Anupama starlife update Monday 29 January 2024

Anupama 29 January 2024: Vanraj tells Anupama that a man is criticized if his wife and job are lost, but if his wife has an affair with someone else, that man will become center of a joke. He says the air he breathes turns poisonous, a husband has to hide his and his wife’s infidelity, so Anupama shouldn’t reveal this secret to anyone.

Anupama nods yes and says he should remember even Kavya’s love for him before taking any decision. Vanraj leaves. Vanraj drives back home and thinks nobody shouldn’t know about Kavya’s infidelity, he will tolerate it as punishment but never forgive her. Anupama feels weak and drowsy and controls herself. She then gets tensed seeing Anuj walking to her. Anuj asks if Vanraj had come at this time, if everyone is fine at Shah house.

Anupama says everyone is fine, Mr Shah wants to talk to her, but she can’t discuss it with him. Anuj says its okay as some parental house issues can’t be discussed at in-law’s house, she need not worry and count on him if Shahs need help. Anupama asks why he is so good. Anuj says because of her companionship. He lifts her and says it’s time to serve and romance his wife,

Vanraj reaches home. Kavya, waiting for him, tries to talk to him. Vanraj ignores her. She holds his hand and says we need to talk. Vanraj warns her to leave his hand, there is nothing to talk now and even then if she wants to talk, she should finish it fast. Kavya apologizes him. Vanraj asks shall he celebrate her sorry like he celebrated someone else’s baby’s arrival; he truly loved her, but she betrayed him in return.

Kavya says she didn’t betrayed him and listen to her with a calm mind. Vanraj says nothing will change, truth is she hid truth from him and would have continued if he had not overheard it; his is bearing a punishment of his sins of betraying his wife. Kavya says she truly loves him. Vanraj asks what did she do with Anirudh then. Kavya says she got greedy with the love he showered on her and their baby. Vanraj shouts not to call her sin as his baby. Kavya says she shared her guilt with Anupama. Vanraj says Anupama has a big heart, even then she didn’t forgive him and divorced him, he will never accept her and her baby again now.

Anupama recalls Vanraj’s words. Pakhi walks to her and sleeps hugging her. Anupama asks if she is fine. Pakhi says everything is alright, she is just afraid because of the recent events. Anupama sings a lullaby for her. Anuj notices that and walks away. Anupama gets a flashback of MD’s challenge and imagines rushing to Shah house calling for her children. Toshu and Samar walk to her. She asks about Sweety and says she had come here in the morning.

They find Sweety and Adhik’s phones switched off. Anuj says there is a bad news, Pakhi is no more. Anupama wakes up shouting Sweety. Anuj comforts her and says it’s just a nightmare which she should forget. Next morning, Anupama performs tulsi pooja. Pakhi joins her. Anupama asks if she is fine. Pakhi says yes and asks why she is repeatedly asking her. Anupama says she is worried as a mother and prays god to protect her children always.

Kavya packs her bags and tries to leave. Vanraj says she doesn’t have to leave as his family is happy with her pregnancy and he doesn’t want to spoil their happiness. Kavya thanks him and says he will reveal truth to family soon. Vanraj says she doesn’t have to at this time and shouldn’t expect anything from him. He walks out crying. Leela notices him and asks if Kavya and child are fine. Vanraj nods yes. Leela asks not to hide from his mother. Vanraj says he fears their happiness will go away as he saw a nightmare. Leela says she will slap his nightmare and performs Kavya and baby’s nazar. CA walks to Anupama. Anupama pampers her and asks what happened. CA says she went to wish good morning to Barkha and Romil and they both scolded and shoo’d her away. Anupama says she shouldn’t go to other’s room early morning except her parent’s.

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