His Mistress Child update Monday 14 August 2023

His Mistress Child 14 August 2023: The Episode starts with Yashoda asking Babu ji to drink tea and asks what he would like to have in breakfast. Babu ji asks Amma to make poha. Amma says you like poha made by Yashoda. Yashoda apologizes to Amma. Amma asks him to forgive Yashoda and says she is not going out. Babu ji says the house atmosphere is getting ruined because of her. Yashoda tells that she had promised Krishna’s mother, she shouldn’t have done that. He asks if she was your friend and asks what was her name? Yashoda is about to tell her name. Ashok says no, she was not her friend. Yashoda asks her to forgive her, thinking Kamini is standing infront of her. She folds her hand. Babu ji says don’t do it, and asks if I scolded you at anytime. He says I let you do social work, what you will do for the family.

He says but you have crossed all limits for that orphan child. Yashoda says he is a very nice boy, if you meet him then will know. Babu ji says he don’t want to meet him. He asks Yashoda not to meet him again. Yashoda asks him to give her a day’s time, until she finds his father and get NOC from him, so that she can handover Krishna to Gayatri. Babu ji says so we will never get rid of him. Ashok apologizes to babu ji. Babu ji scolds him. Yashoda says once Krishna gets his family, I will not meet him. Babu ji says only I will rule in this house and everyone shall obey me. He warns them and goes.

Arvind tells Mahua that Amma asked you to give grand son. Mahua asks if he will raise the child with his brother’s help. He asks her not to taunt him and says if babu ji had concentrated on me then I would have been collector today. Mahua says babu ji knows where to invest and says I saw your results, and says you got the shop, it is enough. Arvind says when my time comes, then see. Mahua asks him to be happy that Ashok doesn’t have any son.

Nandu tells Krishna that Lalita told someone on call that she is sending Krishna inexchange of Hemu. He asks him to inform Yashoda and Gayatri, and tells that he has heard that they sell the organs and sometimes made them work too. Lalita comes there and asks what are they talking? Nandu gets scared. Krishna says he saw a bad dream. Lalita asks them not to have full stomach food, as they get good sleep and also will get bad dreams. Lalita tells Krishna that she has talked to the English teacher, and he has to go out with him for sometime to write the test. Krishna says ok Madam. Lalita asks him not to tell Gayatri and Yashoda. He says ok.

Manoj tells Gayatri that he will not adopt Krishna. He says we shall adopt the small child. Gayatri says even I wanted to adopt small child, but since I met him, my perspective changed. Manoj says whatever, but we can’t adopt him. Gayatri says if Krishna’s father gives NOC then nobody can stop me from adopting him. Manoj asks who is Krishna’s father. Gayatri says they will know today.

Yashoda tells Mahua that all the sarees are pressed, just one saree is remaining. She says she will do it. Mahua says she feels bad that she does all her work. She says she can’t take risk with the school children’s future. Yashoda sees her marking wrong for the right question, and tells her. Mahua makes an excuse. Yashoda says she will correct the papers.

Ashok thinks of Yashoda’s words. (He imagines) Yashoda receives the courier and opens the envelope. She reads Krishna’s father name and gets shocked. Ashok insists to talk to her. Yashoda says a big betrayal. Ashok says I will make you understand. Yashoda asks why did you play with my trust. Everyone gathers there. Yashoda asks him to make her understand and cries, asking him to defend himself being a big lawyer. Ashok says lets go inside and talk. Yashoda says nothing will be talked in closed room, we will talk infront of everyone. She asks him to say. Babu ji asks what happened, I never saw you shouting like this before. Yashoda says a big betrayal haven’t happened with me, till now. Amma asks what happened. Yashoda says my life was illusion and I got betrayal. Babu ji asks what happened? Yashoda says today birth certificate has come, you was very hurt that you don’t have a grand son, and says now that pain is gone, Krishna is your grand son. Babu ji checks the birth certificate and looks at Ashok. Yashoda says whom you called as orphan, his father is none other than your son. She says he is Ashok Gupta’s son, Krishna Ashok Gupta. Imagination ends. Ashok gets tensed. Manoj comes there and asks Ashok if he is fine. He asks shall I call the doctor.

