh’s King. He says every story starts from somewhere, and Vishwajeet’s story started with his destruction, and when he saw his destruction, he thinks to change his destiny and thought to visit Mata Rani’s temple, but it was not that easy for him.

A fb is show, Vishwajeet sees the temple on the mountain and thinks to do darshan in the morning. He eats food and sleeps. He hears Kapalika calling him and gets up. He goes inside the cave, hearing the voice calling his name. He sits down and thinks to rest there for sometime. He closes his eyes. Kapalika says you have come. He asks who is here? He falls down deep in a big well and feels pain in his legs. He says Jai Devi and starts walking to find the way to climb up. He finds himself coming to the same point. He faints and falls down. Fb ends.

Tantrik baba says Vishwajeet was caught in the magical cave, hungry and thirsty. Vikram asks Sumitra why she is worried. Sumitra says Nikki didn’t return till now. Vikram says Piyush went with her and he knows what he shall do what he shall not do. Sumitra says she trusts him, but love blinds the person and makes the person go far that there is no way to return. Vikram says we shall trust Nikki as she is fulfilling the rasams. Sumitra says Nikki is doing the rasams, but if anything happens to my son then. She says bahu is never good than a son.

Saudamini reads the same thing which Tantrik is telling Nikki and Piyush. Tantrik says 3 days had passed and Vishwajeet was about to die, when he saw the light infront of him. He thinks he will find a way to go out and comes there crawling. He finds the lots of treasure and the light coming from it. He gets happy and says he will become rich now. He thinks what is the use of the treasure as he is trapped here. The treasure vanishes. He hears Kapalika laughing. She comes infront of him and says she is Kapalika. He asks where is my treasure? Kapalika says that treasure is of Malik and if Malik wants then can make the sand as gold. He sees Kapalika throwing sand and it becomes gold coins.

She says you have to do Malik’s puja. He says I will do everyone’s puja and asks her to ask him to take him and his family in his shelter. Kapalika says you have to do just Malik’s puja and asks him to promise that he and his family will not do any Devi and Devta’s puja, then Malik will accept them as his slaves when they make his idol and worship him. Vishwajeet says I have to worship Kuldevi also. Kapalika asks what your Kuldevi gave to you. Vishwajeet agrees and asks her to ask Malik to make him get rid of their poverty. Kapalika says your wife and all the women in your family in all generations to do Shaitani rasmein. Fb ends.

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