Strings of love Starlife update Saturday 2 December 2023

Strings of love 2 December 2023: Sahiba refuses to have food from Angad’s hand. Angad asks if she wants to prove Darji/Akaal how helpless she is. Sahiba accepts a bite from his hand. He says she will be leaving this house anyways in 7 days as she cannot prove her claim and he knows Garry would never betray him, she can leave even now if she has accepted her defeat. Sahiba stops eating and asks him to leave.

Their nok jhok continues and he walks away. Seerat calls Garry and asks if he informed Angad about them. Garry says not yet as Angad is not in a position to understand. Seerat says she shouldn’t have fallen for his words and ran away from there, instead she should have revealed truth to Angad. Garry says she has to trust him and wait for some time. Jasleen walks in. Garry acts as speaking to his client and disconnects call. Seerat fumes.

Jasleen asks whom he was speaking to. Garry says a client. Jasleen says she knows he was speaking to one of his girlfriend and warns him to stop wasting time around and prove his competency as she is trying hard to make him as CEO of Brar jewellers. She describes how she is trying to create misunderstanding between Manveer and Angad and trying to prove Akaal that Angad is incompetent to take care of his business, etc.

Next day, Manveer’s friend Pamela with her daughter Shanaya comes to meet Manveer from London. Manveer gets happy seeing them. Gurleen meets them next. Manveer says Pamela forgot her friend after going to London. Pamela says she got busy in work and couldn’t even attend Angad’s wedding. Shanaya looks around. Gurleen asks if she is searching something.

Shanaya asks about Garry. Pamela says Shanaya likes Garry and she wants to talk about their alliance. Garry walks in. Shanaya gets happy seeing him. Jasleen walks in next and meets Pamela. Jasleen reminds Garry of Pamela unty from London and asks him to touch her feet. Pamela says she doesn’t believe in old traditions and hugs Garry. They all take a seat. Pamela asks Manveer to introduce her to her DIL. Sahiba brings tea with maid Sukhdeep. Pamela interacts with Sukhdeep. Sahiba makes tea for Pamela. Pamela tells Manveer that she got a young maid and asks Sahiba since how long she has been working. Sahiba sits silently. Pamela asks if she doesn’t know English and asks in Hindi.

Angad walks in and tries to speak, but Manveer orders him to shut his mouth and orders Sahiba to go from there. Pamela asks Manveer to be kind to her maid and offers money to Sahiba asking her to serve her similar tea whenever she visitgs Brar mansion. Sahiba says she can’t accept money but will serve her tea until she is in Brar mansion. Manveer shouts at her again to leave. Sahiba tries to leave again.

Shanaya says her dress looks very pretty with intricate embroidery. Sahiba says she did it herself. Angad scolds her for coming in front of guest wearing a cheap dress instead of sophisticated costly one.

Santossh notices Seerat trying to walks out of house and asks where she is going. Seerat says to a friend’s house. Santosh says she will not go out of the house until her wedding is fixed and says she misused her leniance and humiliated whole family, now she will not take a chance. She gives vegetable to her and asks her to peel it. Angad asks Sahiba if she loves humiliating him. Sahiba says there is nothing wrong being called as maid as no work is small. Angad saays she is associated with him now and her each wrong move will humiliate him. Manveer shouts at Sahiba again to leave. Jasleen stops Sahiba and tells Jasleen that she shouldn’t lie to her friend as her friend will feel bad if she learns truth from media or someone else. Pamela asks what is happening and asks Manveer where is her DIL. Garry says Sahiba is Manveer’s DIL and she looks like a maid as she is from Shimlapuri. Pamela is shocked and says Manveer told her DIL is rich like them. Jasleen says Manveer lied to her.

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