Strings of love Starlife update Monday 29 January 2024

Strings of love 29 January 2024: Jasleen says Akaal had stopped her from involving into family business as their house has a rule of not letting their family girls work, and when she could accept it, why can’t Sahiba accept the rules.

She says DIL’s cooking well is more important than studies, Sahiba should have been careful. Akaal stops her and says he doesn’t want to have breakfast anyways. Sahiba requests not to do that and says she will prepare another breakfast for him. Akaal says he doesn’t have any expectations from Angad and Sahiba and asks Manveer to take care of all the arrangements for client’s visit.

Japjyoth tells Sahiba that she always used to host clients with Akaal before, so Sahiba should forget her entrance exam and be with Angad when clients visit them. Sahiba says she will

return before time. Japjyoth leaves with family. Jasleen taunts Sahiba that she wanted to take elders’ blessings for her entrance exam, but now has to go with a guilt that someone is hungry because of her. Sahiba feels sad.

Angad tells Sahiba that he knows whatever happened was wrong, she shouldn’t feel bad; he wants her to join him and host clients as per Japjyoth’s order and asks her to return home on time. Sahiba nods okay. He wishes her all the best. Gurleen offers tiffin and sweet curd to Sahiba and asks her not to bother about whatever happened at breakfast. Sahiba says elder’s blessings are more important than sweet curd. Gurleen says even she is elder than Sahiba and her blessings are with her. She feeds her sweet curd. Sahiba takes her blessings and leaves for entrance exam. Angad is about to leave for office when Seerat brings breakfast for him. Angad says he doesn’t need it. Jasleen enters and says she asked Seerat to serve him breakfast and reminds Sahiba’s mistake.

Angad says he is surprised with the family’s behavior towards Sahiba. Jasleen asks him to drop Seerat to a dentist’s clinic. Angad says he needs to visit offfice, so driver will drop and pick Seerat up. Jasleen insists. Angad tells Seerat that he will wait for her in his car and leaves. Seerat asks Jasleen when did she say her that she wants to visit a dentist. Jasleen says she cares for her and knows what she needs. Seeerat leaves. Jasleen grins and says she wants to send Angad and Seerat together.

Angad yawns while waiting for Seerat. Seerat walks to him and asks if he didn’t sleep well last night. He says he couldn’t due to tension of Sahiba’s exam. Seerat says even she couldn’t sleep well last night. He offers her coffee. Jasleen clicks their pic holding coffee bottle and sends it to her journalist friend to create a sensational news. Car arrives, and Angad leaves with Seerat. He hopes Sahiba’s exam goes well. He meets clients who praise Angad style of working. He looks at watch nerviously. Sahiba draws painting and gets tensed recalling Meghana’s words. Examiner announces that they have only 30 minutes left to finish the exam. Sahiba thinks she will give final touchup to her painting within 30 minutes and will rush home to host clients. She drops paint on her painting by mistake and gets tensed. She requests examiner of she can get one more canvas. Examiner says she can, but how will she finish painting within 30 minutes. Sahiba takes canvas and finishes painting. She walks to washroom, and the door gets jammed from outside.

Angad finishes client meet and says he will treat them with authentic Punjabi food at his home. Clients say food is just an excuse, they are excited to meet Akaal after a long tme. Angad says even Akaal is eager to meet them. Angad gets them into car and hopes Sahiba has returned home. He calls Sahiba while driving car and finds her number not reachable. Sahiba panics when she fails to open the door and recalls Angad’s request to be home on time. She gets out of bathroom via window and rushes towards home. At home, Manveer guides servants how to serve food to client. Prabjyoth says she tasted starters, they are very tasty and clients will love them. Japjyoth asks why Sahiba hasn’t come home yet. Hansraj ill speaks about Sahiba and asks who will serve clients now. Jasleen says Seerat will, she knows Sahiba is untrustable and hence she got Seerat ready to serve clients. Japjyoth says Sahiba is Angad’s wife and she should be present with Angad. Sahiba panics when she doesn’t get an auto to reach home.

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