Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 21 February 2024

Strings of love 21 February 2024: Sahiba informs family that Simran was bought up by a single mother who passed away 2 years ago and since then Simran was staying in an orphanage. Inder gets suspicious that Simran is the same girl he is searching for. Manveer asks what about Simran’s father.

Sahiba says there is no information about Simran’s father. Sahiba asks Veer and Keerath to take Simran near the pool and play with her. They take her along. Inder follows them and observes Simran. Simran plays with them and asks Keerath’s name. Keerath says she is Keerath Kaur Monga and asks her name. Simran says she is Simran Sachdeva. Inder gets sure that Simran is the girl he is searching for since 6 months. Veer notices him and asks what is he doing here. Inder says he forgot his phone somewhere and is searching

for it and walks away from there. Simran asks Veer and Keerath if they are siblings. Veer denies. Keerath asks her to answer who they are. Simran asks if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Veer asks Keerath to reply now. Keerath says they are good friends and nothing else.

Akaal calls Sahiba and Angad and praises Sahiba that she risks her life and saves others, she is a god-sent human. Santosh says her daughter is same since childhood.

Japjyoth also praises her for saving Simran. Sahiba requests if she can keep Simran with them. Prabjyoth and Jasleen react and yell at Sahiba for trying to turn their house into orphanage. Sahiba says they can keep her until they find a suitable family for Simran. Simran walks in and asks Angad if he will send her back to orphanage. Angad promises to keep her with him. Japjyoth says she doesn’t have any problem keeping a sweet kid at home. Akaal says when home minister approved, he doesn’t have any objection. Sahiba tells Japjyoth this is the best birthday gift she got from her. Simran happily hugs Angad. Maid brings cake. Simran asks Sahiba when will she cut the cake. Angad says after Sahiba gets ready. Sahiba says she is looking in the same dress. Angad says he wants her to look terrific and has selected something for her.

Sahiba walks to her room and asks Angad what is wrong in her worn dress. Their nok jhok starts. Angad shows her a beautiful gown and requests her to wear it. Sahiba recalls Angad and her argument yesterday and refuses to wear it. Angad asks why. She says she remembered yesterday’s argument. Their nok jhok continues. He says he worked hard to make her birthday special. She says its not up to the mark. He says he will cancel her birthday celebration then and will ask family to have dinner and sleep. Sahiba says she will enjoy her birthday though. He stops her. She says everything is fair in war and … Angad asks what? They look into each other’s eyes. A romantic song plays in the background. Angad feels stomach upset and runs to the bathroom. Sahiba laughs.

Inder looks at Seema’s photo and thinks if this Simran is their Simran. Angad gets out of washroom. Sahiba walks to him wearing a sari. Angad asks why she wore this instead of his brought gown. She says she will wear what she likes. Angad runs to washroom again. Sahiba walks down. Simran says she is looking beautiful in this sari and asks where is Angad. Angad walks to them holding his stomach. Simran asks Sahiba if she will cut the cake now. Seerat says not as Sahiba doesn’t like cake. Simran says she will as Angad got her special pineapple flavor cake. Sahiba smiles at Angad.

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