Strings of love Starlife update Monday 4 December 2023

Strings of love 4 December 2023: Garry takes Shanaya on a date. Shanaya thanks him and says with him, she never feels that she left Ludhiana long ago. Garry asks if she loves him so much, he never thought such a hot girl can love him. He tries to kiss her when he gets Seerat’s repeated calls and disconnects them. Shanaya asks whose call is it. Garry says a client’s call, but its okay as she is more important to him than work. Shanaya seeing repeated call asks him to attend his meeting first as she can wait for him. Garry stops his car and thanks her for understanding him, she is special for him. Shanaya wishes him all the best. Garry gets out of his car and walks into park to meet Seerat.

Angad hopes Sahiba doesn’t make any mistake after hearing about Garry and Shanaya’s alliance. He walks towards her room. Veer stops him and tries to keep him busy in talk. Angad realizes that Sahiba has asked Veer to guard her and forcefully enters room. He doesn’t find Sahiba and asks where is she. Sahiba notices Shanaya waiting near Garry’s car and feels pity for her. Garry meets Seerat. Seerat says at last he came. Garry asks her to marry the boy her family chooses. Garry holds his collar and threatens him that he cannot marry anyone else except her, so he should inform his family about them or else she will destroy him. Sahiba searches for them.

Garry says Brar family hates her and she can’t survive there. Seerat asks why they hate only her.

Angad insists Veer to tell where Sahiba is, he can’t believe his brother can do this to him. Veer asks where is his Angad brother who behaves with everyone so well and misbehaves with Sahiba. Angad warns him to stop supporting Sahiba thinking her as helpless. Veer says Sahiba distinguishes between right and wrong and stands up against wrong, she can never be helpless. Santosh returns from her room and doesn’t find Seerat at home, realizes Seerat fooled her and escaped. Veer suggest Angad to forget his hatred and look at Sahiba the way she is. Angad says he can see Sahiba’s goodness but not the pain she gave him. Veer says Sahiba took a stone which was meant for him and got injured, then how did she pain him; in fact, she saved him from the mob by clearing their misunderstanding. Angad threatens him to reveal where Sahiba is or else stop calling him brother from hereon.

Seerat asks Garry why his family hates her and still loves him. Garry says Sahiba brainwashed his family against her. Seerat warns him to stop badmouthing about Sahiba as she is the one who stood for her. Garry says Sahiba provoked whole family against even him, especially Angad who even slapped him. Seerat says she cna’t believe Sahiba can do that and insists him to take her to his home and let her convince his family. Garry says he tried his best, but Sahiba always spoils his plain and hence he accepted defeat; she should marry someone else instead.

Seerat says she will never forget him. Garry says they can never unite and he has planned to leave India forever. Seerat says he loves her immensely and hence took this decision to protect her from his family. Seerat falls for his trick. Santosh calls Seerat and asks where is she. Seerat says she came out for some work. Santosh warns her to return home immediately. Seerat notices Garry already left.

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