Strings of love Starlife update Friday 3 May 2024

Strings of love 3 May 2024: Akaal tells Angad and Sahiba that there is no problem in the world which cannot be solved via mutual discussion, they both should sit there calmly and solve their issues via mutual discussion, then they all 4 will return home after burying all the issues here itself. He walks away with Japjot.

Sahiba asks Angad if he is doing all this to avoid media blaming him. Agad says he is not worried about media coverage but worried for her after seeing what happened yesterday. He asks her to sit down and calmly talk to him. Sahiba refuses. Angad says he is worried for her safety and asks her to sit or else he will break all the chairs here. She sits.

Angad says the issue started since she shifted to hostel and someone is behind her. Sahiba asks if he means someone is stalking her. Rumi watches Sahiba on his phone screen and thinks what is Angad teaching her against him.

Angad tells Sahiba that the stalker is a psycho and not normal. Sahiba says if he means stalker a psycho, she is a helpless victim, Angad is a savior, and she is safe only in Brar mansion.

Rumi thinks he is Sahiba’s Mirza. Sahiba refuses to accept Angad’s request and says the pain he gave her is nothing in front of the pain the stalker gave her. Angad asks if she is comparing her husband with a stalker. Sahiba says he is married to her, but loves someone else. Angad says people say right that there is treatment for everything except misunderstanding, he doesn’t know what is in her mind, but he considers her as his wife and has right to protect her from the stalker. Sahiba says she doesn’t know if his stalker theory is right or not, but she can protect herself and will never return to Brar mansion. Angad says he can’t believe that she is the same woman he loves. Sahiba says she feels sad that she will disappoint Bebe and Daarji. Rumi hears her decision and says very good Sahiba.

Akaal and Japjot return. Sahiba apologizes them for disobeying them and says she can’t return to Brar mansion as the injury she got on her heart may never heal. Japjot says even she became Brar family once and faced many issues with Akaal, but they both sorted out their issues; even Gurleen and Harjot have problem in their marital lives, but they overcame it and moved on; Sahiba should also overcome her problem and return home. Sahiba refuses. They both walk away disappointed. Angad says Sahiba broke even his Darji and Bebe’s hearts, keep it up.. Rumi thinks nobody can stop him from getting closer to Sahiba now and draws their sketch in his book.

Angad exercises in the morning. Sahiba splashes water on him. He runs to and catches her and splashes water on her. Sahiba says she was just joking and realizes that she was imagining the past event in her hostel room. She notices Angad’s message and gets angry, thinks if Angad is apologizing her, she can’t forgive him. She realizes that she had blocked Angad’s and gets surprised seeing his number unblocked. She hears Angad’s message that he tried to convince her a lot, but she is so adamant and arrogant; he doesn’t want to see her face from hereon. Angad is busy in a business meeting when Sahiba calls him repeatedly. Akaal asks him to pick the call if it’s important. Angad says it’s not important and continues with meeting.

Seerat and Manveer visit Angad’s office after shopping and wait for him. Manveer asks Seerat why did she shop only for Angad and not herself. Seerat says Angad lived for others his whole life, now it’s his turn to take care of himself. Sahiba walks in fuming and asks Pam where is Angad. Pam says sir is in an important meeting. Manveer asks what is she doing here. Sahiba says she wants to meet Angad and forcefully walks into board room. Seerat thinks when Sahiba herself is digging a grave of her relationship, why shall she stop her. Sahiba walks toAngad and asks why did he send a message that she is desperate to get him back in his life and he wants to end their relationship, says their relationship ended because of him and there is nothing left now.


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