Faltu starlife update Monday 14 August 2023

Faltu 14 August 2023: In today’s episode of Faltu we saw Pratap searching for Ayaan on the internet. He is shocked to find out that Ayaan was a famous cricketer but he left the game 4 years back due to unknown reasons. Faltu is elated to know it and says that now he will teach him. Pratap reminds Faltu about Su’s advice not to talk about cricket in front of Ayaan. Faltu decides to help Ayaan so he also helps her with cricket.

In the morning Ayaan is shocked to see Faltu clean his jeep. She is about to suggest something when Kaki drags her back into the house. She warns her that her marriage is in three days and she will not leave the house now.Pratap and Faltu sneak out of the house. Faltu goes to meet Ayaan and asks Pratap to follow her plan. He goes

outside the mart and sets up a food stall. He tells Ayaan that even his workers don’t buy groceries from him but buy from those with who they have a relationship. She says that they need to develop a bond with the villagers to make them their customers. She prepares a grand feast for the villagers.In return, he asks Ayaan to teach cricket to Anmol Singh. Ayaan recalls the past and gets irked. He says that he can neither play cricket nor teach anyone. Faltu says that he is in dire need of money and pleads with Ayaan to help Anmol. Ayaan accepts to help Anmol but asks her to help her with the marketing of the mart.

They prepare for the feast. Marji to plays in the background. Meanwhile, Sumitra tells Sid that she thinks that something fishy is going on in the family. Sid says that he also feels the same and has devised a plan to stop Ayaan from being the Director of the company.

Faltu asks Ayaan why is the mart so important to him. Yaan tells her that his father’s name is attached to the mart and he can never let his father down. Pratap and Su also join them. Pratap says that the food is burnt. Faltu says that this is exactly what her plan is. Ayaan gets worried but Faltu asks him to chill and wait for her plan to work. She asks the woman from the village to help her. Faltu tells him that now the villagers have a bond with him and now they will have to convert his mart to a shop with which the villagers can relate to.

Pappi’s goons see Faltu talking to Ayaan and informs Pappu about Faltu partying with Ayaan and the villagers. Janardhan calls Ayaan and is proud to see the rush in the mart. He says that this is why he made him the director of the company. Ayaan gives the credit to Faltu and introduces her to the family. Tanisha gets jealous upon seeing her.

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