Rajjo Starlife update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Rajjo 1 August 2023: The Episode starts with Madhu accepting Niharika and her coming baby. She says I got a suitable girl for Arjun finally. Pushkar says get them married soon. Madhu says Arjun and Rajjo didn’t get divorced till now. He says I don’t care, I want the marriage to happen soon, I can’t give time to Arjun, he can deny his word. Madhu says try to understand, it will be a big problem, its illegal to keep his marriage, I can’t put him in trouble. He says keep the matter inside the house, don’t invite anyone, Rajjo is leaving his life, it doesn’t matter if the divorce happened or not. Chirag asks Madhu what is she doing. Madhu says yes. She scolds Rajjo and Mannu. She asks them to leave. She says I will throw you out. Rajjo stops her and says don’t dare to touch my mum. Rajjo and Mannu leave.

Niharika comes to Arjun and acts sweet. She says we are childhood friends, we were destined to marry, don’t think much, nothing will change, we will have a beautiful relation, fate united us. Arjun looks at her and says come out of your illusion world, you call me your friend, you made me fall in my sight, you ruined my respect. He scolds her. He says you made stories for your selfish motives, is this friendship, I got a wife like Rajjo, she showed your truth, you could have asked us for help for this baby, we would have helped, you gave my name to this baby by breaking my relation with Rajjo. She argues with him. She says dad got jailed because of your Rajjo, then I caught her weakness, you are her love, she will live in pain forever now.

He says she will still be a better person, you can’t become equal to her foot’s dust. She says I don’t care, you will be mine. He says you won me, but you can’t get my love, I will always be of Rajjo. He shuts the door on her face. She leaves. Rajjo comes inside the room from the balcony. She falls over Arjun. They have a moment. She says we are still away. He says you are my destination, I just want to get you, nothing else. They get romantic and laugh. He says we are trying to save our relation.

They make plans to have a grand marriage. She says I can’t live without you if you go away from me. He asks why did you say that. She says I love you. Ek duje ke vaaste…plays… They hug.Arjun asking Rajjo her plan. Chirag says its wrong, Arjun can’t remarry, he is Rajjo’s husband, divorce didn’t happen. Madhu asks where is Rajjo, she left the house. Chirag says she was removed from his life. She says its decided now. Pratap and Chirag try to explain Madhu that this won’t be good for Arjun and Niharika. Kalindi comes and argues with Chirag. She says Niharika is worried, you know her to become an unwed mother, she won’t suffer. Pratap asks how will we invite guests soon. Madhu says we won’t invite. Chirag says if anyone puts the pic on social media, then Arjun will go to jail. Kalindi says we can ask Sagar to take everyone’s phones. He says this marriage will ruin Arjun’s life, try to understand.

Arjun waits for Rajjo. He sees some girl coming with a veil on face and chants Bajrang bali’s name. Rajjo starts laughing. He says you want to give me a heart attack. She says you got scared, right. She pulls his cheeks. He says its time to get serious. She says if Pushkar or Kalindi came here, then our plan would have got known. He hugs her. Tera fitoor…plays…
Rajjo tells her plan. He says I m sorry for everything. She says don’t think of this, whatever happens is for good, we will be with each other, don’t forget anything, it’s a special day tomorrow. He says sure. She says I will win this battle, I will defeat Niharika and she won’t know it. Kalindi asks the servants to do the decorations. Rajjo and Mannu enter the house in disguise of helpers. Arjun goes to Rajjo. Kalindi doesn’t understand and goes. Arjun drops the phone and sits to tell Rajjo about Niharika. Chirag asks Niharika her phone. Niharika says I won’t send Arjun to jail by posting the marriage pic.

He says you can do anything. He keeps the keys in the locker. She goes. Arjun comes and asks for keys to get gold and accessories. Chirag gives the locker keys and goes. Arjun signs Rajjo to come. They check the locker. Chirag comes and asks what are you doing. Arjun hides Rajjo. Chirag says I know you love Rajjo a lot, how can you move on so soon.

Rajjo hears them and thinks Chirag is the best brother. Arjun says please trust me, I m not doing anything wrong. Kalindi says I will go and see Niharika. Mannu asks where shall I keep the flowers. Niharika comes and asks isn’t everything ready. Kalindi asks Niharika to get and get ready. Chirag says I don’t like whatever is happening, I will be silent if you say. He goes. Rajjo cries. Arjun wipes her tears. He says Chirag will never leave us. She says he trusts us, we are lying to everyone.

They check Niharika’s phone. Kalindi goes upstairs. Mannu runs to stop her. Arjun and Rajjo don’t get the right contact in the phone. They discuss about Niharika. They hold hands. They see Kalindi coming. They hide. Kalindi locks the cupboard. She says whose phone is fallen here. Rajjo stops Arjun from sneezing. The wind blows. The curtain gets off. Mannu comes and gets shocked seeing Arjun and Rajjo.

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