Lost in love update Sunday 3 December 2023

Lost in love 3 December 2023: Hostages plead hijackers to let them go first. Bheema fires bullets in air. They all hide. Sai asks them to not be selfish and let the kids go first. Bhavani asks Ashwini to bring children out from hideout if children are being sent out first. Hostages give different reasons and plead hijackers to let them go first. Bheema warns to go and sit in their place and asks 10 kids to come forward. Ashwini gets Vinu and Savi out of hideout. One of the hijackers notice that and shoot Ashwini on his hand. Panic arises.

Sai pleads to let her attend Ashwini, but hijackers make them sit. An unconscious mother’s baby starts crying. Bheema asks whose baby is this. Karishma picks the baby and says its her baby. Bheema asks her to make it silent and lets her go out. Bhavani says Karishma turned out to be a traitor.

Virat orders his team that nobody should enter the plane except him as they can’t risk passenger’s lives. He gives his gun to Kadam and walks away with money bag. Bheema sends 9 kids out and stops Savi and Vinu. He asks whose kids are these as only one can go among them. Sai says her kids and pleads to let both go. Bheema says if he sends both, government will think we are weak. Bhavani asks Sai to send Vinu out as he is Chavan family’s heir. Ashwini says Sai is a mother and can’t choose between her 2 children. Savi sensing the situation asks Vinu to go. Vinu walks away, leaving Bhavani happy. A lady praises Savi’s upbringing and criticizes Vinu’s selfish nature. A mother whose baby Karishma took away regains consciousness and panics seeing her baby missing. Ladyy informs mother that another woman took her baby away. Hijackers warn the mother to shut up.

Virat with police team reaches airport. Kids walk out of plane. Vinu runs to Virat and informs that Savi, Sai and whole family is stuck inside the plane and Ashwini is shot on a shoulder by the terrorist; he should go and save them. Virat notices Karishma with a baby and asks whose baby is this. Karishma runs away. Savi warns hijackers that her father is a brave police officer who caught their boss Ramakanth, he will come here and teach them a lesson. Sai signals her to keep quiet, but she continues. Bheema asks who is her father. Savi says ACP Virat Chavan. Bheema laughs and says god is merciful on him that he sent Virat’s family here. He asks Virat’s family to come aside. They all walk aside.

Virat addresses Bheema to dare not harm any passenger or else he will not spare Ramakanth. Sai hopes Virat doesn’t come inside the plane. Virat walks into plane and looks at his family. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Sai asks why did he come when she warned him about the risk here.

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