Series coming back to starlife June 2020 after a covid-19 break

Earlier in April 2020, we reported that due to the covid-19 pandemic halting production around the world, all starlife and zee world series were put on hold. Fortunately starlife has announced the return of four of those series namely:

However series such as the inseparables and A perfect lie are still on hold because according to a Star Life spokesman – Mayank Bharara, the channel is doing everything possible to bring new episodes of all their shows but their workforce is still reduced because of the global Lockdown so this three-hour window of new content is the maximum they can deliver for the time being.

And to cover the open hours, a rerun of Game of Love will be showing for two episodes per night, just like crossroads and chasing my heart had earlier shown.

All new starlife shows kicks off by Monday 8 June 2020 but the repeat of previously shown episodes will show so that viewers can catcup on last episodes and refresh their memories. See table below.

We shall keep bringing the written updates for your reading pleasure.

Family Affairs Sunday, 24 May at 18h00 to 19h00
Kulfi: The Singing Star Tuesday, 26 May at 19h00 to 19h30
Made for Each Other Tuesday, 26 May at 19h30 to 20h00
Geet Tuesday, 26 May at 20h00 to 21h00



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