Krishna standing on the terrace of the orphanage building. Nandu comes to him and asks him to inform Gayatri or Yashoda. Krishna refuses. Nandu says we shall escape from here. Krishna says let it happen whatever is happening. He says do you know what had happened last time. He says Police will send me back here. He says we are orphans and don’t want anyone’s help. Nandu says I will not let you go, as I love you. He hugs him. Krishna says I don’t deserve love, says I wish I was not born. Doctor checks Ashok and that it happened due to his stress. He asks Ashok to take medicines. Manoj asks what has happened. He tells that Gayatri told him about the birth certificate. Ashok says his BP got high. He says today Yashoda was about to tell Amma Babu ji about Mala’s name being Krishna’s mother. Manoj says there are many Malas in this world. Ashok says there was one Mala in my life, whom Amma Babu ji refused to accept. He says if Yashoda comes to know about Mala then she will come to conclusion that I am his father. Manoj asks him to go home and stop the certificate from reaching her. He says they shall change the father’s name on the birth certificate and then Yashoda will continue searching Krishna’s father. Ashok says he can’t lie to her anymore.

Kamini and her husband come to Ashok’s house with Sonu. Amma gives him chair. Aastha and Nupur greet him. Kamini’s husband says girls’ legs shall be covered, until when they will wear frock and jeans. Kamini says she has still manners till now. Yashoda comes there and greets Kamini’s husband. Kamini’s husband asks if someone will give him water. Yashoda says I will give. He asks her to bring grand son. Yashoda gets upset. He says his words always gets fulfilled. Kamini says his words always come true. Babu ji comes there and asks how did he come today? He says he couldn’t come as he was not having slipper. Kamini says I told babu ji to get slipper for him, but he didn’t listen to me. Amma sees her husband wearing Arvind’s slipper. Kamini says it was broken so I took it. He asks Kamini if she forgot why they have come here. Kamini gives him sweets box. Her husband gives the sweets box to Yashoda and asks her to distribute it in the neighborhood also. The kids think if it is magical sweets. Babu ji asks what is the good news? Kamini’s husband tells that Sonu will be going to the boarding school. Ashok comes there and greets him. Kamini’s husband tells that he talked about Ashok in a MNC. He tells Ashok that they have done the work (filled the boarding school form) and asks Ashok to complete the formalities. Ashok says you have taken the right decision, and will do anything for your Sonu. Kamini’s husband says he is my family’s lamp. Ashok says I know that you will add oil to the lamp. Kamini’s husband asks if he wants him to pay the fees. Ashok says you are having much self respect and will not want others to pay the fees. He asks when did I say that I will pay the fees. Kamini’s husband gets upset and gets up, says I thought Ashok will pay the fees. Ashok says I can’t let you go upset and tells Kamini’s husband that he is ready to pay Sonu’s fees, when his job gets fixed in MNC, as told by him. Kamini’s husband says when did I say? Ashok says you said that I will earn crores. Kamini’s husband gets up and asks her to come. She takes the sweets box and leaves from there.

Krishna tells Nandu that his mother used to show him birds sanctuary. He says they used to stare the tiger in Zoo. Nandu says we shall go to Yashoda Madam’s house. Krishna says I behaved wrongly with her. Nandu says she is good and comes to help you often. He wishes that Yashoda adopts him. He asks Krishna if he is jealous. Krishna says no. Nandu says you like her even now. Krishna refuses. Nandu says you are fooling me and says almonds got less that day, you ate it. Krishna says no. Nandu says it is stuck on your teeth. Krishna says yes, I had it and laughs.

Kamini asks her husband Bansal to come inside. He refuses to come inside and calls her Panauti. Kamini says yes, I am Panauti, but why you are torturing your stomach. He says he will be fine when he takes revenge from Ashok. He goes. Kamini thinks Ashok has tied her with this septic tank. Amma says he is our damad. Babu ji says why Ashok shall pay the fees. Ashok says it is a daily matter and asks Amma not to worry. Postman comes and says there is a courier. Yashoda goes and gets it. She says it is a birth certificate. Ashok tries to get it. Babu ji asks her to open the envelope. Ashok closes his eyes and recalls the happy times with his family. Yashoda is about to read the birth certificate, when Manoj comes there with Gayatri and tears the birth certificate. He says we have decided to adopt Krishna, as his wife likes him. Yashoda says Gayatri had questioned that if his father comes and claims him. Manoj says he is a lawyer and will see him if he claims. Babu ji says we should have known about his father, because of whom my house was getting destroyed. Manoj says why to know his name, we are Krishna’s parents now. He asks Yashoda not to see Krishna’s face. Ashok is thankful to Manoj. Manoj says lets go to orphanage and complete the formalities. Gayatri asks Yashoda to come. Yashoda says she can’t come with them.

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