Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 21 January 2024

Strings of love 21 January 2024: Ajith calls Angad and asks if he can speak to Sahiba as her phone is not reachable. Angad says surely he must be wanting to congratulate Sahiba. Ajith asks for what. Angad asks if he doesn’t know that Sahiba is pregnant. Ajith rejoices and congratulates Angad.

Angad disconnects call. Manveer and Inder fume discussing that Angad accepted Sahiba and consummated with her. They are unable to digest it. Inder says he feels Angad must have consummated with Sahiba when he was intoxicated. Manveer says Angad doesn’t lose his control even when he is drunk and doubts Sahiba’s character and says maybe she is having an affair and they got her married to Angad which enquiring about her background. Angad hears their conversation.

Kiara meets Jatin at a restaurant who acts happy hearing about her pregnancy news but then suggests her to abort her baby as it will hinder her career growth. Kiara calls Sahiba and informs her that Jatin wants her to abort her baby. Sahiba is shocked and asks how can he suggest abortion. Angad hears that and asks whom she is talking to, earlier she shocked him with pregnancy news and now abortion. Sahiba says its personal. Angad says its about them as she is married to him and insists to know if only he is in her life or there is also someone else.

Sahiba asks him not to say anything which will make him repent later. Angad stands fuming. After some time, Sahiba calls Kiara again who informs that she wants to keep her baby, but Jatin thinks her career will be affected. Sahiba says if Jatin truly loves her, they should get married and can plan about her career freely then. She says if Jatin doens’t agree, she will speak to him. Kiara says Jatin doesn’t pick her calls at night and says he need proper rest or else his work would be affected in the morning, so she will message him and inform her about his reply tomorrow.

Sahiba notices Keerat’s multiple calls and calls her back. Keerat congratulates her and shows her excitement to become an aunt. Santosh congratulates her next and gives her tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy. After some time, Japjyoth feeds sweets to Sahiba and says her life’s most happiest moment was when Angad was born, she is more happy than that moment as Sahiba is making her a great grandmother. Jasleen with Seerat walks to them. Japjyoth asks Seerat to take care of her sister well. Prabjyoth says Seerat should also get pregnant soon to give a sibling to Sahiba’s child. Seerat feels sad thinking her husband doesn’t even look at her properly. Jasleen taunts Sahiba that she doesn’t look happy as she wants to work. Prabjyoth joins her.

Argument ensues. Manveer walks to them. Jasleen congratulates her and says she doesnt seem to be happy. Prabjyoth murmurs that she doubts if Sahiba’s belongs to Angad. Jasleen asks what did she say. Hansraj says she said something which nobody wants to hear. The drama continues..

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