Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 13 August 2023

Strings of love 13 August 2023: Seerat throws tantrums and cries that she is going to attend Ludhiana’s biggest party and doesn’t have proper clothes to wear. Santosh offers her a sari. Seerat says its dull. Keerat jokes and asks her to apply facepack on her sari. Santosh fumes at her and thinks how will they visit Brar’s now. Seerat’s drama continues. Sahiba returns home. Santosh informs that Brar’s party passes came. Keerat says they still don’t know who sent them. Seerat says must be one of her boyfriend. Keerat says he would have called her and boasted about it 100 times by now. Santosh says whoever must have sent it, how will they go without a proper dress. She suggests to rent a dress from Daljeet Bhalla who rents fancy dresses. Seerat says its a bad idea.

Sahiba tries to cheer up Seerat and says she will stitch a dress from this sari. Seerat asks how will she do it. Sahiba says she just needs a needle and thread.Angad sits fuming. Garry asks what happened to him. Angad says he was about to catch a man who leaked news that paat/prayer is canceled. Garry recalls bribing servant and throwing his mobile sim away. Seerat gets her make up done and hopes Sahiba prepares a good dress for her. Sahiba brings her dress. Sahiba says its not good. Sahiba shows her decorated veil. Seerat likes it and thanks her. At Brar’s, Barfeer calls Angad. Angad walks to her make up room. Garry follows him. Barfeer asks Garry why is he wearing Angad’s dress as he got it for Angad. Garry says servant was taking it and he thought its for him. He starts his emotional drama. Angad lets him wear his dress. Gurleen comments that Angad and Garry fight for same things, maybe they may will fight for a same girl. Barfeer gets angry and asks her not to joke on Angad again, she is will get a classy and perfect girl for Angad.

Seerat feels happy wearing Sahiba’s stitched dress. She then feels sad seeing her old earrings. Angad gets angry seeing decoration not up to the market and scolds event organizer that he needs everything to be toch notch. Organizer apologizes. Garry taunts Angad that he needs everything perfect and may remain a bachelor trying to find a perfect girl. Angad says he needs a girl who loves her family and values their emotions, but is perfect in everything else. Mika says sometimes imperfection makes ones better and hopes he gets his lifepartner soon. Sahiba sacrifices her erring for Seerat. Santosh feels emotional. Seerat thanks her. After getting ready, Keerat refuses to accompany Seerat and Santosh. Santosh insists Sahiba to accompany them. Sahiba refuses and thinks she doesn’t want to visit arrogant Angad’s house again.

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