Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 28 January 2024

Strings of love 28 January 2024: Sahiba feels happy looking at the signed admission form. Angad asks if he can help her. Sahiba says he already helped her a lot with his approval and asks why he agreed going against his whole family and broke family rule. Angad says he didn’t break any rule and will never do that, it’s a good thing that Brar family DIL is well educated.

Sahiba says she doesn’t understand that he supported her education or family’s dignity. Angad asks if both things are not same, he will always be by her side whenever she is in trouble. Sahiba says she will never understand him.

Angad asks what does she mean. Sahiba says she is seeing what she wants to see, she needs to go its a last date of submitting admission, thanks again for helping her. She leaves.

Seerat walks into Angad’s room. Angad asks if she needs anyting. Seerat says she came to talk to Sahiba and will come later. She says Sahiba is lucky to have him as her husband. Sahiba doesn’t acknowledge that.

Seerat if it was some other girl, she would have realized that her husband stands by her at any cost. She hopes even she would have got a husband like Angad. Japjyoth looks at Angad’s childhood pics and tells Manveer that she had developed a hope hearing about Sahiba’s pregnancy, but that will not happen soon. Prabjyoth comments that Sahiba would never want a child. Manveer looks at pics and says those were the happiest moments of her life, but now Angad doesn’t listen to her after Sahiba entered his life and he opposed even Akaal today for Sahiba. Japjyoth says she still opposes Sahiba’s education and hopes if she can keep Akaal’s words and calm him down.

Japjyoth takes dinner for Akaal and requests him to have it. Akaal says he is not hungry. Japjyoth asks if he is angry as Angad gave permission to Sahiba to study further. Akaal says Angad disappointed him by going against him. Angad walks in and apologizes him if he is hurt. He says what is wrong if family DIL completes her education, its a proud moment for the family instead. Akaal continues his adamancy and rigid behavior. He informs Angad that his Canadian clients are coming tomorrow and asks if Angad can make arrangements for their stay. Angad agrees. Akaal warns that he doesn’t want any disappointment Next morning, Sahiba serves breakfast to family and informs that she has an entrance exam today. She says she prepared Akaal’s favorite aloo paranthas as he didn’t have dinner last night. Manveer and others comment as usual.

Prabjyoth tastes parantha and shouts its too spicy. Hansraj says same. Veer tastes it and says its good. Prabjyoth says he would praise Sahiba even if she gives him bitter gourd kheer. Jasleen tastes next and says its too spicy, Sahiba wants to make Akaal fall ill. Angad asks why are they making such a big issue over food and tries to taste it. Manveer stops him. Gurleen asks Seerat to taste it as she wouldn’t be biased over her sister. Seerat tastes it and says its spicy. Jasleen yells at Gurleen. Gurleen says they shouldn’t create a drama out of this small issue and let Sahiba attend her entrance exam. Jasleen says Akaal had stopped her from working and had told a DIL’s duty is to take care of in-laws and cook for them, so Sahiba should also stay at home and cook a feast for Canadian clients.

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