The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 23 February 2024

The evil eye 23 February 2024: Ansh has decorated room with roses and says I hope she likes it, he goes to bring gift from car. Mohana sees room and thinks what is Ansh doing? didnt witch shadow cross him? She sends shadow him behind but sees Piya coming there so she hides shadow.

Mohana says Piya is a barrier for me, her love is stopping Ansh from coming to evil side but Piya didnt tell Ansh that she is sarpika, once he sees her like that then he will think she betrayed him and then I will send evil shadow to him.Mohana makes a chemical to bring Piya’s snake avatar out. Naman and Dilruba hides and sees all that.

Piya comes to room and sees roses there, she says mother brings thorn and son brings roses in life, he is not like his mother, I will protect him, I will get to know what she is upto using my powers.

Mohana puts chemical in spray bottle and sprays it near lift. Ansh comes there and passes by that fumes, it gets absorbed in his body. Mohana says nothing will happen to Ansh but with its smell, Piya will be forced to come out as sarpika and then Ansh will be hurt to see her real avatar.

Shekhar says to Vedsheree that I like seeing you happy. Vedsheree says Ansh is with devik and safe now.

Piya takes sarpika avatar and says I want to call witch tree and help me answer some questions related to witch. Witch tree grows in room. Piya sees flashes of Mohana eating Ansh’s life. Mohana thinks that someone called witch tree, I have to call it to me. Piya is still seeing flashes of Mohana eating her son’s life. Vedsheree and Chitali are going to her room. Suddenly tree vanishes and Piya faints. Tree comes to Mohana. Vedsheree and Chitali sees room decorated and no one in room. Chitali says we can wait for them. Vedsheree says we cant wait here, they leave. Piya comes out and says I wont let Mohana take Ansh away from me, our love will conquer. Piya takes her real avatar and turns to leave but Ansh comes there. She says I want to tell you something. Ansh says we have whole life to talk, this night is for us, its you and me only. He makes her sit on bed, her tear drops so Ansh holds it in his hand. Piya moves closer, they lean in. Piya grabs his arm and is about to kiss him but then smells fumes and falls down on bed. Ansh asks what happened to you? Suddenly witch shadow attacks Ansh. Ansh glares at Piya. A mark is placed on his neck. Ansh leaves from there.

Scene 2In morning, Vedsheree and Chitali comes to Ansh and Piya’s room. They sees Piya lying on bed and paled. They rush to her. Vedsheree asks what happened to her? Chitali asks why she is blue? All family comes there. Shekhar checks her pulse and says her pulse is not there, all are stunned. Mohana comes there too. Avi says he is right. Vedsheree says this cant happen. Rishi goes to call doctor. Mohana thinks how it can happen? I just wanted Piya’s real avatar to be shown. Flashback shows when Mohana left chemical, Dilruba mixed more chemicals and her venom in it. Vedsheree asks to call Nishant, Shekhar calls him.Dilruba is dancing. Naman says you killed her? I was behind you and you did this? he grabs her neck. Dilruba says if I die then you will die too.

Nishant checks Piya, Vedsheree asks what happened to her? Nishant says she is not alive, all are shocked. Chitali says what? Nishant says she is not dead too, she is dishant log, she is deep sleep, its between life and death, I dont have a way to wake her up, I know that nobody ever returned from dishant log. Vedsheree says to Mohana that you did this with Piya, return her to Ansh, she is his life.

Nishant says she didnt do anything, its not witch venom, its much stronger. Mohana sees a servant looking inside. Chitali says who have that venom? Ansh? Nishant asks where is Ansh? All look around for Ansh but doesnt find him.Vedsheree comes in balcony and sees Ansh playing on mobile and listening to music. All are shocked. Shekhar says maybe he doesnt know, Chitali says you have to tell

this to Ansh Vedsheree. Vedsheree comes to Ansh and says I dont know how to tell you.. Ansh says that Piya became blue and fainted, I saw. Nishant says you did it with her? Ansh says dont know, she became blue and fell down like she died. He asks Vedsheree to remove her from bed and leaves from there. Mohana smirks. All family members are shocked. Vedsheree says why he is acting like that? Nishant says I am taking my daughter from here, he doesnt care about Piya. Vedsheree says give him time, he is grieving. Nishant says he has become davansh, my daughter might return but your son have become evil and will never comeback, he leaves. Vedsheree is tensed.

Ansh is playing video games while Piya is lying on bed. Mohana comes there and says Ansh is becoming dark, nobody can bring him back, dont know who put Piya out but witch shadow went in Ansh and now he will become evil, when moon mark on his neck completes then he will become davansh and I will get what I want.

Nishant says to Vedsheree that Ansh cant return. Vedsheree says my Ansh will never become evil, Nishant says Piya’s love was stopping him from becoming evil but she is not here anymore so he will become davansh. Vedsheree says my mother’s power will stop him, he has my upbringing. Nishant brings them to room and shows them Ansh playing on mobile and says sees he is witch’s son and not yours. Ansh asks if he needs help? Nishant says its my fault that I got Ansh married to Piya, he takes Piya from there. Vedsheree says Ansh do something, he is taking your love, you will make my upbringing lose too. Ansh says close the door on your way out, Vedsheree and Chitali leaves. Mohana says these humans cry over everything, they are weak but we are not.

Some guests come to house. Avi greets them.Vedsheree says to Nishant that dont take Piya, Ansh loves her a lot. Nishant says not anymore, what happened cant be changed, Piya could have done it but we cant. Chitali says fate will bring them together. Vedsheree says Piya is Ansh’s wife. Nishant says you care about your son only but I will take daughter away from here. Nishant starts leaving. Vedsheree asks Mohana to stop Nishant, he cant take Piya. Mohana grabs Piya from Nishant’s arms and raises her in air using her braid. Vedsheree comes to lounge and sees guests. She greets them. Nishant leaves.

Scene 2Vedsheree calls priest and asks him to find a way to bring Piya back, talk to Nishant too.Mohana says to unconscious Piya that I will have wake you up because I have to find out who is trying to kill you.Rishi says to family that you are talking about my marriage? I will ask Payal to wait. Shekhar says think about that girl, Vedsheree says if we cancel wedding then it will hurt Payal. Neha says what about Piya? Vedsheree says Priest and Nishant are trying to find a way to bring her back. Chitali says what about Ansh? he is grieving. Vedsheree says he will come around in wedding environment. They sees Ansh standing on balcony on 50th floor. All rush to him and ask him to get down but Ansh jumps from there but comes back.

Vedsheree says what were you doing? Ansh says why you create drama everytime? he leaves. Vedsheree cries.Kajal and Neha stops Ansh. Ansh glares at them. Rishi says why are you behaving like this? Ansh says leave me alone. Rishi says we have to give him time.

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