Timeless love starlife update Monday 29 January 2024

Priya tells the family that she thought to do Vidhi’s grah pravesh. She tells that she will take off all the family members’ bad sight and will do aarti. Vidhi and Dev enter the house. The Servant throws flower petals on them. Amba says I will give such a wound to Raichand that their wounds can never be healed.

She says she will snatch Abhimanyu Raichand from Dev, if something happens to him then Dev will be handicapped. Yogesh asks what is your plan? Amba says call the press, as tomorrow morning will bring inauspicious thing for them. Priya asks her family to leave their hand impressions on the poster, so that they can hang the collage in Dev and Vidhi’s leave. She says we will leave place for small guest. Priya sincerely apologizes to everyone. Satyavati forgives her.

Vidhi says very soon we will get the office also. Later they have food. Priya tells Vidhi that seeing her with Simmy, she thought to make the same bond with Simmy like Vidhi. She says you will be a good mother and I will take care of your baby. Servant comes there and keeps Rasmalai. Satyavati says she has ordered it, as they are together.

Vidhi and Dev come to their room. Dev says Amba has also used it, I don’t want her memories to be here. He says they shall change the bedsheets. Vidhi sees the card kept by Vidhi wishing them for their new life. They set their bed with new bedsheets. Vidhi says this is new start for us, so…Dev says yes, holds her hand and come near her. They lie down on the bed.

Abhi comes to his room with Priya. Simmy comes there and hugs them. Priya says she is very happy, today Papa, Simmy and Mamma are altogether, so we will watch her favorite film.

Next morning, Dev is ready to go to school. Satyavati gives the credit to Vidhi and Priya for their happiness. Simmy says I will go to school.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that they shall call Vidhi. Hariprasad calls Vidhi. Vidhi picks the call. Bimla sees the news and asks Vidhi to see it. Vidhi switches on the TV and sees news about Abhi. The reporter asks if Abhi is impotent that he couldn’t keep his wife happy.

Amba and Yogesh are happy to do this. Amba says now they will be ruined. Priya, Abhi and the Raichands are shocked. Hariprasad says TV reporters show anything. Dev is driving the car and gets notification. He checks the news and thinks if it is done by Amba. Simmy comes home and hugs Abhi. She says everyone is saying that you are loser, you are not my Papa. She says nobody is listening that you are not a loser, and you are my Papa.

Abhi runs to room and locks the door. Priya asks him not to believe on such nonsense. Vidhi asks him to open the door. Reporter calls Dev and asks if Abhi is having problem. Dev asks her to let them live. He thinks to rush home. Rao ji talks to Jai and tells that Vidhi was in problem due to her house. Jai says why she wants to come to office, if she has so many problems. Vidhi asks Abhi to open the door. Priya asks him not to punish himself for her mistakes. Abhi sits down and cries. He says I don’t have right to live, I shall die. Vidhi tries to open the window and get inside. Abhi takes the tablets. Vidhi shouts Abhimanyu bhaiyya.

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